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For sale: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Standard)

Added: 2021-12-02 Ended: December 4th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 10,500 (OBO)

Open for offers

Item description

Up for grabs , just in time for the holidays , I have this super nice , HUO Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Pinball machine . This game is just gorgeous in every way and works perfect!! . The game is also loaded with tasteful mods , which I will list below . Any questions , please feel free to ask :)

(1) Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Pinball Mushroom Field.
(2) Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Pinball Mushroom Spotlight Covers.
(3) Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Pinball Interactive Wonkavator.
(4) Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Pinball RGB LED Strip Backboard/Trough Combo
(5) Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Shooter Plate & Gobstopper Shooter Rod Combo.
(6) The Mod Couple
JJP Willy Wonka custom 3D Chocolate Factory ball lock!
(7) The Mod Couple
JJP Willy Wonka custom Smoke Stack Tower Mod
(8) The Mod Couple
JJP Willy Wonka custom 3D Illuminated WonkaVator Mod!! (not installed )
(9) The Mod Couple
JJP Willy Wonka custom 3D Charlie Burp Tube of Danger!
(10) The Mod Couple
JJP Willy Wonka custom Augustus Gloop-in-a-Tube mod
(11) Jersey jack shaker motor
(12) Neo pin stadium
(13) illuminating flipper buttons
(14) cliffys
I think that covers it

Item photos

0278459A-0B3E-4C7A-A11A-CC459B553FBE (resized).jpeg
0F5BE011-47E2-4545-A4E6-DF2B450F8C7C (resized).jpeg
1627FDCF-1910-45F6-8E0F-CF3AE90952BC (resized).jpeg
173056C3-6575-4459-951D-1276FF141E3F (resized).jpeg
1FB0B09A-B804-48B2-AFAB-7F3A6BCBFB1F (resized).jpeg
206F1105-33FD-4478-A3A5-F6D407D69179 (resized).jpeg
2856CA1B-0B54-43F4-94AD-256517F56CD6 (resized).jpeg
29F1D8D6-ECAB-4DEC-A6C1-0E0D0C7599D4 (resized).jpeg
2D457DA7-1B31-4FAE-8055-896B262B0F55 (resized).jpeg
36E2069C-62D7-4933-9CB7-232208520365 (resized).jpeg
396D406C-5BBB-4BE4-B99D-0D82C845E230 (resized).jpeg
40A30615-57B5-4791-A885-56A39F52CA7B (resized).jpeg
40F4D590-8623-4CB2-906A-0B6638ECC99D (resized).jpeg
432F4BC3-87FE-4C77-B42C-DD3DBD896407 (resized).jpeg
5B6CBAB2-D9DA-4109-B62C-F026B9D7B611 (resized).jpeg
5E05071A-3F8E-4847-BE52-475C004EF921 (resized).jpeg
5F814BDA-C49C-4E3A-A44F-72658C532948 (resized).jpeg
61DA5B70-2A01-4F3E-9B2E-023C6F074496 (resized).jpeg
66616509-F0A3-4148-B91D-0A2273A82A8A (resized).jpeg
68BC7BE6-3043-401F-8150-CFA03E60CC68 (resized).jpeg
6D8C8AA7-4880-4941-86C5-409E65FA9EA4 (resized).jpeg
6F9084B5-E416-43F5-9634-75D399CB13A7 (resized).jpeg
72D33E95-7358-4FEB-8A17-076DA8462877 (resized).jpeg
763EAC91-15CE-4204-A1D3-33EAEBD012E7 (resized).jpeg
7FC9FA08-98F8-4215-904F-98A720F5F20D (resized).jpeg
8028F2EC-27AC-4F90-A53A-150F52A64D9A (resized).jpeg
81BE2A62-3796-47B2-9499-0AFC2ACAF235 (resized).jpeg
8484BA00-EFC5-418B-AF66-96FB2017D19E (resized).jpeg
91F357D5-B3B2-4D1C-9D4E-7250EC1F1BDF (resized).jpeg
9520E611-D29B-4814-9989-151A5D580B89 (resized).jpeg
954C2C70-562C-4100-8E91-CCE8AD4E3F7A (resized).jpeg
9E54350E-EC8C-461F-B268-1CD62BD1CD24 (resized).jpeg
A2BA4ACD-AFD4-42AD-9D93-73ABE9E52121 (resized).jpeg
A63C86DE-A317-471E-8A57-460CA5CB7479 (resized).jpeg
B50D9F49-6BF8-4EDA-84CA-AB9DC0B4135C (resized).jpeg
C0339DAD-28A2-40DE-8235-4488CE74216A (resized).jpeg
CF519A57-F491-44B1-890B-82776047C84C (resized).jpeg
D1F2EE95-2DA0-4CF5-ADA7-DF6757A33463 (resized).jpeg
DCB7FDA9-4108-4239-843E-0B13DADE486D (resized).jpeg
DDF8E99E-3466-44D3-813E-165449A32585 (resized).jpeg
DF657B9D-E9EA-4246-A4CE-2EE2BC6DD8DA (resized).jpeg
E4CBE53A-3DF7-4F2E-B03E-C6398FDF97CD (resized).jpeg
E9BDD272-6970-4413-A0BE-049DEF4468DC (resized).jpeg
EA38066C-73F2-4E51-93B9-6EF67D2CF272 (resized).jpeg
EB9AB103-A4BC-402F-9B61-17595CD0533F (resized).jpeg
EFF71280-AFA9-42FC-8E05-196107998D4C (resized).jpeg
F54E1236-4C95-4C8D-8361-41BB764C23D8 (resized).jpeg
FA018C03-63D1-45BF-84CB-4A4C5E80AAB2 (resized).jpeg

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