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For sale: HUO Avengers: Infinity Quest (Premium)

Added: July 28th, 2021 Re-listed: 1 time (August 1st, 2021) Ended: August 13th, 2021
Condition: As new - New out of box (first owner)

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$ 7,500 (Firm)

Price is firm

Item description

price lowered to 7500 firm, 200 less then new without the taxes plus has over 1k in mods for just about a brand new machine.

For Sale is my stunning AIQ Prem with just 107 plays and tons of tastefully added mods.

I'm the original owner and purchased this in April of 2021.

The game has the following:

Mirror Blades
Shaker Motor
Britemod purple flipper buttons
Nude shooter lane protector since day one
Washers installed under the problematic ball guide areas since day one
Assorted Avengers figures place in their corresponding play areas.
USB 3.0 10ft extension cable to the coin door
Stark Tower Mod
Black Widow Tower Mod
PYM Tower Mod
flipper button mylar protectors since day one
Flipper bat covers
Tilt Graphics Lock Bar Accent
Goodie bag still sealed inside cabinet
Mylar installed in all high traffic areas

Trying to recall what else, I'll just add as I remember lol.

Installed figures are:
Black Widow
Captain America
Captain Marvel
Antman & Wasp
Black Panther

Game plays 100% with zero subway issues, current code, total plays 107 with total balls played at 329.

Any questions feel free to PM and we can talk via phone if you like, facetime video etc...

Located in Staten Island NY.

Item photos

C0F4A1CF-6E9B-43B1-96A6-3B8E560FBF1B (resized).jpeg
5BAE89CD-AC59-47C0-A777-27AEF8EE545D (resized).jpeg
330E8355-6F54-4130-AADC-A5AB4A3F6D2C (resized).jpeg
4EBC5B47-49C1-499A-B9E6-0A87FE2DA09C (resized).jpeg
5C863FE2-223F-47BE-BAA5-DA135E1CDE13 (resized).jpeg
70CE5CEA-1B5F-4439-A7AA-4211BA2FF259 (resized).jpeg
92E8DC2E-DFDE-4FBF-A7B0-BBC3821C26AC (resized).jpeg
99DE259F-1B00-4207-8CCC-9B6F36B9584F (resized).jpeg
A12F10A1-C789-4889-824B-EDD7B4F15F2B (resized).jpeg
A244538A-5184-4C91-B732-F28F70554A97 (resized).jpeg
A8FB3FD0-3C4F-4420-8EA0-F33C2D893F98 (resized).jpeg
AA11B3C6-488C-4A65-8201-762F8087C0A6 (resized).jpeg
B1169B8B-C1CB-42AA-A5E8-7CBA1D2C7A38 (resized).jpeg
40D37306-DDFB-43ED-A97A-94F2A16AFCC4 (resized).jpeg
4BA83FB4-ECC1-4B3F-B6E9-B0813014D9C1 (resized).jpeg
12442C8A-87FF-40C3-BFA2-E46047999EB9 (resized).jpeg
6CD66BFA-4FD3-42BA-A9FF-7EB34EE68D56 (resized).jpeg
712F5D7B-BE81-4889-AF7A-68FBF528818F (resized).jpeg
A63C76BE-0E0C-426E-A8BB-7BF7E14093F0 (resized).jpeg
C87DC2D1-1F0A-4BB7-8F95-694E3B8E102A (resized).jpeg
D2CCC6D4-BD58-4DD8-AFFC-616A9ECA61C2 (resized).jpeg
D5FC7FF8-A27D-4CD2-B936-0E631AC1AB4A (resized).jpeg
E02B566E-66ED-4B22-94A0-CE149CBFC145 (resized).jpeg
F0AD7E34-7C55-4563-949C-FB59FEF4F8B9 (resized).jpeg
F137E453-4798-4005-BF6F-A41C42CB4992 (resized).jpeg
F5379754-49BA-4E01-A440-0B6415FA23F2 (resized).jpeg
FF239554-6A84-4838-9345-9012B5EC7BD2 (resized).jpeg
F91EBE05-863C-464C-8076-2A25DF5EEA07 (resized).jpeg
C7978E22-8719-4E07-978D-85FE87DFC0B3 (resized).jpeg
342126E1-07B2-4723-AB80-A406FC561A4A (resized).jpeg
F5256D94-59AE-4783-93D9-52E038F86CFF (resized).jpeg
E1345D13-CFF4-47C7-92EA-568DB6281F0F (resized).jpeg
133B7290-7157-48DD-9C44-8F74E0E1247A (resized).jpeg
6645D39B-8689-4E1B-9CBA-05427E7C5282 (resized).jpeg

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