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FUNHOUSE Pinball - 10 Piece Custom Designed FULL DECAL SET

Item description

This is a NEW 10 Piece, Custom Designed Decal set for All FUNHOUSE pinball owners. Finish off the appearance of this machine and hide all the ugly stainless steel. Decals were designed to blend seamlessly with playfield art and looks like factory. See photos for BEFORE and AFTER pics.

Decals are professionally printed and laminated on a hi-end printer using the best 3M material. It is then computer cut for a PERFECT FIT. Easy to Install in minutes and what a difference!

These are designed by me, PINBALL PIMP and cannot be purchase thru any of the online retailers.

Be sure to check out my other Matching Decals Mods for this machine as well.

Item photos

Funhouse Decals MAIN (resized).jpg
Funhouse Decals PLAYFIELD (resized).jpg
Funhouse Decals B&A 1 (resized).jpg
Funhouse Decals B&A 2 (resized).jpg
Funhouse Decals B&A 3 (resized).jpg
Funhouse Decals B&A 4 (resized).jpg
Funhouse Decals B&A 5 (resized).jpg
Funhouse Decals B&A 6 (resized).jpg
Funhouse Decals B&A 7 (resized).jpg

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$ 29.95

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