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$ 3,750

for sale

For sale: Seawitch

Added: July 26th, 2020 Ended: August 19th, 2020
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Item description

For Sale: A very nice example of one of the most-desirable Stern titles from the early 80's - Seawitch! A full tear-down, bulletproofing, and EXTENSIVE shop job, was just completed - the game looks great, and plays 100%.

Details of the work is as follows:

• RECTIFIER BOARD: The original was badly butchered, had a bad bridge, and the harnesses were cut and soldered directly to the pins. Rather than attempting to salvage the original, which had inherent design flaws from the factory, a brand new replacement from Pinball Life was installed, and new connectors were re-installed on the original harnesses.

• SOLENOID DRIVER BOARD: The two electrolytic filter capacitors were replaced w/new - one diode, three transistors, two resistors, and the trim pot were replaced on the high voltage regulator side - all connector pins were inspected and re-flowed as-needed - the recommended ground modifications were made to the filter caps/test points.

• SOUND BOARD: All electrolytic capacitors were replaced w/new - all connector pins were inspected and re-flowed as-needed

• MPU: When I originally found it, the game was completely dead from battery leakage/alkaline corrosion. I would have loved to have saved the original MPU; however, Stern PCB's simply aren't of the same quality as the old Bally's, and there were so many lifted traced from the corrosion, the board would have turned into a real hack job by the time I had it retraced and booting again. I researched the available replacements, and ended up going with an all-new Weebly replacement. The new board came with an NVRAM pre-installed, and is equipped with a well needed free-play setting. It appear to be a very well constructed direct replacement, and I am very happy with it overall.

• LAMP DRIVER: One faulty 24-pin IC (CD4514) was replaced - all connector pins were inspected and re-flowed as-needed.

• DISPLAYS: All of the connector pins, on all displays, were re-flowed - two questionable pre-drivers on two of the displays were replaced w/new. The original displays are bright and clear, and the voltage at which they run has been reduced to preserve them during future use.

• COIN DOOR: The coin door was removed, stripped, and re-painted - two new coin entry plates, and all new pricing inserts were installed - new "credit button" and "Stern" decals were applied.

• SHOP JOB: Details of the general shop-work completed is as follows:

- All under playfield drop target assemblies were completely removed, dissembled, cleaned, and adjusted. All 11 targets were replaced with new game-correct replacements;

- The knocker assembly was missing from this pin, so a new, WPC style, knocker assembly was installed as a replacement (on-coil diode added to make it compatible);

- A new "Beehive Pinball" PETG play-shield protector/overlay was installed to mitigate some of the subtly sunken inserts, and completely protect the original playfield from future wear;

- A brand new reproduction plastic set (Marco), and new rubber post cap/retainers, were installed;

- All four flippers were completely rebuilt with all new links, stops, plungers, sleeves, bushings, correct Stern flipper bats, and EOS switches;

- The lower left flipper base plate was replaced w/new;

- Due to early Sterns being rather notorious for coil-stop issues, stripped brackets, and broken stop screws; all under-playfield, coil-driven, mechanisms were inspected and permanently repaired as needed;

- All playfield & backbox GI lighting was replaced with new Comet LED's - I went with warm white in the backbox due to all the skin tones in the artwork, and installed cool/natural white bulbs in the playfield (feature lights still incandescent);

- Complete top-side tear-down - all plastic-posts soaked/hand-scrubbed;

- Playfield extensively cleaned, polished, and waxed;

- Playfield rubbers were replaced with a full Titan silicone set. Light blue for the rings, and dark blue on all four flippers;

- New original-style instruction/pricing cards (printed on glossy card-stock);

- New chrome, non-ribbed, legs, levelers and bolts installed;

- New grounded cord plug installed;

- New pinball installed; and

- New backbox lock installed.

Please review the pictures for additional condition details, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, or if you would like to see supplementary photos with any specific detail. The original playfield, which is notoriously worn on this title, presents very well overall, particularly with the added shine afforded to it through the PTEG protector. That said, sunken inserts have caused subtle wear in a few areas, and historically blown out flippers once caused noticeable flipper swipe in two spots. The original back glass presents very well, but does show its age, and has a couple scratches. The cabinet is quite nice overall, is bright/un-faded, and largely clean/undamaged for a game of this age.

Item photos

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