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For sale: Space Station - Green led display

Added: January 26th, 2020 Ended: January 27th, 2020
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 1,900

Item description

Looking to sell our space station for $1900

It has the following done
- green led display - pretty awesome with the condition green multiball
- leds lights throughout
- keyless entry
- new leg levelers
- new leg bolts
- new pinballs
- plastic leg protectors
- nvram so no batteries
- titan rubbers
- custom game cards
- art blades from retro refurb. I ordered them a while ago but should be coming this week. They will be provided or I mail them to you when they arrive. Depending on when it sells.

Things to note
- cab is in good shape but there are touch ups in the head as you can see in the pics. The lower cab I don’t see much
- playfield is in good shape and mainly mylared covered. There is a couple of spots by the bumpers that show a little bubble and maybe dirt went under it but no major bubbling anywhere else I see. All shown in the pics
- ramps and upper playfield looks good with no cracks
- playfield plastics look good and no cracked pieces
- The translite looks fine with the lights on but the back side has a brown haze I assume from the old incandescent lights . I’d assume it’s can be cleaned but I dont want to take paint off. It also has a small crack in the upper right corner
- The boards look great with no hacks

As always, i can take more pics as needed or videos. Whatever makes you comfortable since people have widely different opinions on pin conditions. I also tried to note all I have seen or experienced while owning the pin. It’s plays fun and fast but time for someone else to enjoy condition green

Item photos

2D421D83-5EB4-4940-9E70-00F910484F0F (resized).jpeg
5B8A085E-DB55-4237-A510-9DF5AADE1486 (resized).jpeg
1B8E96D7-C594-485C-9A9D-BFC03B6FFB7B (resized).jpeg
5CE8196A-C301-43C6-97F5-4701A17BCBBD (resized).jpeg
0F1C18B5-F26D-4DF1-9435-9017EE1E0961 (resized).jpeg
1BD33070-852A-491B-A4E6-278CB3224A22 (resized).jpeg
47770364-D9C6-4F8E-843E-F624C064A957 (resized).jpeg
CD05A9A0-29E2-49C8-AFE3-6F2397022477 (resized).jpeg
8F15445A-F15D-4753-B2A4-8273E5F645FC (resized).jpeg
F75B8297-107B-4D49-85C6-54D62F831315 (resized).jpeg
57A3A77A-1990-42E0-BAFE-4B0404684065 (resized).jpeg
6ADEDAB8-E2EC-462E-A715-1F74DAAB481A (resized).jpeg
8763343A-12B1-448E-B388-4B95B4512F40 (resized).jpeg
EC281BA5-0795-4E14-96CC-5F81F70A7EC4 (resized).jpeg
CA212954-C738-4D75-BB27-1F43198F170A (resized).jpeg
C0D8669C-058C-4AF4-84F4-59DE61B88ED0 (resized).jpeg
CD2B775D-9105-40E1-A4D1-57EC154A2DC9 (resized).jpeg
CF9C713B-C61F-4699-BFC4-0F509C8D57EE (resized).jpeg
F02C380E-E1EE-420B-860A-212095FCE382 (resized).jpeg
AA6A6F91-4F61-4BE7-A463-4CD94BF2D805 (resized).jpeg
20D93DEC-6EED-4200-8230-456CD29877E6 (resized).jpeg
2C8E1990-BE6C-4B01-B0B4-18D93D136590 (resized).jpeg
ACF91183-D97D-4B00-B775-AD7D33F6D873 (resized).jpeg
F9456975-4E42-4859-8BD4-4B24FF0D6B72 (resized).jpeg
B4599537-51C4-4CEE-A489-CAD05909A898 (resized).jpeg
F5F0D00F-2EB2-4C3F-A5D8-43A8A2540E65 (resized).jpeg
0A934A76-0EA4-4A0D-AA0A-D5D6F3843635 (resized).jpeg
B3469CF9-DA10-47CD-B033-6D65955F11EB (resized).jpeg
DC4CC870-5BC1-4574-830F-EF7E2F8CDC72 (resized).jpeg
5D02B7EB-7119-4F16-AA7D-74E3964BBC4F (resized).jpeg
B9A9406B-2402-4A7F-A405-846FCE68C7DD (resized).jpeg
6075E36E-2777-49F4-A756-831AF0EEE297 (resized).jpeg
1274C797-8B7A-48BA-BC1E-45A33EFC3942 (resized).jpeg
821FAA36-33CE-433B-8DC8-54E0E3F8486E (resized).jpeg

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