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$ 7,999

for sale

Theatre of Magic (Complete original restoration - PERFECT!)
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Added: August 10th, 2019 Ended: September 11th, 2019
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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Item description

This is a completely restored, all original, absolute stunning, heavily modded example of Theater of Magic.(look at the shooter lane and inside of the cabinet). The gentlemen who did this restoration spared no expense and was meticulous. He even redid the original stickers on the back and inside of the cabinet, and the screen print on the back of the backbox. New coils and mechs throughout. Every single piece of metal below Playfield was restored to original condition. When I say this is restored. It’s fully restored!

There’s not a mark or scuff on this cabinet or Playfield. I honestly can’t believe I’m selling it. I never thought I would, but the time has come for a change.

+ Playfield is original and clear coated. The Playfield looks amazing!
+ Game plays perfect
+ New ramps
+ New translite
+ New cabinet decals
+ New plastics
+ New lock down bar
+ New side rails
+ New hinges
+ New coindoor and mechs
+ New legs
+ New shooter housing
+ New feet
+ New balls
+ Metal cabinet leg protectors so legs won’t damage cabinet
+ New trunk
This machine basically looks brand new throughout

The following mods/upgrades are installed
+ Premium, LED's throughout GI, and backbox
+ Premium, Non-ghosting LED’s in inserts
+ Premium LED flashers installed throughout
+ Premium LED trough light
+ Under-cabinet Premium LED lighting which interacts with game play (flashes red, green, blue, and white when you make certain shots)
+ ColorDMD (LCD version)
+ Laseriffic topper (super rare and expensive, probably my favorite topper of all time)
+ Motorized Spinning gold Tiger Saw Mod
+ Lighted Marquee Mirror Mod
+ Metal Chain on the Trunk
+ Custom Theatre of Magic Pingulp cup (Checkout the pictures, super cool!)
+ Speaker lights (Red LED)
+ Inside Art Blades
+ Target decals
+ Custom instruction cards printed on metal vinyl (very cool and very expensive to have made, checkout pictures)
+ Custom Shooter Handle
+ Flipper Topper decals
+ New rubber kit installed
+ Titan competition purple rubbers on slings
+ Purple super band flipper rubbers
+ Cliffy protectors on trunk, basement scoop, and shooter lane
+ Tiger figure mod
+ Includes full plastic protector set which I never got around to installing
+ Remote battery holder installed

Looking for cash deal or would consider trades +/- cash for other very clean, HUO or very nice machines. Willing to ship TOM at buyers expense. I have shipped a lot of high end games and can prep properly for shipping if required.

Let me know if interested or contact me via text or phone with any trade offers.

Call or text or PM me
[phone number removed]

