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$ 1,600

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For sale: Firepower

Added: March 15th, 2019 Ended: March 24th, 2019
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Item description

Looking to sell my beautiful firepower. Game was torn down and fully cleaned. All part ultrasonicly cleaned. Several new targets, coils and switches replaced. Playfield was cleaned with novus, and has no wear. It has a Lexan Playfield Protector installed. Full non ghosting leds including flashers, titan rubbers, rebuilt flippers. Backglass is a 9.9 with a couple small spots on the bottom, unseen from the front at all. Cabinet is in decent shape for its age and is all original. Someone added a doorbell on the front for credits which I left. Has a brand new swemmer system 7 board and has the updated roms to improve gameplay. I also have the original system 6 board that needs repairs . Has new legs and levelers, and new glass as well. No broken plastics.

Item photos

4A365B0A-3907-44E1-B1EB-84DD50488232 (resized).jpeg
110A75E3-6468-4391-B8B2-08BF545E17F6 (resized).jpeg
02989314-BA7C-4EDE-8A10-E2E216783872 (resized).jpeg
0412B12B-3414-4899-91E2-CDF652A28862 (resized).jpeg
1044D133-54DF-4207-9EF3-400DB55C1975 (resized).jpeg
2C317B4B-FF4A-4544-A872-4537EC578011 (resized).jpeg
35DD4610-2221-4794-BE79-43C7338BBE44 (resized).jpeg
4E6A9F98-43E8-4AB9-98AF-E1D0CC3E4930 (resized).jpeg
186DA876-C00B-4AA7-84CF-4332326769A1 (resized).jpeg
50943299-A413-4C2E-A4F7-039B4096E97A (resized).jpeg
3EF702B3-0D75-45E5-9973-59F69012F393 (resized).jpeg
4BAAA863-2545-40D4-892C-10DAACD5D5B1 (resized).jpeg
31339FD4-FAA8-41C6-8989-5E037C42FB03 (resized).jpeg
547404B1-187D-487D-83FB-B3A837C22FFB (resized).jpeg
5883B620-37C8-4496-8E56-1FC1718BA3C8 (resized).jpeg
5A37261D-9E5A-423B-AB40-8E8B9C64B65A (resized).jpeg
5BE5F8F1-27C3-4418-8EB3-685005ECE844 (resized).jpeg
5E62A0A7-DAD9-4C8F-9E11-393EFC1BF74B (resized).jpeg
610CC38C-C879-4B38-A67A-0226342AF683 (resized).jpeg
7125D6FE-7EC7-451A-AF58-C71521AFCFA6 (resized).jpeg
7496A602-DA20-4BD4-9BA4-AF86EA80F3A1 (resized).jpeg
88EC8E2D-F7E0-4EC8-85DA-3D02749D8C03 (resized).jpeg
8D7D48B0-6D88-483F-ACB3-1B7150ECA406 (resized).jpeg
962212A9-556D-432F-9E0B-7375F7EA8702 (resized).jpeg
9B7F0888-1A2E-4211-9E0B-8373BE31CFA7 (resized).jpeg
A0495CAD-1BF7-4A27-9E28-3375392FBF6B (resized).jpeg
A3DA5A30-EFDD-4E80-AFAD-37AFB034CB4D (resized).jpeg
A572A58C-FFE9-4CB5-B6C5-2B8DB2A90EF6 (resized).jpeg
BBFE6531-D57F-41F6-B509-3A21BB184DE1 (resized).jpeg
C60E11D2-EE30-4B7D-98C1-5AA1604A5DAA (resized).jpeg
CA5B1E94-D246-4CB3-BFF1-B8716BD2B6B4 (resized).jpeg
ED7BE1E4-1763-4C92-94AD-D972238A6C58 (resized).jpeg
EE49EBD8-A174-4D32-9891-2AB60BEA3BE1 (resized).jpeg
F7C2468D-E195-477B-BBE8-E72D42C5CE5B (resized).jpeg
F90FD8CA-2C18-4DCD-82BB-DE4BCC6A0C37 (resized).jpeg

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