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For sale: X Files, The

Added: May 30th, 2019 Ended: June 30th, 2019
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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Important seller's note: This game is going to the Pintastic New England pinball show in Sturbridge, MA June 27-June 30. It will be on free play for the duration of the show per the event agreement. Purchase and pickup will be at the show only!

Here's a nice player's Sega The X Files, the game all of the pinball podcasts have been talking about!

This particular copy is "medium" on a scale from pristine to clapped-out. It is fully working and looks sweet. Plus, any sane person likes the X Files show!

This was my first pinball purchase (and my Pinside namesake). Bought from a bar location that shut down, so it was routed. Now I’ve been in the hobby for about 4 years, and this machine was important to me learning a lot. This was a great first pin but it’s time to change up my small collection.

Since it was my first machine, I did the top five things I read on Pinside at the time: LED kit, rubber kit, changed coil sleeves, rebuilt flippers and pops, installed off-board battery holder.

Flips well, plays well, all coils work, all switches work, all lights work.

Some notes in no particular order:

First, "installed LED kit" should be read as: I followed the kit map but only did the top 90% of bulbs that were easy to get to—I didn’t want to take apart tons of ramps on my first game. It pretty much looks fine. I also added some alligator clip spotlights.

Has minor issue with “SuperVUK” after the ball launch up-kicker. It’s not a super robust design. It'll hiccup once every ~25 balls. Sometimes it takes 2-3 tries and ultimately ejects with 98% overall success. I fiddled with it and replaced parts till it was good enough for me. Could be a level of the floor thing. I swear the hot glue was there before I showed up.

The filing cabinet is of course the main bash toy feature. This one is not perfect and few probably exist that are mint. There is a chip out of the plastic. Doesn’t seem to effect the shot geometry in my opinion. The filing cabinet elevator mechanism works perfectly.

The area in front of the filing cabinet works well, but has seen better days. Ahead of the filing cabinet there are two sets of optos, one of which is flaky. But it's designed as a built-in redundancy and plays fine. Also in front of the cabinet there is a bent post that had a previous hack of drilling and screwing. I don't think the casual player would notice the chip in the filing cabinet, one of two opto switches working, or the slightly bent post. But they would notice the big white sticker... Since the electromagnet is right in front of this main bash toy, it got real beat up. Like splintering wood. Previously someone tried bondo and failed. My fix was: cover it all with industrial glow-in-the-dark decal material. Sounds strange, but I'm bold enough to say that "cover that sh*t up" was actually the best course of action barring a playfield swap. For a home use environment the sticker material has held up very well given the ball spends a huge amount of time mashing around there. For fun I'm including a magnet core part that I bought but never needed. Edit: I learned that they did make a wear protector product for this high wear area but alas, this doesn't have it.

DMD looks good!

Minor lifting on right ramp entry blade, decal edges of trap door.

The trap door scoop IS lit with a flasher and it’s has the right “springiness.”

I think there’s a LED strip 3M’d under the backbox (I think this is a hardwired-in mod).

Set for free play, coin box and coin mechs intact and working.

One standup target is chipped but works fine. I ordered a replacement for it at one point, but there's only a 10% chance I'll be able to find it.

These items are all categorized as "it was routed"/it's fine/scratched but who cares: the machine cabinet, lockdown bar, backbox, backglass, coin door, legs, glass. Pretty much an overall theme is “it’s in OK condition and fairly priced."

Right inlane ball guide plastic is chipped.

Main board is a rottendog. May have had minor work. Works great.

Has what I believe is a software bug: player 3 ball 3 auto launches.

Includes loot bag with photocopied manual, balls, etc.

The LED color choices aren’t that great… a bit pink and purple in the back.

I did a full menu/service/diagnostic/test and everything works! Game is currently off it legs and indoors.

Selling because I really need space! Fun game!

May consider trades (+/-$) but my dream games aren’t common trades for X-files: Split Second, Genie, TOTAN, Gladiators.

Price is firm.

Straight-forward Cash or PayPal and carry away at the end of the Pintastic show.

Again, I love the Pintastic New England show, so this game will be in free play room Thursday through Sunday. You can be the one re-living the X-files as soon as you get it home Sunday afternoon!


keywords: xfiles, x-files, the x files, the x-files, txf

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