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Slingshot & Return Lane Protector Set for Stern's Star Trek

Item description

This listing is for a complete set of four (4) Blue Translucent Plastic Slingshot and Return Lane MODs for Stern's Star Trek Pinball Machine (for the Premium and LE models).

Protect your original slingshot and return lane plastics from getting damaged and make them look fantastic... all at the same time.

This MOD is EASY to install and truly makes your playfield come to life! You simply remove the existing hardware, place your new translucent protecting plastic pieces underneath your existing plastic pieces and tighten back down... it's that EASY!!

By ordering a quantity of one (1), you'll receive a total of four (4) translucent protector pieces:

1 left slingshot translucent BLUE plastic piece,
1 right slingshot translucent BLUE plastic piece,
1 left return lane translucent BLUE plastic piece and
1 right lane translucent BLUE plastic piece
(As shown in the images above)

This MOD not only PROTECTS your pinball machine's plastics...
it also makes your pinball machine come to life with color!

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$ 24.95

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