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for trade

For Trade Only: Tom and BSD

Added: September 15th, 2021 Re-listed: 1 time (September 17th, 2021) Ended: September 24th, 2021
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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Listed at $ 1,111

Item description

Looking to trade my Tom and fully restored Dracula for a different machine. This is a two for one trade! My Tom is a very nice machine, fully working, with a very nice playfield and a good cabinet. The right head has some artwork missing at the top blended in with gold paint. The right side of the cab has a small scratch. Translight has three rub marks as shown in the pictures. Pictures show these areas. Cabinet speaker is missing so it comes with a Polk subwoofer. It sounds great! My Drac is an older full restore. Brand new cabinet, new shiny decals, virtually everything was new. I’ll let the pictures speak for it. Only negative is inner cabinet rub/wear so it is not perfect. Looking to trade for a Rick and Morty BS, MMR , Tron, a restored Addams, Deadpool LE. I will listen to other offers also. Trade only and no shipping! Thanks for looking!

Item photos

0008F8B6-BDB5-414A-B01D-A1A7F7431105 (resized).jpeg
05B24181-9AB8-4848-B0C5-8ED6744742BB (resized).jpeg
07307E75-C93D-4F6E-BA66-FE8F18EF682B (resized).jpeg
090A5A79-F27F-4642-82DD-36C1B939C294 (resized).jpeg
0BA05787-F030-4627-AF6E-15134CE6844D (resized).jpeg
14485ABF-000A-4F59-93D2-D55B048AEAB9 (resized).jpeg
16182BF3-34C5-4B3A-8FC4-E1BCDD43CD8B (resized).jpeg
1CB7C445-1CCE-4BB3-92AC-516C7F7854DF (resized).jpeg
22E7CDF4-5D2A-49ED-BE17-A0ECE08C0D62 (resized).jpeg
264C1EA8-4AFC-4C8D-AFE6-16CE63237EF2 (resized).jpeg
2961DA41-AFAA-448B-B254-AB77F36A2708 (resized).jpeg
2A1ED532-C3E9-4FB4-B90F-26160AB6A404 (resized).jpeg
2EA8B51E-3033-43E1-86A5-7255E25CD0AF (resized).jpeg
300524CA-9029-460D-9D7F-9626DA14BBDC (resized).jpeg
336363D6-404C-4024-9E29-E83E251E28D9 (resized).jpeg
36CCECD1-EFDE-434B-8EF4-5EF2A0A6C011 (resized).jpeg
3AA4B810-38DB-4116-9F8E-9A3E2200DE54 (resized).jpeg
3AF51E42-C0B5-4429-A405-EA5700846395 (resized).jpeg
4746F86E-8125-4F45-8987-FF841C3872E9 (resized).jpeg
486D285E-1A77-4C40-ADB1-8894398E374F (resized).jpeg
4A5B4E38-DA4E-4038-AD15-EFAFA648CF8B (resized).jpeg
4CBE139A-F504-4223-840D-D95A6A8940B3 (resized).jpeg
5043D9DD-B733-408F-9EA0-66A8198AD286 (resized).jpeg
50F397EC-6C2B-45BF-85EB-C6BE31221678 (resized).jpeg
662B6C81-CA70-4AD1-90EB-9E2C843629A3 (resized).jpeg
685054CE-E33E-4E49-8D69-B06864C437F1 (resized).jpeg
6E67F4FE-4F17-4D0C-ABED-2073FA21439D (resized).jpeg
6F1C8747-348B-46E0-8938-6764AE8EC1B9 (resized).jpeg
78B6730D-3856-4A34-A5BF-DFCDF47E42F4 (resized).jpeg
7C17BC02-E473-4F01-8C1F-A13DE9DD7B78 (resized).jpeg
7DEB17EB-91B3-452A-9386-5BCAB6EB65F2 (resized).jpeg
7F9F4B3C-33D7-4A57-A171-329BE90AD1D9 (resized).jpeg
83EED200-444F-48C9-9021-F3DB17A7DF48 (resized).jpeg
8B349DD4-7A3D-4325-9EB0-D3F30D1E2AF9 (resized).jpeg
9240DEB7-1EF2-4B7E-88E2-7B1ACCBB0815 (resized).jpeg
B07C5A1A-4D36-4FB6-9D4F-F82C0CEF9F90 (resized).jpeg
B2F3B2A4-D09C-4F5A-9F30-32FB7CFE38BB (resized).jpeg
B674B3AB-6FCF-4813-96E2-254C2CA5ED8F (resized).jpeg
B77064D4-4B03-4E13-9FE7-1BA2B3BBC07E (resized).jpeg
B9548171-6855-4DDE-9550-B14504034DCD (resized).jpeg
BF15F417-1E12-4DE8-8B57-3BEDEDD1E176 (resized).jpeg
C35ADF6A-CADF-4D19-B077-77ED05F742FF (resized).jpeg
C3B76397-2C27-445C-A645-737EBB1364C7 (resized).jpeg
D06345BD-7B02-4E99-89EA-F12134F42381 (resized).jpeg
D5577BD8-9E73-483C-895A-1F1E7672F000 (resized).jpeg
D6FE240C-A1BF-4598-B201-ED6E5B980ED3 (resized).jpeg
D9C49E43-378E-4ECF-9998-310906C164BF (resized).jpeg
ECBBF477-B9A9-4826-8A78-920C4752A110 (resized).jpeg
F1218275-C8FD-49E2-98B5-04E2F0E039FB (resized).jpeg
FA35EADD-701D-4BA1-8140-89839F4FA559 (resized).jpeg
FA3DB630-35B7-42F4-B664-05A37EEEA97F (resized).jpeg
FD1105E3-402E-4070-B9A6-2C303DAFCB52 (resized).jpeg

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