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Game - for trade

For sale: Jurassic Park, The Lost World

Added: 2020-07-26 21:59:10 UTC • Ended: July 30th, 2020
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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Listed at $ 3,750

Price is firm

Up for sale or trade is a really nice SEGA Jurassic Park Lost Worlds.

Game was sold to me as home use only from a reputable pinside member. I suspect it probably is, but regardless it doesn’t matter that much. It just a really nice survivor that’s low play and super clean. No wear on the magnet portion of the play field, which can be blown out on these much like James Bonds junk on Goldeneye.
Egg is original and in good shape and not broken like on some of these. Shooter lane, scoop, lanes, targets etc all look good with minimal wear (see photos).
Still has the factory sticker on the lock bar, which suggests pretty low plays. In a commercial setting someone would have picked at this and peeled it off. If you have questions or need more photos, just ask.

This is the rarest of the three Jurassic Park games and would look pretty cool next to the Stern and Data East version if you’re trying to complete a set. You also unlock a pinside achievement in the process (Jurassic Jeopardy). At least I did when I had this and the Data East version at the same time. So if you are a pinside achievement whore, this game might be for you. Not sure what you get if you have all three games at once, but maybe there’s an achievement for that as well (Jurassic gang bang or something like that).

Anyhow, would prefer a local sale or trade, but willing to ship if buyer makes arrangements and pays for. Something like STI/NAVL would be preferred and I can assist on wrapping it up, corner protectors, blanket and pallet if wanted. I don’t like fastenal and will not use them.

For local buyers I can assist in delivery anywhere in the Phoenix Valley area for free. I have a truck with a lift gate, so moving it would be pretty easy. I can help you set it up, but will not help you move it up or down more than three steps or stairs. That costs extra unless you are supplying beer when I get there.

Games if located at my residence in Cave Creek Arizona and can be inspected and played upon request. It’s located in my garage for easy access (no steps or stairs). If you plan on staying longer than the amount of time it takes to inspect the game you should bring at least one 12 pack of beer (cans only, no glass) with you, or a descent bottle of scotch. If you want to come play it and have no intention of buying it, bringing alcohol is a requirement.

Discount for local sale as I would prefer to see this stay in the valley where it has potential to get played locally or even taken to ZapCon.
Bigger discount if you are someone locally I know and I’m cool with (in this case you should definitely bring beer or a bottle of scotch and I will fire up the grill).

Would really prefer to trade this for something on my wishlist, but whatever. Trades should be value for value (plus/minus cash either end) as long as it’s close either way and the condition of the trade game is nice.
Mostly looking for alpha numeric Bally/Williams solid like Frontier, Cosmic Gunfight, Bad Cats, Diner etc (see my wish list).

Game is priced at a premium due to condition, color DMD etc and I paid up for it when I bought it.

First time I’ve listed a machine for sale here. I can give references of other pinside member who know me personally if needed. Or if you really want I can take a picture of me standing in front of the machine with my computer open to this thread to show that I do in fact have this machine (or just come look at it).
Anyhow, if you have any questions let me know.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own one of very few pinball machines with Jeff Goldblum on it.

Game has color LED DMD and full comet LEDs installed a couple months ago.

Also this morning I drove down to circle K to get beer and bought new batteries and I installed them a few minutes ago. A $1.99 value add.

