LED display for Zaccaria pinball machines (Set of 5)


“LED displays for Zaccaria, Bally/Stern, Williams/Data East and Zaccaria parts”

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LED display for Zaccaria pinball machines (Set of 5)

Item description

New and complete LED display (amber/orange) ultra-bright for Zaccaria pinball machines(all models)

This display is a complete set (LED module and new electronic board).
The display reproduces the original look of the Zaccaria display thanks to the amber LEDs and is suitable for all Zaccaria pinball machines 1st & 2nd generation.

This new and complete LED display replaces the old gas display and operates with 5 volts voltage already present into the pinball machine.
You don't have to replace all the displays since you can use both led and original displays at the same time.

You don't have to modify anything inside the pinball, the display is plug and play and can be installed on any Zaccaria electronic pinball.

The new LED display has three innovative functions:
- brigthness regulator in order to adapt the LEDs brightness to the old displays
- a test button for testing the led segments
- a microswitch in order to select the right display position inside de pinball machine

In order to keep the price as low as possible those displays are sold in DIY kits very easy to assemble and solder.

Games list:

Mod. 1B1105/LED
(Future World, Earth Wind Fire, Space Shuttle, Fire Mountain, Shooting the Rapids, Winter Sports, Star God, House of Diamonds, Hot Wheels, Locomotion)

Mod. 1B1169/LED
(Soccer Kings, Pinball Champ, Pinball Champ '82)

Mod. 1B11123/LED
(Devil Riders, Pinball Champ 7 digits, Farfalla, Time Machine)

Mod. 1B11151/LED
(Magic Castel, Robot, Black Belt, Clown, Mexico 86, Pool Champion, Stars Phoenix, Spooky, Zankor)

Mod. DR187
(New Stars Phoenix)

Item photos

champ_2 (resized).jpg
devil (resized).jpg
8digits_full (resized).jpg
6digits (resized).jpg
7digits (resized).jpg
cover x5 (resized).jpg
8digits (resized).jpg

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Set of 7 digits 0 in stock
$ 189.00

Set of 8 digits (Soccer Kings or Pinball Champ) 0 in stock
$ 189.00

Set of 8 digits (Late models - large display) 10 in stock

$ 189.00

Set of 6 displays 6 digits 1 in stock

$ 219.00


From $ 189.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 10.00 (International $ 25.00)


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