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1948 Scientific Pitch'Em & Bat'em - Fully Restored
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Outstanding Restoration by Mike Hasanov,
Vintage Coin-op Restorations, IL.


The bat is angled to give the ball elevation, making this a game that is played vertically instead of horizontally like other pitch & bats.

Each player get 15 pitches. The object is to score as many runs as possible by hitting the balls in the air and over the fence. Games can be played in one- or two-player mode. In one-player mode the machine pitches automatically. In two-player mode, one player selects from one of three styles of pitches (fastball, curveball, and knuckleball) while the other player bats. Reportedly, the ball is pitched at a high speed.

The bat lever is entirely mechanical thus there is no delay in operation as there is with electromechanical bats where after pressing the bat button one must wait a second for a switch to tell a coil to fire. The speed of the bat depends only on how fast and how hard the player depresses the bat handle.

cabinet box- was reglued and made sound
applied 3/16 baltic birch plywood on cabinet and head with white glue
custum knives were made to make the special solid corners the machines have so there was a inner knife and outer knife made
sand smooth and then spray stain to match original
clear coat 4 coats of precatalized lacquer sprayed and sanded between coats
copy graphics from original and make new left and right side and front door stencils
artist came in to hand paint some of the graphics on cabinet because they were too detailed to spray
then when graphics were done clear coated again with two protective coats of lacquer
pinstripe outline on head face and cabinet face frame with one shot stripping enamel
hand polish and wax cabinet to a sheen

Metal Parts-
all metal parts were sand blasted and then polished some were sprayed metal hammer tone others were repaired and had to be welded, specifically the bat ,and other parts were sent out for nickel plating but at this level i requested that parts be prepared and detailed and plated with two coats of acid copper then nickel plated .
make metal coin box

purchased exact original ball reproduction from medical grade ball manufactures but they were to hard and would destroy the game again . Ray B was able to find the now working balls for the game

Backglass and grand stands coin instruction on upper marquee
backglass was custom made and to get mirror effect had to be made with cnc machine and of two separate pieces pieces
grandstands were originally made of paper and then covered in clear plastic I took the best and reproduced them in plastic so it should last a lot longer .

A completely New Playfield was made. Its a combination of vinyl graphics applied to a painted surface and then clear coated .needless to say to have that play field images reconstructed on a computer and to choose the colors and have them printed and be flawlessly applied was a night mare and pretty expensive . but i wouldn't have it any other way then how it turned out.

Door decal and Marquee instructions-
Copied from the front of one machine ,the others didn't have it .the scientific logo was created and applied to cabinet as for the marquee it was completely reproduced and then hand picked out because the lettering was so small but i loved the result . original was on a flimsy piece of vinyl i did it on plexi glass

Bases were made of solid polar hardwood identical to originals but not of plywood ,I just didn't care how the originals were built i think the solid wood was better .. drill and install new floor levelers . wood was sanded . primed and then painted burgundy and then clear coated with 3 coats of lacquer .

Plastic Parts-
Men consist of orange head /and red base these were all casted from originals and are not painted but of color plastic and then clear coated . they had to be drilled and then tapped to be installed on play field with a steel screws throughout for strength.

Baseball Handle-
This handle was also re-casted from original though it was broken. So re-casted and then installed on chrome handle.

Baseball Speed Buttons-
These were also re-casted from originals and now are perfect matches.

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