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The Hobbit/WOZ Pinball LED Color Changing Backboard Light

Item description

Light up the dark back board areas with this dramatic color changing back board light. This is a highly versatile mod that allows the user to choose a fading in and out effect of 15 colors OR choose to just have one color on, choosing from those same 15 colors. Want purple, click the purple button, want green, hit the green button, could not be simpler. The glass does not need to be removed nor does any modification need to be made to change colors. A remote and a controller are included with this mod. It is plug and play and takes about a minute to install. No permanent modifications, no soldering, drilling or cutting, not a single tool required! Note that this mod works off the topper plug, if your game has a topper, you will need a splitter, which is an add on for $6.99.

This mod can also be used on any modern Stern, Non Spike Pinball machine from 2003 or later. If you want it for a Stern, non-spike game, please specify when checking out in the notes section as the plug I supply is different.

**MUST BE RUNNING THE LATEST GAME CODE TO POWER THE TOPPER PLUG. Earlier code versions did not power the topper plug. It will work beginning with the 1.91 code update. Latest game code is available at Jersey Jack Pinball website.***

Item photos

the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit (resized).JPG
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-1 (resized).JPG
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-2 (resized).JPG
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-3 (resized).JPG
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-4 (resized).JPG
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-5 (resized).JPG
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-6 (resized).JPG
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-7 (resized).JPG
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-9 (resized).JPG
the-hobbit-pinball-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-light-kit-8 (resized).JPG
metallica-pinball-led-strip-coloring-changing-backboard-light-kit-1 (resized).png
metallica-pinball-led-strip-coloring-changing-backboard-light-kit (resized).png
WIZARD-OF-OZ-PINBALL-led-strip-color-changing-BACK-BOARD-kit-1 (resized).jpg
WIZARD-OF-OZ-PINBALL-led-strip-color-changing-backboard-kit (resized).jpg
wizard-of-oz-pinball-led-strip-backboard-light-kit (resized).jpg

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