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For sale: Monster Bash
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Added: July 31st, 2018 Re-listed: 1 time Ended: September 28th, 2018
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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Williams Monster Bash Collectors Quality Full Restoration Pinball Machine. Pictures of the restore process are included in the listing. Cabinet was completely refinished and new Gen 2 decals were installed. Playfield was replaced with a brand new Mirco. Every metal playfield part was tumbled, polished, or replaced. Every coil either replaced or refurbished with new sleeves. Ultrasonic cleaning for the wire harnesses, boards, coils, and many other parts. Back Alley Creations hinges, rails, legs, and lockbar. Color DMD. A few mods have been added like the 3D pyramid, lit Drac coffin, and cliffy protectors.

All plastics were replaced and LEDs added throughout. One of better lit games I have ever seen in person. Really pops with the glow in the dark Titan rubbers and UV LEDs.

You will be hard pressed to find an original MB. We all know the remake is coming out (prior to that this would have been a 12k+ game) but this game is geared towards someone who wants an original. Parts will always be able to be replaced on this game and it is user serviceable. Can’t be so sure on the remake.

This is one of 5-6 few games I am selling for a friend. The other games include a nice Tales of the Arabian Nights, heavily modded original HUO AC/DC Luci, collectors quality Scared Stiff, Attack from Mars Remake LE, and an heavily modded HUO Tron LE. He would like to sell the games in a package deal if possible.

Willing to ship through STI if the buyer pays and arranges it. Wire transfer(preferred), cash, or PayPal Friends and Family for payment.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Item photos

941AEC43-B879-4C62-95C0-BF5F38B4B3B9 (resized).jpeg
66010CFF-6682-405C-8A96-ED88CFDCE562 (resized).jpeg
6A4579C9-E466-4B15-9404-970CF6A7BF83 (resized).jpeg
B509DCF3-40F9-4C00-81A1-C77DC76DF3B2 (resized).jpeg
4D0578C0-0957-4CDA-B85C-7F147AE37247 (resized).jpeg
82F06CA3-F6A8-4AE2-B387-7AB2DCEBBE75 (resized).jpeg
3AC88D6B-45DC-430C-AC81-B7E45C6A395E (resized).jpeg
4FC14F0D-231D-434D-AD31-E19080069748 (resized).jpeg
9C827D8C-EDDB-4CCD-BC4A-BB02C501630C (resized).jpeg
898BB715-98B1-4E80-87CC-19939D625330 (resized).jpeg
9AF2F489-7E69-4B6F-A965-E4530AEEEDDC (resized).jpeg
9FB398E2-A504-4E49-920D-98178913DE48 (resized).jpeg
F3E8BB2B-1947-47F9-B3FF-D081AF14111E (resized).jpeg
89A20D38-1B9D-45BC-A830-F477FA32D5FB (resized).jpeg
5BCCC445-EC4D-4F3E-AF34-F6FC6C2C1080 (resized).jpeg
657C8429-AD07-447E-A571-EEC7138D3310 (resized).jpeg
E41C2846-D097-42F4-A538-AE9C4E04AC74 (resized).jpeg
E02CA51F-A6BE-445A-86BC-A4876DA02CD7 (resized).jpeg
A028E7C3-ED66-4274-8712-B2F124E9C224 (resized).jpeg
B4E85D0E-F0D7-422D-BB91-B2FA14159608 (resized).jpeg
331619FD-ACE5-4AB4-9648-5B8F04105739 (resized).jpeg
407A83B6-A117-460E-926E-6C513416674F (resized).jpeg
4D846998-2F05-4806-AA99-4EB02AD1898B (resized).jpeg
E6F2A7B9-DFE6-4229-BC91-347815E3E5F9 (resized).jpeg
E8C8EDF2-9EC3-43BE-A60B-32A8BED615EB (resized).jpeg
62F2E176-E758-401D-8D02-197C85CB13B4 (resized).jpeg
4C6DF203-4498-41DD-9196-3D56EEF6C49F (resized).jpeg
DB3C8812-377D-4055-8CF8-374636564A49 (resized).jpeg
CE183733-B246-4685-A060-A664666F8547 (resized).jpeg
A3DF8C33-1D2A-4FEF-AED4-357720D8DE93 (resized).jpeg
A147C6BF-AAFA-4FD7-A99B-BF69125718CD (resized).jpeg
1D8899BB-E12D-4DAE-AFDB-9048EC8D5771 (resized).jpeg
DD0AF4D9-D520-4543-A070-9D506A9BA9EB (resized).jpeg
BF9DB692-99E4-4339-A58C-A8F9CEAA6872 (resized).jpeg
EFE2CDAC-3606-41A8-9541-011BADDF90B6 (resized).jpeg
2D243654-5B0D-46FF-9AA9-370CC60F7FBB (resized).jpeg
19E13CE6-7996-4751-9E31-FDCC743BECA3 (resized).jpeg
95EE3C33-E454-4E02-913C-7E2DAD9505E2 (resized).jpeg
2B3D3C8A-5B03-46EA-9DF0-C46A00EB00CD (resized).jpeg
D3D0CC91-7E06-4D61-BF5E-4415CA792E40 (resized).jpeg
8F910C47-39E8-4D45-9E3D-D09F08946F8E (resized).jpeg
7268299E-FA34-44AE-8C6F-765DFB982B15 (resized).jpeg
4156424E-507E-44E9-BC55-F2C5101D9E33 (resized).jpeg
0C228B7F-1488-4BD1-97DF-EC4F2C8DC334 (resized).jpeg
71FD0A1F-3454-43EF-A695-B4E44E7AE8BD (resized).jpeg
4AFB04C2-A090-40AE-8F3F-9DFE8A619CEE (resized).jpeg
6E12E92E-ED06-4ECF-88EC-3C2BD7BB502A (resized).jpeg
D42D1324-85E7-402C-808B-CE4FCB240132 (resized).jpeg

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