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For sale: Addams Family Gold (Special Collectors Edition), T

Added: 2021-06-29 Ended: July 2nd, 2021
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished


$ 16,500

Item description

Very nice Addams family gold, number 835, very rare, hard to find game. I keep going back and forth on keeping or selling it, it really is such a fun game and is just one of those games you just really can’t find. The cabinet is in great condition and the decals look good! I removed all the Mylar from the playfield and clear coated it to protected the beauty of the original playfield, and this is no stern clear coat, no dimples here. No magnet burn, magnets have been fused, no playfield decals, just a beautiful original playfield! I added some things that I think had to the game.

I powder coated most of the metal gold, to include all the legs, coin door, ball guides and even the ball kick outs, but I kept the original side rails and I ordered a new gold lock down bar from pinball

I added full comet leds and a cloud topper led mod, lit buttons

I added a full set of purple titan rubbers and a titan lock down bar finisher

Lastly I added the full tilt graphics package which included the purple rose shooter rod, the shooter plate, the mansion side blades, the rose flipper covers, the target decals, the bookcase cover, the thing box cover, and the back cover.

I lit all the holes and the swamp as well.

Overall it is a great game in great shape, I painted the inside of the cabinet, it still has the original sound system and the original display with no credit dot! It has the plate, I have the cert, it has all the midway stuff, the playfield is stamped 1994, all original boards, battery box in the original location with no acid damage, matching numbers, it’s real people!!

If you have any questions let me know! Local pickup preferred, delivery available, shipping will work, PayPal ok, but I get paid before it leaves!!

Item photos

273707AC-3588-48D3-9A78-E348A67A3AAC (resized).jpeg
520AA36F-3EB0-4BBD-8BBC-6D6EED55C550 (resized).jpeg
56E72866-71A1-4046-B119-3AF6F9AF6BD3 (resized).jpeg
C8DA2944-F225-4CFB-AE43-85E260294B12 (resized).jpeg
EC76FE91-9C2D-4479-939B-52D4697F13F6 (resized).jpeg
AC2B06EF-D089-4BCF-ABD1-54758267AC2C (resized).jpeg
A832237C-674D-4A65-97AF-E7AB13802BC8 (resized).jpeg
FD9272A4-0702-461D-B5C8-71F6F4B76C00 (resized).jpeg
E1A569F5-A5D5-485A-8C88-BFDB2E377885 (resized).jpeg
FACE430B-825E-4A3D-A683-CBB4265DFBA5 (resized).jpeg
3B611553-77DD-4260-9AE3-156434674FEF (resized).jpeg
E9D44909-314B-4ABA-806D-F6DFC7F6B1ED (resized).jpeg
9663EDD6-EB3E-4E50-BBA5-6638202529A4 (resized).jpeg
34C012B5-C960-4BAB-912E-E4AC338174F3 (resized).jpeg
395A3942-77D0-419B-B992-53944F8AB7A9 (resized).jpeg
4EF20C28-2949-46D8-B92B-A347FE93CA64 (resized).jpeg
B50E06AF-696F-4424-AE8D-9BCE7C865ED3 (resized).jpeg
8E2F4324-BE13-45E6-9E18-DF817F6FAAFD (resized).jpeg
CC3DB4FF-859A-4C86-A9E3-D32AC8EED3EF (resized).jpeg
F352A62B-2839-429E-ACFF-1624671C694F (resized).jpeg
FECC8313-7BB5-43B1-8F7C-7A88F19248CD (resized).jpeg
7C26FD33-DADE-4E31-AED7-583D6577FA56 (resized).jpeg
FC860E38-4682-46F6-B26A-738C03EF1597 (resized).jpeg
0154E83C-2B64-4055-81A2-112F70A29096 (resized).jpeg
996DE3BC-DAEB-4142-92EF-2660A65D2A30 (resized).jpeg
40D45E36-BAD4-4648-8BE0-62DA3506A6E0 (resized).jpeg
D55B9001-9075-401B-A645-4AC40EB9DDF4 (resized).jpeg
F66467D8-4767-442C-9F97-6B477D29E6E6 (resized).jpeg
DB724B8E-0AB4-49E8-8179-E5832EC19286 (resized).jpeg
D25048D8-E5F3-4AB7-88A8-CAC1D1C97DC1 (resized).jpeg
8AF78214-ECEF-4881-B9BA-D5F0B8AE40CE (resized).jpeg
B7410F7D-2225-4BC6-8305-B4C82BB62993 (resized).jpeg
2AB53BB6-97EC-4856-99E3-1205B7EB6374 (resized).jpeg
F2F32016-604A-4667-AFB5-B0597528FA88 (resized).jpeg
66903C9E-5B2C-40D1-A75E-AE21E91D6CA6 (resized).jpeg
3C8A86E9-F4FA-40EF-BA6C-43A6358DDC35 (resized).jpeg
8AF0B327-FDA1-4928-B05B-EE4D33E928C0 (resized).jpeg
F5D6E43F-4400-42B1-8B11-20C32233BEA5 (resized).jpeg
32A30F21-B717-4E8B-B6B7-028B63E2EBB7 (resized).jpeg
BB4FCE12-7278-46A0-AC41-3CB411AAB0F7 (resized).jpeg
DE78B922-DB2B-40EF-B802-C654520C9E8D (resized).jpeg
E10FCC8A-5970-4DA7-89D5-081F836BEBA0 (resized).jpeg
9BCA7BFF-B376-45BD-823B-3A568183B440 (resized).jpeg
A4FD9AE9-C1EA-4472-9E1F-888E59D0684C (resized).jpeg
D9B94DAA-3C8C-4F81-AC01-7CF93187C5EA (resized).jpeg
F4C7B779-9AAE-464E-A94F-62F23648A654 (resized).jpeg
2AD4089B-3905-4D09-A5E0-C2E156582CBE (resized).jpeg
F4A2CD54-3514-4B5B-853B-24CD480466EF (resized).jpeg
F2534DE5-F0C2-428A-97EE-AFD27A327AD0 (resized).jpeg
6AE8C7B9-C731-4B57-8BB4-8F68668B68F7 (resized).jpeg
B55973CF-A6DB-499B-B860-180DBB89FA30 (resized).jpeg
880B56F0-2506-4FF3-9FCA-CB49537CAB94 (resized).jpeg
755BBBB9-5EFD-4007-8108-AA14F5984B72 (resized).jpeg
225BDB75-3258-4223-8435-2D806F661895 (resized).jpeg
C1C85ABA-719C-42C7-8182-4CD1C3FF2835 (resized).jpeg
98EBA98D-2B28-41D7-BAE1-5956651E080B (resized).jpeg

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