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For sale: Awesome Addams Family, The
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Added: November 23rd, 2021 Re-listed: 1 time (November 27th, 2021) Ended: December 4th, 2021
Condition: Partially restored (almost original)

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$ 12,500

Item description

Added more pics! Hard to show how glossy the playfield is. Beautiful, loaded TAF. Reduced price. Playfield is clearcoated, like glass and virtually spotless. Pics speak for themselves. Cabinet was restored at some point with new decals which still look great, but there is minor wrinkling around the legs. Cabinet is in excellent condition. Has color DMD, new sheet of anti-reflection Voodoo glass, purple powder legs (you can have a brand new set of chrome legs instead if purple isn’t your thing). Comes with many extras and backup parts, including new art blades; bookcase decals; new clear dome topper and decals (current dome is decent, but I can install the new one for you or include it); flipper bat toppers, shooter plate, new sling plastics and plastic protectors; and new flipper switches (again, current ones work 100% so these can be backups); prototype/promo plastics; extra flipper opto board and Cliffy set for scoops (not yet installed.) Manual included. Also has cool lightning effect in the backbox!

If you are looking for a very high-end TAF that plays great and has just been serviced, cleaned, waxed and shopped (many new rubber rings and converted most lights to LEDs), and has new target decals and a few mods (train, bear, safe, car), then take a good look! I can install the new blades for you (and topper, shooter plate, etc.) if you like. *I just installed new blades, the shooter plate, new glass and flipper button protectors, and put a new shooter rod on. The large doorknob comes with it.

Cash is priority, only trades I would consider is Godzilla LE or a high-end CFTBL + cash.

Message me for more pics or with any questions. Local is ideal, but I’ll wrap the heck out of it if you wanna ship it.

Thanks for looking!

Item photos

EDFDAAF2-614E-4AFC-8826-66DD20C0A345 (resized).jpeg
729880E6-80E8-473C-9BB1-7F40BC024E40 (resized).jpeg
9ED2BA65-1F9B-4EF5-8373-E97F17FF6612 (resized).jpeg
39C0A7AD-BFB2-45DD-94C4-5B58BF256332 (resized).jpeg
9C6F41EA-9A7B-4A1B-A97A-108D7D545172 (resized).jpeg
35931188-4728-4F00-A032-24FADBF4FEB4 (resized).jpeg
984B4F14-4B52-4885-80DC-76C6C3D5AE2A (resized).jpeg
7ACE3BF3-7D91-411B-96D3-6A6F7B6FB5BC (resized).jpeg
BD095F1A-6A7F-43A4-9568-7FB5DA7FC24F (resized).jpeg
047C415F-933E-41A5-BA5D-6CE3F38AD4B2 (resized).jpeg
C3731E5E-4460-4D98-AD4F-74C4749AD569 (resized).jpeg
190F4211-475A-48E9-8B3C-6578E1243162 (resized).jpeg
22EEC074-7CFD-4D4F-B7CD-878BBBCD66C1 (resized).jpeg
804C2A22-2887-4E29-8E31-7309AD3E75DA (resized).png
1C118A0A-4203-489C-9720-E8F9BF837800 (resized).png
35E4D1A4-E9F1-4A1A-8B1B-ECDD1C6685C5 (resized).png
0C650365-4F7E-4FD6-B110-651F82277D4A (resized).jpeg
1C63FB75-EE69-464D-89E3-31D583214477 (resized).jpeg
A14CE54F-CEE9-44F0-AB82-12E10B664564 (resized).png
29879736-6C05-46B0-97DA-A820BF96BE05 (resized).jpeg
2A504924-357F-4207-9F65-244C84CA061D (resized).jpeg
4874E430-0BF0-4FA0-BAF4-5D1030842026 (resized).jpeg
DC092B1E-B822-4482-A0CC-C0DA621E5FE5 (resized).jpeg
5F9C913D-2143-4278-91F0-6E0D1EED8B03 (resized).jpeg
9C65DFCD-2BCD-4D13-A237-975EFE7F49E5 (resized).png
C7F773DD-1533-4854-B061-A480C7A74432 (resized).jpeg
1A5A091A-F9C0-430F-AC8E-8E0F5926AC7F (resized).jpeg
AE4B6F16-B215-455E-9CA4-68F3DB931E45 (resized).jpeg
28F5AE3B-FCC8-4EA7-BEA9-663B9A71A308 (resized).jpeg
27B1BBF0-EB62-4256-A1AB-8619077DE695 (resized).jpeg
A3D06CEB-F86F-4D55-A777-58D9F6D60752 (resized).jpeg
AD8CD01E-FAE8-4223-ACD2-A04DDC75E95B (resized).jpeg
677D7F80-10C6-41B0-B927-98AC8EA8B7E8 (resized).jpeg
9F3C5F31-D142-45A7-8628-77696F1AA7A2 (resized).jpeg
BDAC713E-04EB-4DFE-A146-355531808579 (resized).jpeg
FE1DB84A-9EEA-4AFF-B104-A4C89697082C (resized).jpeg
FF9893DA-C823-444A-8F0C-9377B7505A58 (resized).png
61446B46-F88A-42E2-A8FF-2C31EC7E17FD (resized).jpeg
1C02FB6F-4D87-4BDA-A06C-0C6CA63B53FF (resized).jpeg
D53E8707-FCA6-4571-8BD9-F0D160D9D8CD (resized).jpeg
F63DBF08-2AC2-4123-9B84-71FD465497FD (resized).jpeg

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