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$ 1,900

for sale

FS/FT: Stern HRC

Added: August 27th, 2015 Ended: October 5th, 2015
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

Item description

Ok, so there have been some really poor ads over the past few days (suspect CC for $8K in Miami, some guy in Cali who is adamant DE BTTF is a $4K & FT is a $5K machine, a "mint" IJ with no pics or description for a smooth $13.5K...etc.) so I'm going to try to balance that all out with an overly descriptive ad and a bunch of pics.

I'm putting up my Stern High Roller Casino to make room for some other pinball machines. I'd prefer to sell outright as I have a project or two in mind, but I'm not opposed to hearing out trades from projects that could potentially trump the projects I'm considering.

Recently, it's had a ton of work done to it to get it playing great. Located about 15 minutes from Salem & Nashua, NH (meaning you can also hit up Pinball Wizard Arcade in Pelham... insert party guy emoticon here), this is a cash & carry sale as I can't transport it and don't want to ship it... but I can certainly help remove it from my basement into your vehicle.

Potential FAQs:

1) I played it once (probably without the Director's Cut ROM's, so my opinion is unfairly biased) and didn't like it. But can I come into your FS thread stating this?
- No. Shoe. Go away! That's for other threads. However you can opt not to buy this. But if you really need to poo-poo a thread, there are many others out there.
2) Is this the same machine I see on CL for more money?
- Indeed it is. You'll also notice that half of this posting is directly copied/pasted from that ad. I'd just rather this go to a Pinsider so I took my desired price and increased it for CL per a fellow Pinsider's advice.
3) I don't like the cabinet.
- Well technically that's not a question, but I'll let it slide. This is a modern-era Stern for under $2K. Throw it between 2 machines and you've solved the problem. Or just tape a bunch of pictures of Jessica Alba all over it (FYI: that also works for anything you don't like looking at).
4) I've never played one so can you tell me more about this game?
- Sure. The main objective is to get to Casino Frenzy which is done by beating 6 casino games. You need to match a color on roulette, get any winning combo in the slot machine, deal and hit until you like your Blackjack hand and then play the house to see if they can beat you (hopefully not), deal yourself a poker hand through drop targets and play the house by hitting an orbit, lighting out inlane/outlane to start Hi Lo and then hit an orbit to start playing that old Card Sharks game show game, and finally hit the Craps switch enough times until it says you've completed it because I have no idea how the actual game of Craps works so that's what I do.
There's also chips you collect by doing certain things, and if you get to 100, the machine goes bezerk, and you get a really fun multiball mode. There's also a board game thing on the backglass when you hit the wireform, and some other cool things along the way.

The Pros:
- DIRECTOR'S CUT ROM'S! They make the game MUCH more polished, faster, and fun than the original ROM's.
- 4 multi-ball modes, 3 ramp diverters, functioning slot machine and roulette wheel toys, and 2 mid-playfield slingshots (in addition to the 2 at the flippers).
- Shopped about 2 months ago.
- Added half-moon flipper button cabinet protectors for Stern Pro models
- Added shooter lane ejection side rail protector
- New slingshot mylar protectors
- New parts for pop bumpers (all yokes, springs, color matched skirts, base, body, lamp holders, and coil sleeves)
- Installed the ball trap fix per Stern's Service Bulletin in 2001 (on their website still).
- Rebuilt/replaced auto-launcher assy, drop targets, switch behind drops, wire gate above pops, and up-post above said wire gate.
- Backglass is in wonderful condition. Playfield is in very good condition.
- Did I mention it's a working modern-era Stern for under $2K???
- Did I also mention it's about $11,500 less than a certain "mint" IJ with no pictures or description?

The Cons:
- Cabinet has some touchups
- A few plastics are cracked. I would've replaced them, but they don't affect gameplay.
- Decals need to be added to the new drop targets and could be replaced on a few other standing switches (Marco has the full set)
- One insert decal needs to be replaced and then cleared over. I decided to let the new owner choose whether they just wanted to clear w/o the insert, or get the decal first. Overall effect on gameplay is completely negligible. A few inserts show some ghosting.
- Playfield at pops has some dirt around the mylar I couldn't fully get off, but it's almost impossible to notice unless you're standing to the side of the machine leaning straight over it. I took a pic with the flash on to show this.
- The shooter lane is good... not perfect, far from bad, so good. When I got it, it had a lot of dirt embedded into it. But of course, thanks to my savior Vid and his priceless guides, I was able to remove almost all of it and cleared it over to make it shiny once again.

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