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Archived ad

Pinside keeps a record of old ads in its Market Archive, for historical purposes and as a price reference. This ad has been ended by its seller and is now archived.


$ 2,100

for sale

For sale: Last Action Hero

Added: December 16th, 2017 Ended: January 22nd, 2018
Condition: Used - shows wear, needs some work

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Item description

Last Action Hero with very nice playfield. The scoops have typical wear around the edges but I was imaging the playfield after Cliffy protectors are installed. Cabinet looks good. Missing art at bottom right of backbox which is in coin box to glue back on. Games plays well. Working but needs to be shopped. Very clean. Magnets are now working. Right back leg has a home made leveler. Shaker motor works.

Added more photos of the board set and under the play field. When testing the game further, the game was missing two of the magnet fuses and one was blown. I added 3 3amp slow blow and the one on the right (still in) blew.

The magnet board was missing a heat sink and transistor. Found it in the cabinet. Assumption was that the 3 transistors on this board should be replaced. The three magnets are registering 4.7 ohms. The manual states it should be 4.3 ohms. I replaced the 3 transistors with IRL540 transistors and replaced the three 3amp SB fuses and the magnets work fine. I have not added photos of the 3 new fuses installed and the new transistors installed.

The left 7 pin connector is not attached to the shaker motor board at the left front of the cabinet. The pins are bent. I bent them back and the shaker motor works great!

It is a reimport.

As far as I can tell the game is working 100% but I will not change the game condition to reflect this because I am still testing and something could show up.

Item photos

EBFFB4F0-CAF8-44CF-847C-1C57087A2FE1 (resized).jpeg
AD214D80-8E4D-4B6E-9737-E2EED3264684 (resized).jpeg
AEB699F3-CE65-4ABA-B6FB-DBBE8F9474E2 (resized).jpeg
92200492-8AFE-4E4E-89B0-68D3D3D31F35 (resized).jpeg
CAFEEC8D-A507-4F40-9AB4-430458E86258 (resized).jpeg
28FD49C5-8E17-492C-8954-CD5C012AAAB3 (resized).jpeg
56BEFE82-6A63-4882-B9A1-84C778CE0717 (resized).jpeg
FC5376AD-C84C-4A44-A067-6125CAF95FA8 (resized).jpeg
A9DA79E6-6798-4EA8-9EC1-5FC8600E64D1 (resized).jpeg
62D2113E-A945-4828-9EFF-0A0FC091AC31 (resized).jpeg
8BB8F0F5-A714-4F3D-A217-4D5A44E2B00D (resized).jpeg
21CC2C1C-F574-411A-B355-77A83BB644AF (resized).jpeg
3B034E2F-A409-498B-B946-C431825BFFE5 (resized).jpeg
61DDE13D-DB0E-4CD6-A416-13288B6BBD1D (resized).jpeg
B0BDFF27-6DE8-43F3-9C95-ACF7B08F2A90 (resized).jpeg
69985C96-9E92-4628-9160-5DB51410E232 (resized).jpeg
102065F1-AA19-4DCA-81DD-2314DC1347CE (resized).jpeg
3AF4C84A-6847-4F92-8AD5-A45915BAF353 (resized).jpeg
90CF1BCE-0041-46A5-81C7-31B605CB68AF (resized).jpeg
110CC3E5-C7E5-461B-B7C1-3E2B8E726FCA (resized).jpeg
0857651B-61FE-41EE-BC76-B833A92256C0 (resized).jpeg
26934179-3A8D-4B00-8618-A89B5DEC8898 (resized).jpeg
4BBE7158-B213-48B4-A7E8-70539D3716B8 (resized).jpeg
2A6BCD66-AEB0-40D2-88FD-F137425345ED (resized).jpeg
EF6AA864-790C-4174-B8FD-DAFE51E47639 (resized).jpeg
51DE2F89-AC1B-4A11-B973-7C75AC168D6C (resized).jpeg
8A7A873F-FAFB-4141-A691-47F7756A820C (resized).jpeg
89DB5051-132A-4A87-8A28-E309AFA9AD8C (resized).jpeg
323508F9-C047-457E-96FD-75F6C5793AD3 (resized).jpeg
4A13E780-4E89-429D-B2C9-CB8700B26B3E (resized).jpeg
B5270E0B-3F7C-404A-9B0A-C79C2E3E5D00 (resized).jpeg
8B266BA6-A01B-481D-800D-3756F612E066 (resized).jpeg
9E32393C-2454-4E9E-8244-560697CA436A (resized).jpeg
AC7A60B2-E31A-40E1-9ADE-F81DA5B9AAE9 (resized).jpeg
04282B88-6C3E-4996-8CEC-5E7B9C752B47 (resized).jpeg
4E034353-4A62-4F9C-9A98-6175409C57EB (resized).jpeg
17FD09F5-FF53-4840-BEF2-56B18E5107A4 (resized).jpeg
B6869AFE-DB66-4787-AD1B-AF2E5AF0A39B (resized).jpeg
EB0F5C9C-BA5A-454A-9296-B4CA4135C466 (resized).jpeg

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Note! This is an archived ad. No longer for sale!

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Purcellville, VA, US


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