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DMD-Saver Version WPC-95

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DMD-Saver (Version WPC-95):

See Vid´s guide/review here:

As plasma DMDs continue to spiral upwards in price, it starts to make serious sense to make them last longer - as in 20x longer.

Some DMDs are approaching $500 to replace (like the 192x64 Segas).

If we lower the operating voltage with a replaced diode, we can make them last longer; but sometimes we have to try different diodes on older displays to find "just" enough voltage to light them up.

Another way to achieve the same effect is to alter the "duty cycle" of the display. Each pixel cell is lit for less time. This allows us to dial in the exact lowest voltage, just before the display blinks out.
Unlike the diode trick, as the display ages and needs more voltage to light up, you can just turn up the cycle a little more.

Remember, the DMD Saver can't fix an already dead, completely outgassed display. Nothing can fix that. But it can keep a working DMD going "forever".

When bright LEDs first started appearing on the market, pinheads went crazy bragging "I did my whole backbox in ULTRABRIGHTS !!!!!!!!11". Of course all that glare on the playfield glass made the games impossible to play.
So another advantage of these devices is that you can turn down the brightness and get way less glare on the glass from the DMD - very cool.

VERSION WPC-95 is for the following machines:

Attack from Mars
Cactus Canyon
Cirqus Voltaire
Junk Yard Williams
Medieval Madness
Monster Bash
NBA Fastbreak
No Good Gofers
Safe Cracker
Scared Stiff
Tales of the Arabian Nights
The Champion Pub Midway
Ticket Tac Toe

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