6264 NVRAM Battery Eliminator for High Score Save!


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6264 NVRAM Battery Eliminator for High Score Save!

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Want to never change batteries again? This is a 6264 NVRAM Module that replaces a 6264 RAM used on many pinball machines. Once installed, no more batteries are needed! The CYPRESS chip used on this adapter is rated at 151-year data retention. Your high scores won't be going anywhere for A LONG time! One of the best-values in mods you can do to your pinball machine today! Never change batteries again or worry about them leaking and destroying your expensive MPU board!

**INCLUDES FREE 28-PIN IC SOCKET!!** No more hunting down IC sockets if you're upgrading a board that has the original RAM soldered to the board & you need to install a socket.

Plug-and-Play installation on Data East and Sega/Stern Whitestar. Williams games require modifications (see below).

Williams System 11 and Williams WPC games had their RAM soldered directly to the MPU from the factory & will need to have the existing RAM removed & a socket installed in order to use this NVRAM. There may also be jumper changes needed depending upon the current jumper settings on the board (ie. Williams System 11 boards were configured for 6116 RAM, Williams WPC may have been configured for either 6264 or 62256 RAM). It's recommended that you have board repair experience if you'll be making modifications to your MPU to use this NVRAM.

Please contact us if you have any questions on usage of this nvram!

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