Nudies - Clear Shooter Lane Eject Protectors

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“Pinball protection and a sweet Metallica LED mod!”

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Nudies - Clear Shooter Lane Eject Protectors

Item description

Nudies are clear shooter lane eject protectors that will keep your pin from showing kickout wear, while still letting you see your playfield.

Made from Makrolon polycarbonate, Nudies are incredibly durable, easy to install and look great.

Perfect for your NIB pin, or any pin where you want to see the original wood or artwork.

Nudies ship out within 6 days of ordering.

Item photos

Stern TSPP (resized).jpg
Stern Pre-Spike Pinside (resized).jpg
Stern MET and TWD Pinside (resized).jpg
B-W Square Pinside (resized).jpg
Stern Metallica (resized).jpg
B-W SQ Xmen 3 (resized).jpg
B-W SQ Xmen (resized).jpg
B-W SQ Xmen 2 (resized).jpg
B-W SQ Shadow (resized).jpg

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Bally/Williams Square Eject Shooter Lane Protector In stock

$ 12.00

Bally/Williams Round Eject Shooter Lane Protector Out of stock
$ 12.00

Bally/Williams - Twilight Zone Out of stock
$ 12.00

Stern - Pre Spike Pins In stock

$ 12.00

Stern - Star Wars Pro In stock

$ 12.00

Stern - Star Wars Premium/LE In stock

$ 12.00

Stern - Aerosmith Premium/LE In stock

$ 12.00

Stern - Metallica and The Walking Dead In stock

$ 12.00

Stern - The Simpson's Pinball Party In stock

$ 12.00

Stern - Batman 66 In stock

$ 12.00

Spooky - Rob Zombie In stock

$ 12.00

Jersey Jack - WOZ In stock

$ 12.00


From $ 12.00

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