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Genie-Clearcoated-Fully LED-Pascal Board-GORGEOUS!
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Added: April 25th, 2019 Ended: May 2nd, 2019
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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I just posted pics with the glass off. A couple of new pics have the reflection of the window, the BG lights, or the BG Genie on the PF. This reflection makes it apppear as if I slid the glass back on. I didn’t. The clear is just that glassy smooth!

About a month ago I picked this Genie up from a fellow pinsider.

She is truly gorgeous, by far the nicest late 70s machine I have ever seen, but I am more limited for space than I originally anticipated, so off she goes....

The prior owner had the PF professionally touched up and automotive cleared. It looks stunning, crisp, like new.
The BG is near perfect with no crackling, crisp bright color, and only a slight bit of imperceptible imperfection by the wizard’s knee.
He also replaced boards with brand new, adjusted switches, rerubbered, etc.

I have since:
-bought a complete set of plastics so that a single broken plastic could be replaced. As such, all plastics are perfect, and a second complete (except for one) set of plastics is included.
-switched to complete premium cointaker LEDs with special twinkle LEDs for the Genie smoke in the BG, the bonus hole, and the rollover targets. Also, wherever possible I switched to double headed “twisty” LEDs to better light the BG and PF. Inserts are color matched.
-bought from France and installed the Pascal board. This board gives you high score keeping ability, diagnostics, better scoring better corresponding reward lighting during play, a random skill shot, a gorgeous attract mode light show, and the ability to use a generic remote to adjust settings. The original replacement board is included as well.

What is not perfect:
-There are a few nicks/scuffs on the cabinet, but overall it is bright, unfaded, and presents well.
-The prior owner disconnected the tilt. I have not reconnected it, but with the addition of a tilt weight, and a ball in the tilt track it should be fine.
-The back legs are black. Don’t know why, but was like this when I got her. I was going to pick up a couple chrome legs ($13.00 each) at the next show.

This is a no disappointment machine. She is even prettier in person, and a blast to play with 11 drop targets, a spinner, 5 flippers and more. The machine is located in my living room in a building with an elevator and loading/parking right outside the front door.

Item photos

17A0923A-F85D-485A-A7F0-121D8F7CE9CF (resized).jpeg
28F8D3DB-7669-43F8-B22F-E2977A6310E1 (resized).jpeg
C7EA9B1A-51EA-4FD1-AABF-C6DD2FFA7633 (resized).jpeg
97B0752B-8E9D-4A44-93C0-E57A9098259A (resized).jpeg
C444F1D0-5588-423E-B6D1-7BA5E6BC0A77 (resized).jpeg
9CC82060-605E-4A10-9234-C72D8356CAF9 (resized).jpeg
71A138ED-FC5D-4644-BE6B-93AFF21B3D55 (resized).jpeg
1EEA8D1D-A343-4F86-AEEA-3D880B1C1141 (resized).jpeg
EF2CD6D6-30F9-4C86-B872-C3CCFC63A5A0 (resized).jpeg
2E07AE65-03F4-40CD-85F5-AF8EC615530D (resized).jpeg
AFDAE45C-F1D7-4AB3-B551-E1183E1EAC4F (resized).jpeg
D50033AE-C11F-4C18-9D82-E4F5476074D1 (resized).jpeg
EFE233CD-5063-4195-B028-D6428620D7B2 (resized).jpeg
27031E3D-0BB3-4299-A6AB-879696EA62B2 (resized).jpeg
88AB5113-F82B-4719-9127-836A42E254F1 (resized).jpeg
37C9DD01-AD81-4064-B383-733B8D9A6DF2 (resized).jpeg
FCA6D2BE-83E4-4874-A55D-7B3D7C299080 (resized).jpeg
6D24ECB5-13C1-44EC-BB5F-CB7915F23B66 (resized).jpeg
6BD3B561-ED5D-4445-A675-DB471944C409 (resized).jpeg
33390766-94E3-45DA-AD9B-2B25E64908FC (resized).jpeg
4732A9B8-5AFB-4C5E-A1C9-8AFB9D11FD88 (resized).jpeg
4A5747F8-680E-41C7-BEE5-DFD653FC7AD7 (resized).jpeg
4BACBE68-300B-4B77-851B-640F1B93FA30 (resized).jpeg
52E533A7-12F8-4809-91D9-58B3E26BB2F1 (resized).jpeg
63E78735-5F25-40BF-AC44-3C02C0E9D507 (resized).jpeg
52FB698F-B197-41D0-88DE-975BFE98CB22 (resized).jpeg
62272B92-CFDF-4A00-B7A8-EEB53FD8549F (resized).jpeg
63B0C7D7-4496-4505-A95F-089172601EBC (resized).jpeg
7B95797B-73DF-48DD-AC7A-D0C6D8A82430 (resized).jpeg
808027CE-01FA-4879-B30F-35B692330614 (resized).jpeg
D421CC2F-07BB-45C9-B49D-96C036CB64F8 (resized).jpeg
8986254C-307A-48CD-A0E8-DD285AF4CC8B (resized).jpeg
A9FE536B-3333-45DE-9256-52D2410E6161 (resized).jpeg
AA828624-6879-4C0D-B0CF-8420B8119A18 (resized).jpeg
F14DAE92-C19B-48CD-8FF1-7FADE5151414 (resized).jpeg

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