Metallica Pro Skull Lane Lights

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Metallica Pro Skull Lane Lights

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On Metallica the upper lane lights are at the bottom of the lanes. This is a problem made worse by the popular snake body mod which makes these lights very difficult to see. I've seen mirrors placed in front of the curve at the back of the right ramp but I've always thought there should be a better way to make these lights visible and fit the theme of the game. I made some small light up skulls that fit in the curve of the ramp and light up with the lane lights. I also made some for the lower lanes that cover the spot lights. They are easy to install with a screw driver or 1/4" nut driver being the only tool required, the regular lane lights continue to work. Right now the mod connects using the bulb sockets on the Met pro install would be possible on the LE/prem but would require some soldering.

- I think they look good in red. I will do custom colors for $10 extra (email
- If you only want the upper 2 or bottom 3 skulls I will sell them for $50.

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Right unlit (resized).JPG
Left unlit (resized).JPG
Lower unlit (resized).jpg
Lower lit (resized).jpg
Upper unlit (resized).JPG
Upper lit (resized).JPG

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