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For sale: Restored White Water w NOS Playfields and Topper

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Added: 2023-01-13 08:04:07 UTC • Ended: January 30th, 2023
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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$ 12,600

Item description

Beautiful White Water restored pin with NOS (not repro) playfields and a rare NOS topper. The NOS playfields were clearcoated by the original master, Bill Davis. Upper section has been modified with the "Bumbles" Abominable Snowman and snow covered mountains. Full set of blue and original mountains come with the machine along with a backup “Bumbles” toy. Here's what's been done.

NOS (not repro) clearcoated playfields
Chrome plated playfield support brackets
Chrome plated playfield hangers
NOS waterfall topper (have been impossible to find for years)
New clear topper dome
New cabinet decals
New side rails
New legs, levelers and bolts
Metal leg protectors
New coin door
New lockdown latch assembly
Custom boulder shooter
Lit flipper buttons
Color DMD (LCD version)
Pinball Pro backbox and cabinet woofer speaker
PinLED Dot Matrix controller board
PinLED Fliptronics board
New fuse list decal in backbox
Custom "Bumbles" Abominable Snowman mod
Snow covered mountains installed on upper areas
Brown boulders installed in lower area
Missing boulders (both colors) included
All brown and snow mountains (all new) are included
All NOS ramps
Raft mod on left ramp
Custom Spine Chiller ramp decal
Bigfoot/Snowman spotlight mod
Upper playfield metal protector for kickout
New flipper assemblies
All new targets
All new coils
All new switches
All LED bulbs
New star posts
Titan rubbers
Colored post sleeves
Arch/shooter gauge powdercoated and new decals
Custom score/instruction cards

Item photos

158B61D4-DE29-436C-9C5D-F9F8CC18AD8C (resized).jpeg
16AC6A6B-121A-4193-A42F-96A21C5A2AF4 (resized).jpeg
1B1AF6C7-2D83-496A-A10C-B3EE7BE6A0BD (resized).jpeg
1D2D4EF4-808C-44A8-81CD-172EDB8BC70B (resized).jpeg
1D7AE771-95F3-45A1-B2E0-E17C66C82CBF (resized).jpeg
1E0CB69A-2EB7-4171-BF30-A860DFBE06E2 (resized).jpeg
1E6542B2-11CF-4356-8165-145F40E70162 (resized).jpeg
259E4B05-039B-4920-81DE-551FBA3E2805 (resized).jpeg
25DC296B-661F-42C8-9430-A3EDB786705D (resized).jpeg
42996107-897E-4273-B38E-B30BDBFFA9E8 (resized).jpeg
44EC4097-2558-4D1C-ABAD-2DC30AF050C8 (resized).jpeg
461C37A0-B419-446B-9B4E-849A4DA84983 (resized).jpeg
4E3145A4-AAB5-44E8-ACF3-C2566D80DBFC (resized).jpeg
572A0F57-4B4D-451E-AF2F-E20BC15024C3 (resized).jpeg
5DEEF45C-674B-4B36-B90B-388AE108A9A1 (resized).jpeg
6DAAF1BE-9793-4A70-8F7C-50732D83BFC5 (resized).jpeg
72BE38E2-66E7-47DD-84F8-8AE4A6D18DA6 (resized).jpeg
746CAAB1-6DC2-4A0B-BA8A-AF6C319FB6AC (resized).jpeg
750BD354-BB81-4E76-BA3F-B73903AD7F2B (resized).jpeg
79E41DEC-3FAE-4327-B2B1-77109F960742 (resized).jpeg
7DD1292D-7544-4B96-A86E-E30622B0BCEF (resized).jpeg
7F37E86C-5027-4DA6-BF3D-52455482951A (resized).jpeg
82EC1F4F-DDB5-44EF-BF1B-04DAF5B3011F (resized).jpeg
837FF12C-B346-4042-8368-26A70762FB50 (resized).jpeg
8458EF40-87E9-49B9-B691-3259FE231360 (resized).jpeg
8761C83B-120F-4F8A-A519-6C0E9BB72415 (resized).jpeg
88008BFD-5554-430D-A6AF-A8731A4621AF (resized).jpeg
8A011227-7EF8-4AE4-9C70-F2B5157B8866 (resized).jpeg
8AA1D96F-95DB-4E68-81EC-2B9AB92A3656 (resized).jpeg
8C2833E8-47B5-46AD-BAA3-83154930B2EF (resized).jpeg
90F1BED1-AB31-46B0-A241-2FF068E7AC8A (resized).jpeg
91AC2D69-741B-4DAB-83D1-5F8EF5B1C18F (resized).jpeg
95B09A0C-8BD9-4496-9C9E-B28A35063C70 (resized).jpeg
9C178828-3774-4DDF-BD8A-FC9EBA744B7D (resized).jpeg
AFB44FC4-12DA-485E-8B4F-A2C4C46970FD (resized).jpeg
B41E20B2-0131-4101-8220-911BF3EC1939 (resized).jpeg
B7B41DA3-FB57-4F65-A98E-91E52E0ECDDD (resized).jpeg
BB6D615C-5A9E-442B-99D5-7CECDD14B4DF (resized).jpeg
BBD88992-A063-4E56-8105-FB109F70AF3D (resized).jpeg
C1A57238-802E-4256-BAAC-AB99C1571332 (resized).jpeg
C2D64868-1CBB-4EF4-9696-2DF38B180A59 (resized).jpeg
C4CB2ABD-E060-4502-B96E-F06E57B083D3 (resized).jpeg
CB5869BF-D567-4151-9796-7DD129B59BC1 (resized).jpeg
CFBFB928-D0B2-47FC-A7E6-8EC4760CF7F4 (resized).jpeg
D27C86C8-3D6D-4426-8797-BD2ACFEC9B03 (resized).jpeg
DEE5AAAA-6360-4FFF-BDD1-0DF2F1DE31B2 (resized).jpeg
E8BE15DC-0DEC-4805-9538-4FBB04076776 (resized).jpeg
ED731C92-1DA5-432B-87F5-D848A43C3C4C (resized).jpeg
F0FB4D91-F3F1-46E8-B67E-1213E9E0B4EE (resized).jpeg
F4ACB529-B286-436A-A619-C44688FC0515 (resized).jpeg
F83047C3-096F-4C8E-A2C8-492DD3C7192B (resized).jpeg
FCA46A13-C34D-48BB-9C7C-78AB1FB37CD2 (resized).jpeg
FD67941A-F16B-4DD1-B050-989A0BE0764B (resized).jpeg
FF6828B6-FD48-431D-82D7-371BB5904770 (resized).jpeg

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