Item photos

3F9E5A03-887C-4A38-923B-29B1D6EFD32E (resized).jpeg
A159151D-0C36-4725-B36B-E0AEF1F5DAB2 (resized).jpeg
74B5D374-F225-4C13-A03C-DCC0F8C7E7C1 (resized).jpeg
151386B2-54A0-476D-A58E-C4789CE27CC5 (resized).jpeg
C738C255-81FA-4E59-A75B-E0DD1565A0EC (resized).jpeg
CD6EADD1-C408-4A98-8D86-5B8C269FE1FB (resized).jpeg
13D85B40-4531-476E-BB53-67762A95148F (resized).jpeg
E1741B33-F0BE-4A9F-9B30-5E30C34021C8 (resized).jpeg
3DF4D187-EE93-4B78-BCF1-ED41D075AF0C (resized).jpeg
0B3A3160-6E9C-4D52-B4B4-8D825966341D (resized).jpeg
AE1577C3-0838-40F7-A1B8-761899820480 (resized).jpeg
9BEFCEAF-0855-4C0D-AA2A-C741D4C86DDD (resized).jpeg
9810A783-35CC-4A82-A3A6-E05AFFDE3F8F (resized).jpeg
74583AF1-6CD0-4458-8526-FFC744DFA685 (resized).jpeg
5C9D05C1-A531-4DD5-B995-5FEF60D7AC30 (resized).jpeg
25212DDB-D53A-48D8-B96B-B9CDFEF37D1D (resized).jpeg
89894E69-670A-4A13-A8AA-2C775B3CE7FA (resized).jpeg
EF1FC2F4-BCE4-465C-941E-B4D47EE32132 (resized).jpeg
0F2EF5E7-D0BD-4FFB-957B-95BA7F4CA291 (resized).jpeg
0B251171-2B18-4774-BD76-0B130A4693DC (resized).jpeg
45D929E0-132A-46EA-B02B-EB489CEC61E1 (resized).jpeg
6D66C982-F725-4AB3-A92C-14B614B1C3E4 (resized).jpeg
5EEC6F12-107A-4223-B4D0-3F9BF69311F7 (resized).jpeg
0EBB5E4D-241B-4012-84C7-97F0ECC01934 (resized).jpeg
0CC84724-001E-4308-897A-DFB017A8E248 (resized).jpeg
AB3A4E12-5703-47A6-9757-F50812F56F78 (resized).jpeg
06FD22DD-C265-4904-9E4D-3BC89FCC2785 (resized).jpeg
223B0470-0555-4C48-A4E3-76576A248654 (resized).jpeg
183F9FC5-4A9F-4297-81A4-46053F435784 (resized).jpeg
221C56E8-2530-45B7-84B3-2F4D368F85AC (resized).jpeg
737E733A-316C-4CA5-B767-46D8D5C65969 (resized).jpeg
249D4F05-C776-4B80-AFE6-42DF59857A0E (resized).jpeg
29071CE1-213F-4338-9A26-82F3CE09F9FA (resized).jpeg
3B50079F-F1AC-445B-A3E3-425448B29DE3 (resized).jpeg
5CC6F266-FA58-4056-A8F4-B16CFCC343C5 (resized).jpeg
45FF2AAF-74B4-4222-8026-CC6AFC0334D5 (resized).jpeg
529DFC8E-74DA-4AF0-858C-E0F06D7C16DE (resized).jpeg
5A2ED5AA-CD77-483D-B741-E5E9FAFB801F (resized).jpeg
9B9F1124-17FA-43A0-9EC3-8571D589AA07 (resized).jpeg
5E843929-B76D-476D-8082-2718C20DBD64 (resized).jpeg
5CE67829-C6C2-40FC-B8E3-45CD7561A20A (resized).jpeg
4D7D5277-B9CF-4990-B104-CEA8EA57FC40 (resized).jpeg
6B184F2E-50C5-40F5-BDAB-D7BB328B118D (resized).jpeg
6A09DEE5-03EF-48B5-8DC2-00A5BAD996FC (resized).jpeg
72D58175-94D9-4A4F-B894-0F71E92BC4BD (resized).jpeg
3A606C9B-810D-4C85-9A7A-CCAD4E3EFF4F (resized).jpeg
460E8C5B-8C12-4F21-9204-D4C585BEE4C4 (resized).jpeg
72E12B62-12C1-4F8A-B657-D4C7C462D69D (resized).jpeg
D261EEB4-51DB-4A93-841C-DC17E09CC970 (resized).jpeg
74B4097A-2F91-4A41-9C16-F2C82466F52C (resized).jpeg
7DCE0E37-4E2F-419A-ADAB-77732622B9DA (resized).jpeg
60A5C537-0E69-4C69-87B3-4D7C233B7054 (resized).jpeg
43E8FD46-E2DE-46CE-92DF-5C261A9E7958 (resized).jpeg
656E4B4C-1B04-4E7A-A43A-6161748050CD (resized).jpeg
A35B797D-EDF8-47E4-B515-889F14DB39D3 (resized).jpeg
82C280C4-3140-424F-9DE3-C461542C4146 (resized).jpeg
8C01A374-931E-4F21-8898-0DC216FDDBF3 (resized).jpeg
B662988B-DDBE-48D4-9E24-9C0474EDDAEC (resized).jpeg
DDC75581-A758-4052-9793-48827A945223 (resized).jpeg
B866EB48-A83C-499B-8D2D-E298C27F61B2 (resized).jpeg
AC7F8293-4E60-4E47-9AB3-1269FFA4D788 (resized).jpeg
B6FAB728-A71B-4970-AA41-647B330F19E3 (resized).jpeg
CB4C5C02-2B40-4C83-BDFC-B432F5918E02 (resized).jpeg
CBBF51BC-3A60-4D2A-9651-373F2547BE8A (resized).jpeg
CEA518AD-FDB7-4F10-B0FA-02D02C7ABA74 (resized).jpeg
BA40C4FC-EE0A-49BF-A08B-CFF003E51F21 (resized).jpeg
BC8D64EF-F622-45AF-9958-73601ED14EA3 (resized).jpeg
C921B148-8363-44B3-BC23-CA76291F5740 (resized).jpeg
CBAB941E-C761-426C-96A8-7C643211AE96 (resized).jpeg
A1A2F570-4CB6-430C-97DF-A61EE36D9823 (resized).jpeg
FBC28440-60D6-4ECF-8F7E-BF6711669BB2 (resized).jpeg
41794107-B992-4D3D-A9A0-40EBF7DCF426 (resized).jpeg

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Note! This is an archived ad. No longer for sale!

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The seller ended this ad and indicated the game eventually sold for $ 7,999

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Howell, MI, US


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