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For sale: Fish Tales
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Added: 2017-01-11 Ended: January 30th, 2017
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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$ 2,850

Item description

Very nice looking Fish Tales for sale. I had intentions of keeping this game when I first bought it , but over the last few years I have bought several other games and I am running out of room and need to make room for future pins. I have owned the game now for approximately 4 years . I don’t know the past history of the machine but it doesn’t look like its had a whole lot of use for its age. The game is definitely not perfect though as I will describe more in detail .

Pro’s :
The playfield has very little wear and looks great as you will be able to see in the pictures.

The decals on the cabinet are still very colorful and are not faded looking . I’m not saying that they don’t have a little fade but they don’t have much if they do. Overall they look great. No major scratches or gouges that I can see.

Game is showing no errors at the time and is playing properly as far as I know.

In the 4 years that I have owned it I have done the following:

Led kit from Coin Taker. (Game is not 100% leds but close. The flashers in the head are still incandescent but rest of the lighting in the head is leds. The reason for this was because I couldn’t get the Led flashers to work. Something that I should have gotten with Coin Taker on but never did . The playfield is all Led except for only a couple or so that are in a area that’s hard to get to.)

New siderails
New lockdown bar
New playfield glass
New legs , leg bolts and leg levelers
Leg Protectors installed
New rubber kit
New plastic ramp for boat with new blue plastics cover
New plastic dome for fish topper.
New External battery holder
New pop bumper caps
New lane guide plastics
New pinballs
Sound board was just rebuilt by Rob Anthony

Owners manual and schematics books included along with a few led's that came with the kit that I didn't use.

Head needs new decals. The decals on the cabinet look great as I described up above, but the head could use new ones . The head not beat up or anything, the decals are just simply cracking and pealing along with the paint.

Translight is not perfect. It looks good from a distance but has a small of amount of light showing through above the letter “A”. It still looks descent and most people wouldn’t notice but I wanted to point it out. I haven’t replaced it because I had Mark Richie sign it.

Latch on back of head is missing and the area where it should be mounted is damaged. The head is still fasted down securely though with the 2 head bolts that you tighten down inside the head. (Like the new Sterns).

Coin box is included but does not have the metal cover

The cabinet underneath the playfield is not new looking. It has been vacuumed and dusted but still has that “dirty and dusty look” that some games get to be after they are so old. It doesn’t affect the looks of the game on the out side but I wanted to point it out. The area inside the head is the same way.

In summary, the game is not HUO nor is it in Restored Condition but its definitely not severally routed or beated up. I think if the Head was repainted and had new decals along with a new translight it would make a huge difference in making it look as if it was restored. Over all the game is very beautiful IMO but you need to be the Judge because we all judge things differently. I’m fairly pick and may have been a little to hard on the games condition but I rather under sell its condition than over selling it and make someone unhappy. I tried to take plenty of pictures but let me know if you want any in a particular area.

I live in Odessa MO. which is 20 miles east of KC . If your local, feel free to come out to give it a look and put a few games on it . I am not interested at this time in shipping because I would like the buyer to see the game in person before they pay . HOWEVER, I am willing to deliver the game with in a 3 to 4 hour radius of Kansas City MO. to either your driveway or to meet you half way if you live further out. If I do deliver to your driveway, you are responsible for getting the game into your house but I will be glad to help if you need an extra hand. I just don’t want to be responsible for any damage to the game or your house in doing so.
$2850 Cash only


Item photos

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O8vSpuxyepnWyxD5vMvEengpTL0yWeJnFcy6OZrnBSEpX92IB (resized).jpeg
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kcoipt6RIU3ooDv-8kG24sc8naW12Gb482b49qA9puMpX92IB (resized).jpeg
OlV1rAcnbSnXX1LMAKDTdJan5EPEci-ncbDQSZEvxCIpX92IB (resized).jpeg
Xj8Bz-3xw70O3HZe-GOnPy347BUNn2hcF7RSjhdzRGcpX92IB (resized).jpeg
1-N_CGFko6htsKaGjHHTAtQ0i2Ps0TftHEVXEeZO3sspX92IB (resized).jpeg
OmTk1tjHWVHiU35nqnAoEJETI2HHATUe7k7GfnmDeTYpX92IB (resized).jpeg
aZU9yv64iTtIhotjA1W5Tctw5cNq2O_Fvu-9sb__K-MpX92IB (resized).jpeg
ZyutFAXl8RkIVQcI7P7pXRNfYoZvhlLsuimUwjeE72gpX92IB (resized).jpeg
Mi6TuGjpNzMJiBq0y1wsOU-Q1FT7h0NPJ-stqYMqFXgpX92IB (resized).jpeg
5JyKJo82CfO8iK-guk27jaMGll7eULT9GXSC5WAmy20pX92IB (resized).jpeg
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FbLVG1OBw6vD4NIlzViM63W4ovwsAim5WFFG8GfVzqUpX92IB (resized).jpeg
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Jo-PIKWvKuo2lRspe8UKGir6cNmd28gInb9ggYMLEdUpX92IB (resized).jpeg
Ro3xNkgYW05odLpJrGrn9KQyQu0NsTupdJHlXqkr-pkpX92IB (resized).jpg
6MGck6wAsHPlTH8WEgnb5wkLXrDGN3l5ZTvt_FPVIb0pX92IB (resized).jpg
ysGUzD-VCOPTSE8cRzauzxvNH1myA_--1GubJdN1h9IpX92IB (resized).jpeg
fEABbx0vZKJOq5KED2KcbsS5UfyX11ztVB5s4GIdDgkpX92IB (resized).jpeg
P-WBcnjdH71h8wiNShIvtlB_wM8yP-jnOthIziBuK3IpX92IB (resized).jpeg
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