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For sale: Atlantis

Added: June 25th, 2021 Re-listed: 2 times (October 26th, 2021) Ended: October 30th, 2021
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 3,000 (Firm)

Price is firm

Item description

Putting my very nice looking Atlantis up for sale or trade. Pictures say it all (well almost all of it, a few bits of trivia about it's previous owners that I can share through PM). Fully shopped and some might put it in the "partially restored" category but I'll let you decide that.

Game works 100% properly. All sequencing, scoring, advancing and resetting works properly. Every stepper was taken apart and rebuilt. The game plays FAST. It is almost hard to believe it isn't high tapped it plays that smoothly and quickly. Not for the faint of heart.

Playfield looks amazing. Very little wear anywhere. Top arch has only the tiniest minimal wear to it. Shooter lane is great. Inserts have slight key line wear that allows light to shine through but that's to be expected with an original PF. There are some small marks here and there that are hard to identify, some cleaned up nicely withe a little novus, but I did not care to do anything more intense or abrasive than that. The original topcoat looks awesome and I wouldn't want to ruin that.
Backglass looks brand new, because it is! Ron Webb did an excellent job with this one.
All stepper units taken apart, cleaned fully, and reassembled with springs re-tensioned.
Score reels in excellent shape (one tiny scratch on the 8 on the thousands unit)
LED job done the right way.
(This means Comet Retro Non-Ghosting Warm White Bullet in NON VISIBLE spots, i.e. if you can see the bulb at all, it's an incandescent. All backbox and insert lighting is comet Retro NG Warm White. I am a video professional by trade and I take visual matching of color temperature and shadow casting in bulbs extremely seriously).
All insert lighting sockets have been filed down and their sockets/tabs soldered back together.
New adhesive pop bumper mylar installed after properly waxing with the playfield stripped.
New Plastic Posts
Titan Rubbers
Flipper Rebuilds
New Flipper Bats
New PBR Plastic Set with Plastic Protectors
New Drop Targets
New PBR Pop Bumper Caps
New Start Button!
Pop Lamp Sockets converted to #555 Wedge Based
All metal parts (lane guides, posts, speed nuts, rails, anything metal, ball trough, kickout lane, lockdown receiver, legs) were de-rusted, cleaned and given a quick polish with Mothers. Not going to claim that the metal bits are "restored" but they look damn fine.

The Only Downside: The cabinet is the only thing that holds this back from a "moderately restored" status in my opinion. The left side of the cabinet shows some wear. The right side looks very nice. The cabinet all together has/had some noticeable yellowing. When I tried to cut down on some of that with Krud Kutter, the cabinet started to plank a little bit and some of the paint started coming off in some areas so I went lighter and stopped. There are some bad touchups done by a previous owner. I had planned on re-painting the cabinet but after doing a number of color tests of many different types of rattle cans, I couldn't find a out of the box color that I was satisfied with for a re-paint, so I am enjoying the artwork as is. The green and deep red are very difficult to match properly. I take color seriously and I don't have a setup that will allow me to custom paint jobs without getting custom order rattle cans, so I decided to hold off rather than make the artwork look a bit amiss. The cabinet still looks HOT and is extremely presentable especially in a lineup.

Price Drop!
$3,000 firm. I will be making some room for other games in my apartment so this one will be going into storage this weekend if not sold.

Located in South Berwick. 1st Floor. No stairs. Will happily provide some beers or whiskey and hang out at the point of sale if you're interested.

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