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Archived ad

Pinside keeps a record of old ads in its Market Archive, for historical purposes and as a price reference. This ad has been ended by its seller and is now archived.


$ 1,995 (OBO)

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For sale: Mario Andretti

Added: October 29th, 2019 Ended: December 10th, 2019
Condition: Partially restored (almost original)

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Item description

Nice original Mario Andretti in excellent condition.
Electronics still look factory new.
Backbox has few dings.
Main cabinet very clean bright colors.
Inside cab has original manual looks new like never opened.
Includes the extra price cards and misc items that come new.
Has trans light unlock keys still hanging inside door.
Overall game looks like it was on location for a few years then moved into personal collection till now.
No evidence anyone has ever been inside cab has all original rubbers no work done to it.
Rare low production cabinet and great to find in this original fully working condition.
Private owned over 20 years.

Item photos

AFA4C39F-9E51-4A0B-9130-135DF3EDF4A5 (resized).jpeg
6CC54FE2-B5FF-492C-ABA0-32D13CD9DD60 (resized).jpeg
81AD5E93-1870-493E-BDF1-9FCAA1AD7ED1 (resized).jpeg
7FA592B9-1592-4F31-B669-9F267B241F78 (resized).jpeg
60735988-40B0-4E33-8AC8-E9ED30471BE8 (resized).jpeg
E1B59083-B74F-40FF-BE27-2CE2F1859E49 (resized).jpeg
ED337A96-0DCD-42E2-AA56-C185CD7B678B (resized).jpeg
F023DA38-4C65-4C4B-AD15-AEFE9510134E (resized).jpeg
D1CD99AD-E1C1-4991-9156-85E97960CD66 (resized).jpeg
629B10E9-BD8E-4D99-AA36-FA9C6D72E924 (resized).jpeg
7CB8F778-D184-4456-A499-8B4E54257089 (resized).jpeg
72DCABA7-569A-4613-B327-36CC29E7007A (resized).jpeg
72BA438D-2621-4AD9-8759-05C692E24A9D (resized).jpeg
DA9D8721-E649-4332-8CB5-8D9FE32685B6 (resized).jpeg
0C14055E-870F-41E8-956A-B31C8E2190EF (resized).jpeg
44AFAEEB-4B54-4CA7-A9B5-0D009929F7D3 (resized).jpeg
61486E66-0623-41D3-ABE7-3225FF1A7EA8 (resized).jpeg
3CD9F4BF-2997-435A-9B66-EA0955D7A747 (resized).jpeg
372A3D4F-E777-4D4D-AD89-3174529BF765 (resized).jpeg
A9537DF5-9663-42D4-B166-E95C73B14452 (resized).jpeg
2E83DC4F-300D-434E-BC47-FCF6C771E750 (resized).jpeg
7886A81C-51E9-4589-915C-ED5BB104A5FA (resized).jpeg
807ECEDC-EA49-4DD7-8145-5B040AD876C7 (resized).jpeg
0023B32C-6255-4446-8556-A89AB0EDA4C1 (resized).jpeg
3BCB69EB-B1C0-4D86-982A-2E5C53E29C9B (resized).jpeg
FFDAEEF1-9E21-4A66-9EBF-8510891913FC (resized).jpeg
ECAA4232-8D89-4EB7-9FD1-AF092CC4BAE9 (resized).jpeg
74DACBA5-C194-455D-8DD7-F7AB06A42BB4 (resized).jpeg
2408CAD1-77CE-4894-A7D0-4BD5DE6E733D (resized).jpeg
C0746B81-C8FE-422A-A1FB-C50FF4904167 (resized).jpeg
FCB9D438-2A03-48EE-A0FE-31A257F1AD76 (resized).jpeg
271A5088-F309-4FC3-B26D-1D577F84B2F6 (resized).jpeg
3C60E961-FD82-4BDA-A109-4420648215ED (resized).jpeg
48347115-C3CE-441D-B275-F17B2179A3F4 (resized).jpeg
3AAB97A0-C435-41EC-9917-917950529A73 (resized).jpeg
4CF95089-AFCD-453E-9440-03D743A9D149 (resized).jpeg
71042F34-6D22-46DF-A60E-F2C9BB455DAA (resized).jpeg
AE5371AD-1B2F-475B-B81D-FEACABB56FA9 (resized).jpeg
1D0E2E0B-B24F-4F7B-BC9A-9497069F5BF2 (resized).jpeg
03C8FA20-E1FC-4B1D-814B-C4A638A62BED (resized).jpeg
C7A2A56F-7C7E-4056-87C8-2E83B31F8C6B (resized).jpeg
892668EC-5793-4AF1-987E-009058150C2B (resized).jpeg
6982F85C-4FE4-4A10-B870-2417F4743D69 (resized).jpeg
D92FC5BB-B05D-4C52-B7C9-FE1B28BF1711 (resized).jpeg
A7BEBFC9-508F-4047-B5C3-0FE9503D9C7D (resized).jpeg
35A683FB-6A10-4989-9697-649BA439951E (resized).jpeg
CF45BBDF-129A-43DA-A528-5D85A6DF4324 (resized).jpeg
BA089937-0B1E-435D-80FF-727C94F26FAA (resized).jpeg

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Note! This is an archived ad. No longer for sale!

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Quakertown, PA, US


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