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For sale: Addams Family, The
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Added: August 15th, 2018 Ended: August 17th, 2018
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 6,500 (OBO)

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This game was in my uncles collection from the late 90’s until a few years ago when he moved it to the family farm house. Before that it was routed locally in Altoona, PA where it has spent its entire life by Deleo Games. After being neglected at the Family house I was able to snag it and I found a local Pinsider who restored and updated the game with new Titan rubbers, cointaker commet LED’s , replaced ramps, replaced driver boards, Color DMD, reworked a lot of strange fixes that had been rigged over its lifetime. The gentleman who did the work put in over 80 hours stripping the game down and replacing everything that was questionable while cleaning it.
The game works 100% now and looks great. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Full disclosure, My uncle did smoke and apparently never replaced the balls in twenty years but then again he didn’t play very often so the condition of the Playfield is in good condition.
I have a set of Pinstadium lights with the GI interface installed, pin blades, replaced some of the plastics. If I were to keep it I’d replace the legs. As good of a job that was done shining them up they still have a little rust at the feet and a new sheet of glass would be worth it.
I’d be willing to let it go for $6,500 with the pin stadium lights, $6,300 without. I’d recommend keeping them as it makes a big difference.

Item photos

D0FAE419-22E0-4EBF-8F94-3698C0ED599D (resized).jpeg
14D6B8CF-A030-420A-90E5-9BB01218D6D8 (resized).jpeg
E5102670-BDA9-4467-A1B4-461A3E942943 (resized).jpeg
AFE2164C-B203-451C-901E-DB4BED880716 (resized).jpeg
88C034E7-7226-4116-8ECB-11BC4B439CC2 (resized).jpeg
38CABDC4-B6DE-40A9-B752-BFCCFA57B7F9 (resized).jpeg
3906FEB5-BC5D-4EA6-BAC0-7493BBF9E41E (resized).jpeg
F0D9E6B6-8479-4A08-BF18-500B874557A5 (resized).jpeg
45A0E552-6D46-446F-BB1F-7CFD0134E774 (resized).jpeg
A2A9ED3B-E1FE-40BD-96BB-D32359B45179 (resized).jpeg
969F5E97-8736-442F-9B7A-FDB4AF2F0AC7 (resized).jpeg
276111E2-4484-4A66-9D34-8945002CC94B (resized).jpeg
E4C9BABE-26B9-4CA3-8052-614311969A6C (resized).jpeg
9E798CD9-5110-4D43-8CA4-6C8ED251D211 (resized).jpeg
C3331F68-A51E-4FDE-82E9-9314B9C013FD (resized).jpeg
3D1EFDBB-3958-47FC-B3B6-C1F5C6E6D81C (resized).jpeg
C9C3DC71-ABE2-4522-98B1-BCCFB1B91A6F (resized).jpeg
855D144D-5EEA-41BF-A4D8-FD93EBEFDC4B (resized).jpeg
08DE5C32-E42A-421D-B2F0-248C0DAD6007 (resized).jpeg
415D1F25-AF46-440F-9718-9D7D5D255724 (resized).jpeg
0A09BF92-E70B-4D5F-B124-047D9975A8AE (resized).jpeg
7DF0DE83-6DFA-433B-8925-EF970E075402 (resized).jpeg
9EDCD188-1416-4BED-9A4B-DA6D9A48DE5C (resized).jpeg
D238E892-39D3-416B-8D5B-A393D942ED08 (resized).jpeg
D1140F5F-1B80-4F48-B1DE-4754A75B2B71 (resized).jpeg
5E7F1722-2050-4EC3-ACF1-60D2FB1C40BD (resized).jpeg
D086ECC5-69A8-4328-B473-B787F7212ED3 (resized).jpeg
9A6C758F-4B4D-4495-B1D6-55AA7CEDE545 (resized).jpeg
BC0EAF84-7624-4380-B250-2ACDDBA1F648 (resized).jpeg
037A7894-7381-43EB-BE41-980B1E48DA5D (resized).jpeg
7A9B57ED-756B-4FED-8A8F-CFA7AB07BE2F (resized).jpeg
31ABB168-F136-4ADF-97FA-360470FCF6DC (resized).jpeg
9C578733-9D43-4759-9408-C391F01C20EF (resized).jpeg
6E0183A7-140A-44AB-A816-E1289B5A8B1D (resized).jpeg
1BD3FB22-48E6-4BAA-9516-E546E8F19B2B (resized).jpeg
74830C29-6DA4-40F1-98DC-7A20C111A8A1 (resized).jpeg
99B8A206-9A5B-40EE-818C-18B3BD6CDA2F (resized).jpeg
18A3B902-493F-4446-9025-CE70CECB3173 (resized).jpeg
58BFBA1B-F35D-450C-88E9-0F4AE780FAAC (resized).jpeg
BF08EEF5-A77F-4481-8D63-0A157B73E30B (resized).jpeg
E11E57E3-D824-489F-B82D-9E102AB8CFCC (resized).jpeg
85AA12EB-DF32-4FCA-B6E9-979102D519FF (resized).jpeg
9398FE7E-B5ED-4AC6-97FF-0A80A4CFB0FA (resized).jpeg
7D89F387-4E44-44C3-8023-13BA56D8CE6A (resized).jpeg
776401A1-08E5-4C2A-B71C-F2DC5D6DE9E5 (resized).jpeg
93EFFEB8-8319-4FE3-AB9A-6587E6B8A923 (resized).jpeg
018AA9B2-50B4-4570-89D4-12ADCB714709 (resized).jpeg
2F5B406C-42EC-41A7-A772-115A782ABEDB (resized).jpeg
DDB9CC35-0CD5-420D-9E00-31D40BCB7806 (resized).jpeg
A833D2B2-93EF-4C0A-B63C-A2D03C01A291 (resized).jpeg
00DC9BEC-6595-4B1D-9EF3-BE4C1F4BA2CE (resized).jpeg
19FE72E6-608B-4275-8C11-C6832EE787A7 (resized).jpeg
273D01C6-1C68-4FD7-8E89-86E7E5CE0A06 (resized).jpeg
52A325D7-17C2-4328-AC3F-B90624A6D45C (resized).jpeg
B0A772AD-FBDE-4FF5-9DA2-A3FF70154378 (resized).jpeg
C14B071F-1A46-40C0-A068-412BC594F752 (resized).jpeg
F2A2ADAD-3281-435F-A8DB-9522A643CCE6 (resized).jpeg
4C233C72-835B-4B3C-8E32-57F499D019FE (resized).jpeg
0D62CC64-5B1E-4E05-8AD5-C0DABC174107 (resized).jpeg
E588B19F-D794-4407-BE12-8A75CE7BAEFF (resized).jpeg
19E71230-FC3D-4BE7-8850-9162DEC29F91 (resized).jpeg

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Altoona, PA, US


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