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Archived ad

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$ 3,275 (Firm)

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for sale

For sale: Dirty Harry Priced drop. Close to medium price pin
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Added: July 9th, 2020 Ended: August 8th, 2020
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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Item description

Selling my Dirty Harry pinball game. Great condition all around.

Everything works as it should. Gun works flawlessly every time

The game looks like it might of been huo or at least in a home for a long Time. The guy I bought it from bought it from a pinball shop who apparently did the shop job. ( probably around 2 years ago) The cabinet and under the lock down bar looks great. Maybe a scuff or 2 (very little) on the head. I’m guessing it’s time it might use a cleaning in the back of the game. I did clean and wax the first half. I’m having back surgery this Wednesday. Otherwise it was in my list of things to do. I changed some front rubbers and the flipper rubbers to blue.

All new leds
New legs
new blue super bands I believe
bullet hole decal on glass and coin door. looks very cool

The only thing I can see is that when you start up the game you get a little static from the speaker for 3 seconds. Speakers works fine though. I just like to report any things I see no matter how small. Then it has the credit dot burned in. Doesn’t effect dmd display at all. Dmd works fine though.

Easy access in and out. No stairs, however I won’t be able to help with my back. I do have a hand truck and pinball cart to make life easier.

Price drop Firm $3275. I wont take anything less. This is my bottom line. I'm pretty much right at the pinside medium price.

Thanks. Rick [phone number removed]

Item photos

23CEFA02-F4FB-4EB2-94C6-89EDCB604E95 (resized).jpeg
29929825-785A-4493-8901-E9F521B0074D (resized).jpeg
1C69E823-0646-459A-87D2-1482D0F2DC46 (resized).jpeg
3F5E0F09-4493-44CD-8BF9-4E27063C512E (resized).jpeg
3FDD7E36-6D66-451E-9F1D-A3CFFBB48866 (resized).jpeg
3CA4E3C3-3F95-48F2-B5B6-BE48B2F64071 (resized).jpeg
4A40E9A3-9BAD-4097-BB86-EABD7F5EC919 (resized).jpeg
4F92CE29-191A-42AD-9D55-7D3815C0D43B (resized).jpeg
56915434-CAAE-40FA-BE48-6BA82395EAA9 (resized).jpeg
5AF09003-1F9B-49B8-854A-6835AE379195 (resized).jpeg
7B04723B-68C1-4AE0-8E24-C4E1DDBB3F7B (resized).jpeg
87D172BE-4F02-47E8-AB25-2CE1BC744CED (resized).jpeg
895CB561-AA38-4844-ABEF-B355556052B1 (resized).jpeg
9271025D-A27C-4B17-A46A-1DA4BE69C986 (resized).jpeg
9AC08920-B47A-413D-B344-1AF1AE284A44 (resized).jpeg
9E3ABF45-8276-40C2-B4A5-D25F761BD42C (resized).jpeg
A5F7DD59-F326-4579-A351-425880E7A347 (resized).jpeg
5BD84EA6-F991-4A80-A948-CEB3F6B9EDED (resized).jpeg
15399ACA-B83F-4624-B280-3AED1888D3E2 (resized).jpeg
48686FC1-1642-4706-8DF1-A2C21EC5FEB3 (resized).jpeg
15EF8BF8-0A42-4BA9-B003-D3EC021E90CA (resized).jpeg
2FE05538-45F6-44B0-BEB4-3BDFBE3CAABC (resized).jpeg
58915EFF-8E2C-4055-8F9A-F2BE6170C091 (resized).jpeg
632C7D6F-16E0-4998-957E-FE4A532EF3FE (resized).jpeg
632E30D4-66BC-484F-B74B-87548FA3DE03 (resized).jpeg
64A84DE0-8435-4958-8A2A-ADFF756913A7 (resized).jpeg
65F57D5C-0334-4B7B-B8E7-8F1D4AC85D03 (resized).jpeg
6610FAD2-3526-4D20-8100-7541D03A207A (resized).jpeg
6FC672A0-CD58-4EDA-8396-84B243CE936A (resized).jpeg
745B683F-3BEC-4736-B5F6-AC66558A0058 (resized).jpeg
75264957-350B-47B3-B441-4473658F8B33 (resized).jpeg
79FA2F28-CCD2-431B-B7F6-4CC932BA778D (resized).jpeg
80661E37-C855-4697-85FD-69EEE9DEF374 (resized).jpeg
8CC8FD9B-BA8E-435D-98C2-0320E30E2625 (resized).jpeg
8D379FB8-B209-4BF5-9AF4-995E4895C2BB (resized).jpeg
936ACDED-0337-4C22-B564-6098E082D238 (resized).jpeg
A1884B58-A6F0-4389-A38F-D7B17F719938 (resized).jpeg
AAB4EB8D-7BDF-4164-90EE-923A7682EE52 (resized).jpeg
AB38FD8E-EDC5-4E54-A1A7-700C45C7A1A0 (resized).jpeg
B3175378-F6A4-469C-ABA0-2E8585C3C4E8 (resized).jpeg
B78347A1-4369-4F92-9EF7-D47404C7EEA5 (resized).jpeg
C2A5FCDB-F853-4A1B-ACD7-A2E161B881DF (resized).jpeg
C2EB0A19-62BC-41A4-9316-5F36B9C3D6D5 (resized).jpeg
DC0A3C58-5782-4E3D-B0F2-837F73125ABD (resized).jpeg
E6600FD3-EEC7-4CAD-B94C-D06119D1EA3E (resized).jpeg
E7E9AD8D-CB3F-4179-8C47-DE72A34D98E3 (resized).jpeg
E8F35FF9-5C4A-4CD9-90CB-0DFE4DF4B52E (resized).jpeg
EB65E797-DAED-4946-91C6-0F706604AB2F (resized).jpeg
EF493576-0386-4D47-AF96-5D871FF4C230 (resized).jpeg
F6193F7E-D773-4F7F-9A7C-FD25C83B68E3 (resized).jpeg
F8C6C587-5875-4AC8-AA50-4F2C796B445C (resized).jpeg

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