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For sale: Junk Yard
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Added: January 14th, 2020 Ended: January 20th, 2020
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Item description

9/10 playfield
8.5/10 cabinet
Fully shopped, clean, new rubbers, full LEDs

Playfield shows little to no wear, no wear on ball drop return lanes.

Plastics and Toys are perfect.
Full LED back box, inserts, GI, Flashers. Cliffy added to sewer.

CPU board replaced, with external battery holder; RD. Will include old board if you want to repair, it’s in good shape, but needs board work.

Cabinet is clean overall, little to no fading, no gouges, but a few paint scrapes on lower head. I’ll let someone else touch up, but it doesn’t bother me.

Willing to package and palette if buyer coordinates and pays for shipping logistics.

This a nice junkyard. A good candidate for a full restore if you want to re-decal.

Clean, solid, good-boned, yet older 90s Williams/Bally games are getting harder to find in this kind of condition without paying through the nose.

Solid manufacturing, playfields coated to last (no pooling or chipping), build quality, toys, VO, SFX, and gameplay are great.

Item photos

FFF9A584-1ECE-41F8-BA39-1CB9D8D1CA1B (resized).jpeg
3D0BE0D6-EC72-4A1F-A8BF-19A365CA2B53 (resized).jpeg
2613822A-1591-4039-97E2-F013DE8BCE20 (resized).jpeg
C6D409EE-721D-4418-AE69-0D3EE195DB6E (resized).jpeg
BBC783BA-148D-45D4-8F2D-35EE5018F48B (resized).jpeg
C548C837-CFBF-4BE8-B966-BF7CDB5918FE (resized).jpeg
BA007D2E-3571-43C9-882D-9F131F886FEB (resized).jpeg
E1CEDBD9-3E8B-48DC-9603-F0BBF5CE39A9 (resized).jpeg
BD2A6A53-2E7B-4A8C-9EEA-4CB59A0BC86A (resized).jpeg
F6DA94AB-BF5F-4F16-A4A4-1BB49E29B4F1 (resized).jpeg
4C7D8A02-82B8-416D-85F5-343B0BDCBB4F (resized).jpeg
0034C654-CE25-4A11-88AB-C044B6E93223 (resized).jpeg
F1B898EF-E5D6-4E0B-92F3-ABF3AB947638 (resized).jpeg
7A1E1A3A-E8EB-48ED-AE0D-BD249E52BB94 (resized).jpeg
133E89C1-9F2E-4CA2-B95D-B488ABB700A0 (resized).jpeg
17A35375-B47F-4F9D-A9FE-51110354D766 (resized).jpeg
1DD01155-E391-42B9-BE28-E06007201135 (resized).jpeg
23B38269-C5CD-4CF4-97AA-B2C1CEB348F3 (resized).jpeg
2A54C21E-6708-464C-BE5D-C6E65C83AA7D (resized).jpeg
2E6DD7D6-8605-4FFB-9DDB-9DE4B98E8354 (resized).jpeg
3277284C-B91A-4E81-AA7E-D52E24B32FE1 (resized).jpeg
36A2E97E-56FE-4CBA-B4AE-B72D906C6492 (resized).jpeg
54629727-0D8D-4BD4-927D-7CFC82989758 (resized).jpeg
627D7A28-525C-4C0C-82B4-2038D836D5D3 (resized).jpeg
6E98BECB-6EA0-4552-BA04-10EDD90AF4EE (resized).jpeg
801B99C4-6549-4C36-8B77-7B5A0BB019EA (resized).jpeg
99E6FE4A-ABC4-4856-9400-FCC2FEB0ED46 (resized).jpeg
9BBFBE54-09D5-4692-A6DA-FDFA2023AAA4 (resized).jpeg
A5A4FCD9-F600-477A-8336-7ADD932FD99C (resized).jpeg
CAC37AF3-87D8-43C0-B7AC-CFCFB6F8F758 (resized).jpeg
D504B253-04C4-4322-A388-66AD757A34EE (resized).jpeg
EA548D1F-86D2-4554-99D3-6005F966028E (resized).jpeg
F908D63A-F407-428B-9030-5B796C6C5A1F (resized).jpeg
DBC8515B-A19B-442C-B23B-9442FFE256E0 (resized).jpeg
068CBEA5-05E0-49AB-9DB7-B195CD492519 (resized).jpeg

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