Batman 66 Bat-Computers upgrade Kit! Includes decals.

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Batman 66 Bat-Computers upgrade Kit! Includes decals.

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The new Bat-Analyzer says code is to drop Soon! Until then, the New "Bat-Puter" set is complete and shipping Now. We have created a set of computer housings to finish off the Batcave look and hide those pesky wires. Complete with Bat identification logos (Batman Loved his label-maker!) and finished with a woodgrain rear panel. A 3 minute topside install and as always completely reversible. Kit comes with a Set of Batcomputers both "Batcomputer" and "Crime Analyzer" to match the playfield and complete the look. For info and availability on All products please visit (Free US shipping) Complete kit includes a set of computers with decals mounted and mounting adhesive applied. Thanks as always for everyones interest!! Fits ALL versions of Stern Batman 66!! Back to the bat-cave to wait for code from Commissioner Gordon!
The Mod Couple

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Batman 66 Bat-Computers upgrade Kit! Includes decals. In stock

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