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For sale or trade: Taxi

Added: 2019-01-15 Ended: January 24th, 2019
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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  • Taxi Williams, 1988


$ 1,900 (Firm)

Price is firm

Item description

Purchased this a few years ago and it’s in player’s condition with traditional wear on the cabinet and around common areas like the pop bumpers. There is still mylar on the main playfield area. There is no back clip for the top but I purchased one but just never replaced it, see pics for details.

Everything works as it should from what I can tell from the over 300+ plays I’ve done.

Since I purchased it, I’ve added all LED’s, replaced the flippers, replaced the luggage stickers (also have a new set for the Pinbot alien targets). I’ve replaced the plunger spring, replaced the topper with a brand new one (from Marco I think). I’ve also replaced the tempered playfield glass.

This will also come with a new spinout ramp, see pics, the color is red.

I’m asking $1900 which is less than what I paid considering all the upgrades\replacements I’ve done.

I would consider a trade for a Getaway, High Speed II or a very good condition and working Space Mission, otherwise I’ll just sell it.

I am not interested in shipping as I would be too worried something would happen.

Please ask any questions you have in case I missed something as this is the first time I’ve tried selling or trading a pinball but I’ve done a lot of other various classified ads as well as sales (Amazon & eBay) so if you need references, just PM me.

Thanks for checking this out.

Edit1: Modified the 1st paragraph as I forgot about the back clip on the back of the pinball. It was missing when I bought it and I bought a new one which I'll of course include, just never installed it.

Edit2: I’ve added a lot more photos of the inside and additional ones around the pop bumpers without the glass as that is the major wear.

Those black things on the back board are foam pieces of tape to block out the lights from the sign and stoplight and jackpot. I did this as using LED’s cause really bright lights.

Had a lot of people reach out and are trying to setup a way to pickup so for now it’s still available but the first to confirm gets it.

Just PM me with any questions you have, all the photos can be found at the link below.


Item photos

0BC19DDA-48DA-4C17-8DB0-13E4679D80B4 (resized).jpeg
1CE95285-8591-4663-A27E-202536573477 (resized).jpeg
162CBA79-B084-413A-A048-C0C2CD651A35 (resized).jpeg
16864147-B45B-4CA3-9275-18E581A929E6 (resized).jpeg
32A02217-98FA-456C-AE01-6027509989BC (resized).jpeg
605A9900-640F-48F6-A8FC-E0EE8C65259F (resized).jpeg
64D96ABD-1511-470E-9F96-434085F8A6C7 (resized).jpeg
654071A2-5A08-487B-97E0-94DA41F74317 (resized).jpeg
7B77E052-5D18-454D-8A03-2EE6CA046BF5 (resized).jpeg
8CF1D944-E777-4428-88CA-8CE25A5DBA48 (resized).jpeg
97828EEA-3B1B-45D0-B9EF-5703A6FB96F2 (resized).jpeg
991AF0E3-C08A-40FA-A210-78EE8D36813C (resized).jpeg
A782D787-C02F-4FF0-88CE-C7C57F48D775 (resized).jpeg
AA85BE3E-05E3-4F22-844F-17473F19E653 (resized).jpeg
ADF0AC83-708D-46F8-A4E5-D218A08197EC (resized).jpeg
B2F44E67-9557-42AC-8931-D7DF0DB8FD1F (resized).jpeg
B505CCD4-2BAB-4C4B-B67F-A7A8DB18091B (resized).jpeg
BEF6A186-6596-45AB-92AE-E3EABF0E21EC (resized).jpeg
C1D13E35-E606-4124-A5EE-978E6A2A9C7C (resized).jpeg
D8E22D38-C480-47C2-A8BE-3B427160FF13 (resized).jpeg
FF293634-7CCC-43EA-9A6B-E9F3832B4C1C (resized).jpeg
IMG_0001 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0002 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0003 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0004 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0005 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0006 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0007 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0008 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0009 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0010 (resized).jpeg
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IMG_0012 (resized).jpeg
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IMG_0014 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0015 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0016 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0017 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0018 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0019 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0020 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0021 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0022 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0023 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0024 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0025 (resized).jpeg
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IMG_0028 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0029 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0030 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0031 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0032 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0033 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0034 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0035 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0036 (resized).jpeg
IMG_0037 (resized).jpeg
IMG_1461 (resized).jpeg
IMG_1462 (resized).jpeg

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