PIGGY DEUX - Sys80B Daughterboard Fix (Plug-and-Play)


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PIGGY DEUX - Sys80B Daughterboard Fix (Plug-and-Play)

Item description

This is an alternative Piggyback board for Gottlieb System 80B machines and is meant as a plug-and-play fix on System 80B MPUs that have daughterboard issues that are causing the machine to lock-up or reset intermittently (or in some cases, stop working altogether unless you press on the daughterboard).

As many people are aware, the Gottlieb System 80B boards used a piggyback / daughter board that was soldered directly to the MPU. Over time, the solder joints fail and this causes the machine to freeze up, reset during use (due to vibration and/or expansion/contraction of cold solder joints) or the game may not even start up at all. Many times those issues are entirely the fault of the piggyback board and it's solder connections. You can't just heat up the solder connections to fix the problem either, since the solder connections that often fail are the ones that are inaccessible on the back of a Piggyback board. This means having to remove the board entirely, which is not an easy task without the right equipment and technique. Often people that attempt a repair end up pulling up traces or solder pads and it gets messy very quick. Or in worst cases, an otherwise good board gets so badly damaged that it's nearly unusable.

How About A Different Solution.. That's Also Plug-And-Play?
Instead of attempting to repair the original daughterboard, you can leave that in place. The PIGGY DEUX plugs into the TC1 socket at the top of a System 80B MPU. Simply remove the 2764 EPROM from the original daughterboard, insert it into the PIGGY DEUX, then plug the PIGGY DEUX into the MPU board. That's all there is to it! A quick and easy plug-and-play solution that doesn't involve soldering or hours spent attempting to remove the original daughterboard for replacement/repair. Not only will you save time, but may also save yourself the hassle of destroying traces or pads on your MPU board that didn't have to be touched. If you'd like to keep the reset board in-circuit there is also a header on the PIGGY DEUX to make the connections for that & you can purchase with or without a wire harness.

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