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Game - for sale

FS: Awesome modded Monster Bash original Atl GA

Added: 2019-05-08 01:52:32 UTC • Ended: May 20th, 2019
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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$ 6,600 (Firm)

Price is firm

Item description

Exceptional restored perfect playing tastefully modded original Monster Bash. Home grail game for me, but I have too many machines and jobs such that I can’t ever even play when I’m home. And my girlfriend only ever plays STLE *shrugs* when we do play for 5 minutes.

A couple tiny “basically have to point them out” blemishes but otherwise flawless and plays like an absolute DREAM. Great flipper feel, great feeds out of scoops, everything registers, ramp are smooooth and clean (unlike some remakes which I’ve seen with right ramp rejects)

A ton of $ in tasteful meaningful mods

-lime green coated armor
-color DMD
-lit ITS ALIVE apron
-painted figures
-art blades with backups
-tv mod
-pinball pro speaker system
-shooter lane protection
-white rubbers
-super bands and flipper toppers
-new coin door

-game was on loc at my main partner, My Parents Basement for about 6 mos where it was meticulously cared for and cleaned about once a week.

-small chip in green coating of left side rail where lockdown bar meets
-a little shooter lane wear, game is 20 years old...
-drac Trac cover; I’m not even sure what this is and I can’t even see it but apparently it is there.
-one ghost phantom flip standup decal missing, I simply keep forgetting about it
-right side art blade slight tear/wrinkle, again, comes with backup that buyer can install
-I do not have the stock parts for the dmd, apron, speakers, etc.
-if you want to put it on location you will have to figure out coin door wiring

Can be picked up at SFGE in June with a meaningful deposit.

I can also drive about an hour each way if needed.

No trades.

Thanks for looking,

Item photos

17D39BEC-F268-4E0F-9FFF-B8C7CA9E470A (resized).jpeg
92B82D19-6F7B-48D4-94BA-DBF617A3EEE5 (resized).jpeg
295A5343-9B2F-4A55-A328-CDB83FD5025D (resized).jpeg
DD41D06D-049D-4A01-8805-6E8CB76A2F33 (resized).jpeg
065423DE-2917-47E7-9333-D450714C7044 (resized).jpeg
2328BD78-D686-4EFF-AAD2-E9E23B6AA419 (resized).jpeg
56A491A4-32C1-4AFA-90B1-C6B65FB41465 (resized).jpeg
EFE86306-D64A-45B5-A2B5-BADA1D375DCC (resized).jpeg
2F76BC5A-E4E8-464F-BD29-64653607E1E8 (resized).jpeg
4891A8A7-2AF3-4E31-A9F4-0303B9972914 (resized).jpeg
974B2150-1733-4F0A-B05A-685B1C991C3B (resized).jpeg
29225EA9-3D15-4C85-824C-F8DED514EBC7 (resized).jpeg
F151ADFF-9573-443E-80A3-26B2D7701F64 (resized).jpeg
B094C475-D4E8-48FE-AFFC-D77DA834A53B (resized).jpeg
188DDEAC-810C-4270-BC3D-200AC8F52678 (resized).jpeg
CA94611A-205E-4466-846F-70D8E6535CE3 (resized).jpeg
B2171B1C-47ED-4028-8438-F578E587CF8F (resized).jpeg
7CD8EB27-D97A-470F-BBD8-325D2E5B66C9 (resized).jpeg
D23BD4B0-42B8-421A-B426-3789ACAC69DD (resized).jpeg
6DB56C28-9F34-42D0-8AC2-599E2A08CD5B (resized).jpeg
55D31216-6C5C-4236-B2C0-4CD25A26FD49 (resized).jpeg
50F18E45-67F4-48ED-A8EF-E20E69912DE1 (resized).jpeg
6AAFF95B-E953-4C5C-85FF-CC08EDDCB8C4 (resized).jpeg
7036C71F-47D4-48CC-89BC-076CE357E3EB (resized).jpeg
371B5379-A73B-4774-8238-7A29D8C4A68D (resized).jpeg
38240D3E-638B-462E-B4D3-BAF463D92BBB (resized).jpeg
76F65D8B-78E6-45D6-A404-4BA500D2AD76 (resized).jpeg
765CC654-6EB5-4CF7-8E49-7E14003821BD (resized).jpeg
EDA65FA6-DCDF-4A95-B058-B1B18852885A (resized).jpeg
BB69CAC4-9ECF-47BA-9A82-44881DBBB750 (resized).jpeg
889B2E7C-B985-4D7B-A14A-80A25313448E (resized).jpeg
2DF86AC5-85F1-41FA-84EF-B86A0C2B546E (resized).jpeg
F24DBD86-AA19-40E3-A786-55CB00C537FA (resized).jpeg
E88D20DF-A1C5-4981-8ADD-DFEFBD4932B7 (resized).jpeg
54024F6F-E187-4583-AE04-D1B3F12C1058 (resized).jpeg
AB139F77-2BAC-486A-B483-44FD7C624A0A (resized).jpeg
BF98FF14-3E8A-4DEE-9031-6DE90FA0C6D6 (resized).jpeg
75B3E894-E87C-4A4D-9E2E-06DE63CE0951 (resized).jpeg
6E3D20B7-82D7-4EF6-B6F2-7ADA2738BCC7 (resized).jpeg
7BD24053-ED00-4E07-A3F2-F2366E651E2A (resized).jpeg
B1E3DF70-BC67-45F9-9F10-F69E3B99A2AB (resized).jpeg
64420709-F06A-4C9F-97E6-5C1F40C499C7 (resized).jpeg
4FE92E50-DC3B-487E-9AAE-358CFD291EA9 (resized).jpeg
F6E5FE47-4C50-48A7-9D51-2FC8ACB7259F (resized).jpeg
7F4885F6-B8E8-4990-B6D9-C1C67D588E20 (resized).jpeg
073B14CF-90FA-43E3-83E8-7EFB4C2FC188 (resized).jpeg
2C73D75E-0306-4847-9C88-B3676513EA4C (resized).jpeg
E9606F98-BFB7-4426-A536-06C0506BFBB2 (resized).jpeg
D7FB2724-F276-4988-9D8C-A8CCB24BAEB1 (resized).jpeg
EBD198E1-F80F-4042-A2DA-3077A38A31F1 (resized).jpeg
A55B8428-4891-48F1-85DF-D5B0694FB3F7 (resized).jpeg

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