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For sale:HEP Black Monster Bash

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Added: 2021-12-04 19:55:50 UTC • Ended: January 11th, 2022
Condition: Fully restored (full original status)

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$ 12,000 (OBO)

Price is firm
Open for offers

Item description

HEP MB for sale. Game was completed in Sept 2013. Has less than 100 plays since received and has remained in same spot entire time.
Game has:

HEP built cabinet
Repro play field brought up to HEP standards (corrections made if needed and cleared)
Black powder coated armor
Black habitrails
Back box lighting kit
Target decals
Flipper fidelity speaker system/woofer
Pinsider Zdoor painted figurines
Black PDI mirror blades
Regular GI lighting
LEDs in inserts

Game was almost a ground up build by HEP.

There is on issue with the game. One habitrail had a small connection come loose and needed adjusted into place. Not a major fix.

Game looks beautiful and plays great. While waiting for my game, I played a lot of MB. Once mine arrived, I’d moved onto other games. It’s tough to let a HEP game go, but it maybe time to send this to a new home.

Pics are of the HEP build. I will get some current pics up soon, but game is extremely close to the way it was upon building.

Local buyer preferred, but will ship at buyers expense if necessary.
Also will consider trade for JPLE.

Edit: After removing the glass to take better and current pictures of the game, I realized that it wasn’t scratches on the wood from the mirror blades. The lower part of the mirror blades have shifted down slightly and exposed some of the glue that was behind them. This is shown in the current pictures I’m adding.

New Edit: I’ve brought in my my local technician and he has repaired the entire issue with the mirror blades. The are no scratches and anything that appears in the pics are simply shadows on the blades.

Games plays 100% and pictures show the appearance. Final pics are of the mirror blades.

Can take specific photos upon request.

Edit: Final end of the year price drop. If no interest, could be far worse games to hold onto to.