Item photos

14E4C452-BEBC-45CD-8DAB-34CD72F4FE73 (resized).jpeg
1128FBB6-BF86-4304-B154-26778302C75C (resized).jpeg
017D4F15-575E-4D2B-8832-338E474B26D6 (resized).jpeg
0D7D19E9-EB1D-435E-B19C-29384CDC0483 (resized).jpeg
204B05E2-436D-4913-AEA9-1864DB7BBD42 (resized).jpeg
258462CF-F0F7-41C1-B700-F4623CE31CD2 (resized).jpeg
3890211F-E277-47AF-9977-6C032397BC85 (resized).jpeg
3A6D0433-0882-4789-868F-358CAE15E56C (resized).jpeg
43BF70E2-6827-414A-9266-1B19460ED3CC (resized).jpeg
039D623E-7B6B-432C-BB6F-D6D7EB867F35 (resized).jpeg
52E18A06-95E2-4955-8006-EAFC5CFB88D4 (resized).jpeg
561CDB8F-CC44-400E-B08E-755DDA7CC517 (resized).jpeg
670CAE8A-AFD2-4C3C-8F59-1A2A88516C6F (resized).jpeg
68D037F2-13C8-47FE-B942-2CAE1352E5EA (resized).jpeg
39330A0B-A0A9-45BE-8104-931D1F9C0360 (resized).jpeg
04A0F58D-93AF-4EAC-8C38-5D20D45B400C (resized).jpeg
07FA7146-E2B3-409A-B245-7EBD2E5EBAAD (resized).jpeg
6D1F4441-9F86-4248-84CD-DBD5600504AB (resized).jpeg
7C5FDF49-6679-43D1-8562-9AB12D28905C (resized).jpeg
7DF5E5E4-3F92-4172-BB6F-83FE149C2D62 (resized).jpeg
82748E52-B0D5-4D93-A50D-C3A781DB6904 (resized).jpeg
8FAA8C3B-DFF3-4A20-94AA-CBE9113B62A0 (resized).jpeg
9311ED1B-AE8F-4636-9531-754B0C9C9EAF (resized).jpeg
93A79B50-A4DB-4ECB-B895-0A58DF4D7186 (resized).jpeg
96ADDDB6-8A4C-4D03-B1E7-2559CA613404 (resized).jpeg
989DC668-51B0-46FD-BCEB-4B0520220A59 (resized).jpeg
A65A0DB4-2B53-4C07-862F-59990AA93EC7 (resized).jpeg
A6FF5137-E457-4003-B172-011B36B8C3A4 (resized).jpeg
A7F5DC3F-F6D0-4E56-B59C-4203489491D4 (resized).jpeg
B0FEA216-FF44-4DA9-B08D-C1A340A19A6A (resized).jpeg
00693E7F-4725-473F-982E-17D002E68765 (resized).jpeg
00F446AE-8116-4D2A-A0FF-AED4A4BE58E4 (resized).jpeg
04A4C86F-CF8C-4180-AD2E-15FEBE7BC59B (resized).jpeg
1D9F7AEC-98D2-46F1-8FC6-D0AE8038EA15 (resized).jpeg
A4748784-4483-443C-9062-BCBB8BEDC041 (resized).jpeg
B58859D2-6F8F-41A4-AE33-3456E2C98EFA (resized).jpeg
B737F2A4-3A5A-4BBF-8A2D-619FAF8674B3 (resized).jpeg
BBCB3222-BCDE-49EA-AA90-02ADDAAECC64 (resized).jpeg
C22C00B6-E593-4EDB-8724-D57A60F3D71B (resized).jpeg
C7216837-B2B8-4C04-AD5A-955F487C0FEF (resized).jpeg
CA5CD610-C8A9-4EE5-ACDF-9C03145F12AC (resized).jpeg
CF585CD9-18B1-46B3-8ACB-19BD7D5CAEBE (resized).jpeg
D0634FB9-B8C9-47E6-9227-397872A5FA3F (resized).jpeg
D63BBDA0-F060-4F14-B8B3-1B37ED65C4F7 (resized).jpeg
D96ABC1C-9707-4B83-B394-50A07F5F56E4 (resized).jpeg
DF02E04A-96B7-4095-BC8E-0EDCDAC7369A (resized).jpeg
ECC37917-1608-42BC-8C3D-A03F89D975BE (resized).jpeg
F0DEB685-6A3D-4253-947C-F4F6EA302FA5 (resized).jpeg
F0ED47E3-45C4-4E68-A408-BCE406AF89A2 (resized).jpeg
A9F7DA41-328A-486F-8BB3-EBA2D04EA81E (resized).jpeg
DB79A6C8-BBB2-4D02-99BA-292F0B3118C3 (resized).jpeg
ABEA8D46-13BA-4250-A06B-1BE5F4D58EC8 (resized).jpeg
04693494-2150-4F70-8FD9-DDC5888C1E3F (resized).jpeg
F3C1C552-6A26-4711-91DC-F4EBE4EC20A6 (resized).jpeg
FE1C6DF6-06D7-4049-B879-FEB52178CAB8 (resized).jpeg

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