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For sale: Pirates of the Caribbean (LE)A Museum piece
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Added: 2022-01-22 Ended: April 17th, 2022
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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$ 24,500 (OBO)

Open for offers

Item description

Absolutely beautiful POTC with RAD-CALS, Pinwoofer and numerous other desirable mods --- definitely one of the nicest LE's to ever come up for sale.

Will Trade Plus Cash if needed for
Black Night sword of Rage w/Topper
Elvira Signature Edition
Kiss LE W/Topper
Iron Maiden LE
Beatles Diamond
Adams Family LE Gold
Star Wars LE

This Pinball has been meticulously cared for since new. The machine is completely dialed in and plays perfect.

RAD-CALS take the machine to another level and are no longer available from JJP. They look even nicer in-person than the pictures.

PINWOOFER JJP SUPER KIT makes a huge difference in sound quality and game immersion.

Latest generation Pinball Mod Co. ACTUATED CHEST MOD with optional lighting kit - may be the best mod ever developed and hard to imagine owning a POTC without it.

Pinball Mod Co. Full Width GALAXY STARMAP BACKBOARD PLASTIC with twinkling stars lighting kit. Opted for the reddish sky one that matches the stock starmap color. Looks much better than the small, stock plastic that is just stuck on the backboard.

KoopKustoms PISTOL SHOOTER ROD - this thing is gorgeous and fits the machine perfectly. I installed a stronger shooter spring so it works well but will reduce the price $300 if you prefer the stock rod.

The ART OF PINBALL HAND SCULPTED PLASTIC COVERS - the detail on these is amazing. I haven't had time to install.

Invisiglass, shaker, headphone jack, topper and other standard LE features.

Plus a long list of other nice mods that look factory and help create one of the best "world-under-glass" in pinball.

I recently cleaned and waxed every inch of the playfield including under the ship, and installed new rubber in the difficult to access chapter start area.

Like most, if not all, POTC's there was minor pooling but it was caught early and carefully repaired and protected. The playfield has been solid ever since and looks fantastic. I've included a number of close-up pictures. There are Titan silicone washers under the narrow sling posts to prevent them from moving or digging into the playfield.

Easy ground floor pick-up or will cooperate with STI or other well-known pinball shippers if you coordinate and pay Not looking for any other games (have 3 Games on the way)

Other Mods:

-Tilt Graphics Side Art
-Pinball Mod Co. Upgraded Decal Set
-Pinball Mod Co. "Stand-up Target Illuminated Window"
-Mod Couple "Beware the Kracken"
-Mod Couple "Pirate Cannon"
-Mod Couple "Jack the Monkey"
-Mod Couple "Jailhouse Dog"
-Mod Couple "Deadman Sign"
-Mod Couple "Gold Lock Button Plate"
-Mod Couple "Hangman Gallows"
-Mod Couple "Wheres the Rum" pop-bumper cover
-Mod Couple "Davey Jones Heart" pop-bumper cover
-Third pop-bumper cover (can't remember who made)
-Mod Couple "Maelstrom Battle"
-Mod Couple "Pirates Ahoy Flag"
-Mod Couple "Disc Silencer" gear
-Mezal Mods "Dauntless Dress-up Kit"
-Mod Couple "Pirates be Warned" shooter plate sign
-Full Cliffy Set
-Fluorescent sling & in-lane protectors

Item photos

3ab2849b0efd9db1327a91197b3f05eedd269648 (1) (resized).jpg
7f5698bf0166c63ee1a23b574bfcb10f697ada77 (resized).jpg
41ba563dccb6b60c4983048c53573baca166e70b (resized).jpg
61e1c025503cd67b1c9b2423f0b3c5992618aa3f (resized).jpg
85b106bb2a522c57a67b6aa5e17057d56b1906a6 (resized).jpg
31412a9dd4edadcfc8fc64f57483bba1d9107af8 (resized).jpg
3857218040e0a7a07b0357e283c6ff0dade9c6fc (resized).jpg
17bdf2d2979f5245b53e2fdc5c8ca4eb74e9076d (resized).jpg
1b48a018f6bc777aed8e78587bacefb867b7d4a1 (resized).jpg
371702d38e051c94efeb43f9e2488fc90084b6ba (resized).jpg
3ad4f1d0e006227b62fded1328f918995df35a38 (resized).jpg
431606ed68c0c7d75793d946066d29d640efd8be (resized).jpg
48645373c8f6005f1205a01ebfef8e3c9f1d5842 (resized).jpg
4a4b40fc3536866cfc55dca81c67f92671dd9e39 (resized).jpg
56c9e0abc4d86e4be6d790e4c89cb4690d8370db (resized).jpg
66fa314882bd58bd917615f0fa3af9055760de38 (resized).jpg
6f91225198d654e87a5d0ffa5935760fb5d0a075 (resized).jpg
7377ad7406c4e9913f93001c43c4a4cacc1a14d3 (resized).jpg
792ae471c1e7dd1a82a2b497f297733a20a31f95 (resized).jpg
7e0ef3ae08d3efd08a0e1561f697486619c2d469 (resized).jpg
8cb3e973fe6451d0a323abd833d805f223cd19ab (resized).jpg
91f1993aef753fd3e6038bebae6c66373d5aec52 (resized).jpg
91fb5bf4899a4854909cb544b98be16bdb2ede57 (resized).jpg
9d7a10ecd4d77d01d5cc1dcd51c370b4ad4bd3b1 (resized).jpg
9dc4b19f083857714da1d849a45d35f76d881689 (resized).jpg
9fc35065fa2a7578cc9ed3f7babf1273eb0e14ae (resized).jpg
aba77427ffd9048d9e20e04db012edd60928c891 (resized).jpg
b10973a01d6e0d918013c6a8fd990533180d8ffa (resized).jpg
b7c80868761771edfc62b6679429b27450ddbe88 (resized).jpg
bb4e61e010b9449fdb9ed2e22e14cca10b758595 (resized).jpg
c631bd373b6b959d84b1586d2f07968c15d6ea41 (resized).jpg
ea1d439d7572256485d290e5eab0d1a4f40f62c2 (resized).jpg
ec0830ebf0a39d6de71ffc75e47c29e4d2a0b870 (resized).jpg
ed5b0636684ae3523b72d9221a01df7be47f7984 (resized).jpg
f3819c4c51b9caafb2c8fa376f8dc0487dd5a124 (resized).jpg
f5b7d696f54f7b088588aeb123e29d52c86268cd (resized).jpg
f9be23b82b9731f8059a7c5d9c348189be935693 (resized).jpg
c2c77d2df910378aedb5884bbc93d6323ae635c4 (resized).jpg
77df7c439d7d7e6a08b540236a3b995fe348dabd (resized).jpg
75c33e655e1893788944101fe49c9c078b2af644 (resized).jpg
ee002d37b643d025875dd7575fc0b805bb7cff58 (resized).jpg
16a121e68f37eda57e0da0a62381611fa342878a (resized).jpg

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