Item photos

01729D72-4086-4E9A-9961-FBBFC21D9938 (resized).jpeg
0ED959CE-7D56-4CF2-80AB-20DC3C7BB809 (resized).jpeg
136F6DC9-0930-4BFA-95D1-79BFB2C9D131 (resized).jpeg
18F07A35-CA66-4AEC-914C-42EEFBD17098 (resized).png
2618468C-2B60-4865-BD11-301166D72C9E (resized).jpeg
20B9BC27-4C0E-457E-8402-C79C33EE28C2 (resized).jpeg
27778F44-090C-4B90-B835-D50D9C46C811 (resized).jpeg
2BC5D484-66C8-4BD0-AE0A-446DBF822733 (resized).jpeg
2C3582F1-F4AD-4073-BC9E-0F00AC7FB639 (resized).png
2E7F5F11-CEF1-4F1B-A5A9-7D48C0540BF1 (resized).jpeg
329E1CA6-6C4C-4C9B-BCC9-8EFC22AD3184 (resized).jpeg
339FB489-5BA3-4F3B-950A-8C51FA6B1646 (resized).jpeg
3496D906-C67B-46CA-8911-150A7D15D467 (resized).jpeg
37D5ACA9-E0EF-498A-895B-33978DB76804 (resized).jpeg
38BA93A4-2681-44CF-9C6B-C2A3304DE821 (resized).jpeg
3CB4E62E-E1DA-4E2F-A323-D23A8050EFCD (resized).jpeg
45E3AC09-13C2-4952-B8D2-B6A323FF52B1 (resized).jpeg
F142A35C-5DF0-402A-8257-1DA8448AD01F (resized).jpeg
4D11449C-5B87-4088-BE32-086516E8B863 (resized).jpeg
50D76EE5-8401-4450-8895-63FB84B90D28 (resized).jpeg
519D7EC2-313B-4345-9E14-AD1192F2FA0A (resized).jpeg
6AA881A2-FBA3-48D4-8CB0-02784CC98DBE (resized).jpeg
7226B64D-88A0-4D62-B632-58D4F6BDD2D0 (resized).jpeg
E94CBD70-9F15-4649-AB7C-D36B4EB98F71 (resized).jpeg
D6445D10-E311-425A-BA21-173461F3E0C5 (resized).jpeg
FC4D67E4-FE07-4A9C-8569-CF43FAAB1950 (resized).jpeg
2B44378E-9AE4-410F-9177-91DE85A77945 (resized).jpeg
B9CB934E-3A7D-4A09-8D05-E6718934FB51 (resized).jpeg
75F1CFE4-4C9F-42C7-AC7E-8E8146939B0C (resized).jpeg
8A891221-01CE-479F-8BC5-31D4320E793E (resized).jpeg
8C145B58-0FF7-41D2-A5A3-3BE4F0303343 (resized).jpeg
8C6FD7AF-2A2C-4E91-B6D9-BC7352550AED (resized).jpeg
933552D9-AEB4-4006-A5A7-0722A13C6269 (resized).jpeg
D4A95405-3995-4D06-BB90-36E858EDBF39 (resized).jpeg
913C0C80-FEF3-4FD7-8073-2AAEF9831EF7 (resized).jpeg
FAF7ACA8-1174-4DF3-AA60-2A8514D429CB (resized).jpeg
F90D7931-A75A-4001-BB18-0C91A849E047 (resized).jpeg
950CF11C-59B3-46C1-8188-6DA6A8C1F8E3 (resized).jpeg
9A9DFCC4-4D11-4E06-987E-6E40CD3AB2B3 (resized).jpeg
A7BE1D54-0DF8-4822-9C28-31698DACEE84 (resized).jpeg
213C6BAB-B65D-40C9-BBD6-E958FBD57626 (resized).jpeg
4CCFBAFB-D87E-4AF3-8033-5225ED922745 (resized).jpeg
AFBF94A9-9DB1-418D-9233-81514EA7C247 (resized).jpeg
B85AD820-465C-4EB3-AACE-3E16AC5306A3 (resized).jpeg
1F02B982-F0F9-447D-8E80-9BC845EBC9D5 (resized).jpeg
FEBD41A7-2CA5-4BC4-AEEF-08F25F494FB1 (resized).jpeg
C0517EDA-1D43-4E80-9154-CEFFB82EC4E4 (resized).jpeg
08655AE2-E62D-4A08-BF47-EBA210A5ECE9 (resized).jpeg
B3ADDA86-9987-4FE0-8E4B-9A4B5B0A08CF (resized).jpeg
94833678-5704-4F27-BDBB-54E7222A90D4 (resized).jpeg
D95AAD63-E50C-47F1-8808-76F7A0740149 (resized).jpeg
A2B08E32-8B95-4C33-9055-6C2C7A5CBAB9 (resized).jpeg
B5CBB9FD-F3C8-412A-BD9F-9B5F274FB878 (resized).jpeg
89BAECB9-DD9F-40D0-B485-EADAC2B32643 (resized).jpeg
CB4653ED-BEFC-4A0F-B01A-3B251B98341F (resized).jpeg
FF293D74-D314-40D7-A08E-B1D7EFE99411 (resized).jpeg
C6E038EE-54DB-406B-9216-A755D57CDBA5 (resized).jpeg
5176CA80-B560-4D75-B504-AF45E7570621 (resized).jpeg
F5C9EB86-0482-4F9B-960A-0D40FEFA241E (resized).jpeg
E3E50D93-F127-42FA-93A5-45A9A66E0A01 (resized).jpeg
5E8F241F-0855-4911-A872-821130D6BA66 (resized).jpeg
CD2835F5-E3A6-4F24-BE0A-72201C234D0B (resized).jpeg
5A3422E7-C2C2-48A4-919F-91B1DF26539A (resized).jpeg
EF14B607-0825-4A20-AA9A-2C6898C470A7 (resized).jpeg
59BD80B8-765B-44E2-ACE2-A99758E05E45 (resized).jpeg
6F82EABF-344A-4318-9DDB-A81F37CF73BE (resized).jpeg
8B0DBE71-9F76-4F34-83BB-9CE076C6DBFC (resized).jpeg
DE3E7FFD-B4BC-4F1C-B82B-B5265AB3A424 (resized).jpeg
6E4CE0C5-39A7-4485-8FF3-DCBD290885E2 (resized).jpeg
C25BDB73-35EC-4AB4-8426-6B29A09561E7 (resized).jpeg
B50984C0-5545-4AF7-BC80-CDAF76799551 (resized).jpeg
8D5E1310-9C69-47CB-9493-A26DF6BB5396 (resized).jpeg
B5A47193-A938-44BD-9A22-4E4A004D58F1 (resized).jpeg
9680ED80-EDE2-4847-BDA6-4BE332B09194 (resized).jpeg

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