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Added: March 13th, 2020 Ended: March 13th, 2020
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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$ 4,875 (OBO)

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Well I’m getting back surgery next month and will be out of work for 6 months or longer. So I’m selling 4 of my games. The first 4 that sells.

Funhouse is in great shape all around. I will give the great and anything I see. I want to be 100 percent with everything I see. My tech was just out

Funhouse (great stuff)

Cabinet sides are beautiful.

New driver rottendog board
New mpu rottendog board
New led’s
New speaker panel
New legs
New balls
New rubbers
New leg protectors, new leg bolts
New ticket topper if I can find it, lol
New plastic set. Any cracked pieces, were replaced with the new, the others are your goody bag. Tons of new stuff.

Little things

Is in very good condition especially compared to most others. Inserts slightly raised, 99 percent of people wouldn’t even question it. Only a little mark on play field. Very little. Barely can tell. No wear on play field. one small crack on side of ramp barely even noticeable. I didn’t even know about it for 2 years until my technician pointed it out. Lol. One burnt connector but it all works. Its for the lights, and you can see it's all good.

Cabinet sides are almost perfect. Head is also in very good condition as well. $4950. Heck I spent over $600 on just boards and I have over $6k in this game. You don’t have to worry about 30 year old boards in this game. Plays great. Batteries off board.

I have a corvette in practically perfect condition. Pf is perfect and so is cabinet. Small little crack in side ramp barely even noticeable. One crack bumper plastic but I have that piece ordered. $3975. plays great. No issues. Batteries off board. Engine purs!! cleaned, waxed, and all new rubbers, new legs, new Led's

Jackpot pf is in amazing shape and cabinet is also in very good condition. Small round mark in front of cabinet. $3250. New legs, New rubbers, new protectors, new leg bolts, new balls, cleaned and waxed. Plays great.

Haunted house. $2600. Cabinet in amazing shape. Play field is in very good, especially for this game. Upper play field has 2 small touch ups. score display has 1 number out on player 2-3 I think. All new rubbers on all 3 levels, cleaned and waxed pretty recently.

I also have

No good gophers in collectors condition, however there is a short. Cabinet and play field looks brand new, including under the bar. There's not even a little scratch on this game. If I fixed the game issue I won’t sell this game for less the 5k. There’s no way this was ever in a arcade. However the way it sits now is $4200. My technician and the guy I bought it from a while back, believe there is a bad flipper coil. Also small circuit board under the pf, that spins the wheel. Less then $80. My technician will do this next time he comes out.

Dracula, the game that’s been in my collection the longest. I still Don’t want to sell but I have to keep my options open. Play field is in great condition all around. Cabinet is fine but has the typical fade, however I have new decals. if I’m able to put on, or I'll include on the sale. However waiting on a part. Magnet and sensor. You can play the game as it sits now, but the mist multi ball is automatic. Technician will fox when part gets in. $3850. If you don't need the decals, then knock $150 off. $3700 then.

Acdc undocumented Huo $4750

Once again not selling all my games just selling the first 4 games, whichever they may be. Sorry for the novel. My name is Rick. Located 18917 PA. Cell is [phone number removed] Thanks. Funhouse and Corvette games look much better in person. My camera stinks. I'd prefer for a person to look and inspect, and play the game in person. However if you want it shipped, I will send you a vidoe of the game playing 100% and take a million close up pics for you. Only would take bank wire transfer if it was shipping.

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2E3C6620-B7F1-4B03-AFD9-0CBB2AA357A1 (resized).jpeg
367679A8-23B9-4290-BDBF-FBB9DDD3B7B7 (resized).jpeg
264E266D-0844-45D9-A9F3-7CF4D45A7877 (resized).jpeg
0A4904F4-86CB-4666-9EF7-8956FEFB4D60 (resized).jpeg
33215BE3-CC0C-4876-8AB3-DBB3F79370FA (resized).jpeg
340FFF92-7F72-499A-B666-6E5E8C34BE86 (resized).jpeg
44B4442F-D2A2-46DA-BA77-C6F559E30996 (resized).jpeg
5C52EB46-0EE2-4E26-A33C-2E688531242B (resized).jpeg
5EC20C1F-3222-454E-AB2C-2541B922C17F (resized).jpeg
711BA924-613C-443A-BD89-EBBFB865F40C (resized).jpeg
71401EEE-EB9A-49D0-97E2-D260E4E76166 (resized).jpeg
88AF822B-DA11-4752-93E4-7ECEE8516719 (resized).jpeg
92C5AFDC-7B72-49D0-BCFC-855A5F882B11 (resized).jpeg
9F933BCE-3588-4F89-8893-5B5EF3EBDE94 (resized).jpeg
A0A1A0DE-E713-4B7E-BBF1-141C2400D75B (resized).jpeg
AACC9FD8-867A-43B4-B8CD-274E7EA489D6 (resized).jpeg
CB6A089B-F92B-4D12-9CF2-D70C6E76904F (resized).jpeg
D2CA1184-1135-4471-AF0E-134034734848 (resized).jpeg
CC30DB82-C61F-4AE4-8045-3D5D9C39519D (resized).jpeg
CCEFEBB8-7423-43F6-AC49-209C402A4DE4 (resized).jpeg
E790CE00-37FD-436A-8812-CEEEE8A1F723 (resized).jpeg
DF3B39E3-5540-4FC3-B332-64DDA9B990E7 (resized).jpeg
FC91BF43-9DDA-4E69-B454-5CFB653B30B1 (resized).jpeg
E72F1863-7F19-4E7D-844B-0678CFB6BB55 (resized).jpeg
F56FEA2D-B459-4EBD-9295-3977C0FC2D42 (resized).jpeg
FE257B2B-04EE-42DE-9FC3-6F1D4F24A849 (resized).jpeg
07ECD154-DC76-43B6-A2B2-6CFEDCD921BB (resized).jpeg

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