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For sale: STTNG w Color DMD

Added: September 13th, 2021 Ended: October 10th, 2021
Condition: Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean

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$ 6,800

Item description

Excellent condition original STTNG with fantastic cabinet and playfield. This is a very nice example. Everything works 100% and comes with many extras. Pretty loaded. Color DMD, mirror blades, extra/upgraded ships, new canons with laser mod, alternate translite, LEDs, and more. I’ve spent a lot of time and money making this game especially nice. New black legs. Most rubber rings replaced with Titans. Upper flipper has the stronger coil I recently installed. Has the extended outlane rails, but comes with originals if you like it harder. Comes with original translite, DMD, extra large enterprise ship if you wanna make a topper. Comes with a brand new backup subway ramp. The original works great but was repaired by a prior owner, so I bought a backup just in case. I also upgraded the blue Borg ship windows, which look great. Cliffys installed. Has the 5 volt daughter board fix to prevent reboots. Inserts aren’t ghosting or separating. The cab and playfield are well above average from what I’ve seen. Just a super nice, fairly loaded Star Trek Next Gen. Love this game, but I need to sell a couple more.

Cash sale is fine, willing to trade toward a high-end CV or possibly a CFTBL depending on condition. If you have questions or would like more pics just ask.

Thanks for looking at my sales ad for my STTNG!

Item photos

D81E3C99-3789-4CE1-80D0-FCC8B98B4BEE (resized).jpeg
3BDA356B-1B69-434B-A117-D95C1A20BC55 (resized).jpeg
0F36B32E-AD99-43D1-8AB7-7D12F0394261 (resized).jpeg
27DA426E-25A7-494D-A9A6-B66CFA2D607A (resized).jpeg
4A4CEE08-D180-43DE-B161-1CC09717096A (resized).jpeg
3F0E6D1C-59CA-4B24-B88D-E778259109D8 (resized).jpeg
F003C14B-693D-459E-B33B-07DEB08D3148 (resized).jpeg
5FCB8B8F-765B-4BEC-A86A-AB2D60D342F0 (resized).jpeg
52B21EDA-76A7-485B-B676-63E6C0D2E53E (resized).jpeg
0220FAE9-6094-4C7F-8B0A-5A9F56B39B35 (resized).jpeg
BECBE105-2127-4D85-9434-6B699BD1D137 (resized).jpeg
E15CD3E5-7B1E-4F3A-9794-2152D2890A90 (resized).jpeg
326698A4-33D0-45C1-9678-D96A361D4CF2 (resized).jpeg
6776C6C1-E96E-4826-B6AE-BE87F7FA666D (resized).jpeg
2EC1E64F-15FF-47F5-999D-D07EB1805C62 (resized).jpeg
5D6EB160-6570-4C7D-AC73-0181789DA396 (resized).jpeg
81F5B4C8-C409-49AC-9E3F-47A5924CD546 (resized).jpeg
9081FC98-556B-441F-9492-575815117C62 (resized).jpeg
C305196F-3C15-428C-9D81-54B2BD4402D5 (resized).jpeg
C9208322-32AD-47A9-BCC2-6D8CE1FDE591 (resized).jpeg
EC864059-55DE-48DE-BA8B-CBCD2C22A37E (resized).jpeg
DAF53DE9-F243-4B20-87C1-1162731EBE45 (resized).jpeg
6CCB2D8B-1B9E-4901-8D01-1E82042BA5F4 (resized).jpeg
AB1B14E5-3C5B-42D4-80D3-A96E416229BC (resized).jpeg
4C0B6286-7C85-4E2F-A62A-BB23FAE872DD (resized).jpeg
C46BA15B-5916-4B79-987E-388542852496 (resized).jpeg
604912C6-9EEE-44B3-9EEA-FE15616717C2 (resized).jpeg
71D11F07-C6E5-46B9-A22C-F64514533A9C (resized).jpeg
46BD4A0B-3FF4-4109-8D8C-F0B854DFA54F (resized).jpeg
130F9999-B1BE-480B-BBC0-EB5CC2F028DA (resized).jpeg
D93D5090-C10C-411D-8A99-E5791462EAE9 (resized).jpeg
FCEC2C24-92AB-4A1C-BFA9-5887F6A0EDF4 (resized).jpeg
E3F22DDA-6DDD-4752-AB46-5F428B0320F4 (resized).jpeg

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Williamston, MI, US


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