Tron Pro interactive RGB ramp fiber optic kit.


“Truly interactive retrofit lighting and mods, plus quirky plastic stuff like coloured aprons and plastic protectors.”

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Tron Pro interactive RGB ramp fiber optic kit.

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Bring the Tron LE ramp lights to your Tron Pro. Only bigger!

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Driven by the same Matrix Interceptor system as the GI Theatre Kit, backbox installation is the same, so see that section for how to install the main driver boards. Small LED driver boards are installed under the playfield and connect to LED pods on either end of the optic fibers that are attached to the ramps and extend below the playfield.

The redshiftLED Tron Total Lightshow kit includes numerous enhancements over the Tron LE light show plus increased functionality over the current leading add-on alternative.

The ramps are influenced by playfield switches as well as lamps, increasing the amount of available interactivity.

Each ramp is driven by an independent channel, so ramps can be different colours.

Fiber optics are mounted via non-destructive clips that fit over the edge of the ramps, removing the need to drill holes for the traditional zip-tie mounting arrangement.

The GI circuit is also controlled, allowing the machine's factory GI to be dimmed during effects, further enhancing their effectiveness.

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