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FS/FT Alien custom build

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Added: 2021-12-26 02:48:08 UTC • Ended: January 20th, 2022
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 24,000

Item description

Heighway Alien custom build. Very low play , like new condition .

This game has been a show piece for me. Hard to come by, trouble free and set separate from my collection . This is my favorite wide body i have ever played.

Custom build specs.

1. CUSTOM ONE OF A KIND start button with xenomorph climbing out .
2. CUSTOM ONE OF A KIND extra button with chest burster climbing out.
3. CUSTOM ONE OF A KIND Green glowing gunner .
4. CUSTOM ONE OF A KIND cup holder with face hugger emblem.
5. Cup light.
6. Led under cabinet and back box lighting.
7. Alien rug for under machine, fits perfectly.
8. Very rare custom apron.
9. Custom xeno launch button.
10. Leg lighting.
11. Extra back lighting
12. All lighting on separate system, nothing taxing game.
13. Xenomorph figure
14. Xenomorph topper
15.*** custom apron with lior medallion and incredile interactive strobes*****
16. Motion tracker mod.
17. Beacons
18. New Blacked out legs and bolts
19. Additional led lighting behind back glass.
20. Face huggers and chest burster playfield figures.
21. 3d screen surround
22. Custom amp connected sub sound our.
23. Game on system so all led and mods etc are not running on the games system.
24. Blacked out bolts and legs.

Yes the alien rug is included.

I have a huge lot of spare parts I amassed incase anything was needed that i have never touched any of it as i have not played it much, it has been more of a piece of art to enjoy. If you buy the machine ( several full xeno heads io board, main computer, power supply, beacon, plastics, face huggers, leds and way more will make sure you have piece of mind.

I am open to trades + or - cash. I am expert at packing so shipping is ok to. I can have ready for sti to pick up.

Item photos

1809C9DC-9944-4E42-B64A-AD15E1C00413 (resized).jpeg
46CA1935-C20B-4C39-9F9D-0370C5869C65 (resized).jpeg
02B1F765-D13A-4A5D-916F-8BC54BBEF81E (resized).jpeg
EF86639D-1E93-49B9-8A6B-63CB3EA43CA6 (resized).jpeg
B18E6887-CDA5-42F1-B0D6-4A377FAD8BDF (resized).jpeg
0F862A31-5B76-48FA-B116-3A278B819613 (resized).jpeg
17F17969-F58B-4BA3-B282-EA6A4214B49A (resized).jpeg
D590E4E1-0230-43B0-90D9-D1CF9C020757 (resized).jpeg
7117F2A5-5977-4F84-AC4D-31A0E266DE30 (resized).jpeg
281AEADA-05AB-484A-B072-34997CF12C90 (resized).jpeg
463B425B-7AB2-4CD2-BFFA-21B70D7E4433 (resized).jpeg
8F0E81BC-468A-4627-9813-643D1389BAD9 (resized).jpeg
6CA57865-4257-40C5-BEA6-97B731254489 (resized).jpeg
53C629A6-89EB-4EAC-B884-5A3E5CBFBDAA (resized).jpeg
5B678BB9-B4B3-4BA3-B95A-FB39746E529D (resized).jpeg
7C602DD0-006E-47C0-B748-9317950E983F (resized).jpeg
A3891194-1680-42F2-B47A-2824DCB59E04 (resized).jpeg
A619F4D4-B70B-4505-8F27-32EEE95066D7 (resized).jpeg
AB239740-8138-43BB-9562-FD383B764507 (resized).jpeg
AE11664B-B4D7-4AA7-808E-5CE819B3093B (resized).jpeg
CE20E008-B381-45B7-BEAA-ADD695B49A68 (resized).jpeg
D7CB05C5-2DAD-407F-B8F5-93C07F092F72 (resized).jpeg
E05623DA-8F3F-488E-8E31-CE32F18718A5 (resized).jpeg
91C908B7-A2C8-4C7A-9DA4-55BD74DF90D7 (resized).jpeg
E204D5AA-2BD4-4DB9-8F88-73A5F0437200 (resized).jpeg
E324FA39-7265-4733-A68B-9244ABA8FCF3 (resized).jpeg
E5D97DA2-23C0-49B4-88C3-D52E9224B67D (resized).jpeg
E63CC4B5-0C81-4EBD-B53D-37CE6E8621C2 (resized).jpeg
EA5E4E0C-7F8C-4509-8CB2-4909A1E2FE7E (resized).jpeg
F4FD798E-C94C-4E2D-A681-24880F282B72 (resized).jpeg
FBDCC464-DE1B-4FB0-9C8A-12AE8DB1878C (resized).jpeg
FD4D7CC2-38DC-45ED-824D-09B7A0464014 (resized).jpeg
FD5A3F59-5F85-4BFF-B130-617CD1583B90 (resized).jpeg
FFA885BC-45FF-4FD7-8FDA-B1675E849883 (resized).jpeg
3B2B1132-4C72-495E-9322-5E5EBAB298B3 (resized).jpeg
A1AAD1A3-2035-4D7B-AE6D-C887ED7CBFA5 (resized).jpeg
556D4A92-567F-4478-B671-A6F9EA144274 (resized).jpeg
74DFDD4A-3A84-4FB6-A2D0-85CF17120E32 (resized).jpeg
4773E139-41AA-479D-9FF6-7F2363D6C166 (resized).jpeg
144A4334-2832-45AF-86D0-C2A4AB22BDF4 (resized).jpeg
6444D906-E6FF-4229-9504-1BFBF64DDF3E (resized).jpeg
C8DB7060-D3D4-4D5F-8D1B-88F1215A9728 (resized).jpeg
12A490FD-E660-4084-B832-99E134FFA6E3 (resized).jpeg
04D8F89B-F449-4412-BD48-1750291BA4B2 (resized).jpeg
3C5ED7B2-4143-4215-AECD-885BF340035F (resized).jpeg
156043F8-44F1-4A84-81EC-29B784BB0232 (resized).jpeg
94AE00F3-2314-4E24-8FB2-A477ECCBF9BD (resized).jpeg
85BE89D0-D92E-4A57-B769-C2151AD194D8 (resized).jpeg
B8AB2C10-590A-4F87-9098-5B5325757EAF (resized).jpeg
ED6043F0-39AA-4EF4-86BE-05F71210C133 (resized).jpeg
BD46C3DE-ED9F-4363-8F7E-FDE1248F9917 (resized).jpeg
A7D0192A-22C9-4258-9C2E-1DCDFBAD882B (resized).jpeg
D9BDEAB8-80C5-4208-86D7-8D41FA02BF3F (resized).jpeg
D47079EF-A36B-491E-A2A3-EAD0001E269D (resized).jpeg
F3D8B142-62D9-4256-A0F2-AFB511933F8D (resized).jpeg
E3807594-C344-4B06-BBF6-C0DD464D015F (resized).jpeg
EB51E766-0E4E-4F91-823B-690436EBDB40 (resized).jpeg
E5A57875-FFF2-4638-B470-B8B85FB1B94D (resized).jpeg
FDD21EBB-FF5C-4B51-A1E3-3233B507038C (resized).jpeg
FC76F20B-E6BC-4894-8621-09B83C401B01 (resized).jpeg

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Hudson, OH, US


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