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Price Drop For sale: Combo Transformers (Premium/LE) HUO
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Added: June 5th, 2021 Ended: June 15th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 5,395

Item description

HUO Limited Edition “Combo”
I believe I am the 2nd or 3rd owner

Game Plays without any known issues.

There is some slight playfield warping (the only way to describe what I can see) in two spots

Ball trajectory is not really affected (I will link videos to show this)
I have heard this happen on a few other Transformers Playfields

Unfortunately the LE Certificate was not given to me by the previous owner

There is also some decal wrinkling around the legs as shown in pictures.

Add Ons Include

Color DMD
Speaker Panel Decals
Speaker Panel Lights
Speaker Panel Inserts
Modfather Shooter Rod
Interactive Under Cabinet Lighting
Pingraffix Mirror Blade Skins
Shaker Motor

Will Pallet, Wrap, Strap at no cost if shipping is needed

(I have a Rare NOS playfield which I paid a premium for which I will be also be Listing Separately for Sale)

Item photos

098DC567-3C17-4CB8-9349-77B4F73FD29C (resized).jpeg
11F1225D-09F3-41D8-BA71-4CBCB0A7ECC1 (resized).jpeg
16A99C0B-6EAC-48EE-8C03-3853DF7458DF (resized).jpeg
1F2B9629-F65F-4FA4-9D84-240403C18B77 (resized).jpeg
2CB2E85D-9F80-47E0-B605-CE2D94AAF0E1 (resized).jpeg
3D10FDE5-E020-44E2-B9E5-EADA458507EA (resized).jpeg
4480D209-3F09-407F-9783-3636EFE16154 (resized).jpeg
4A092FF0-E287-437E-BB76-D76CF753AB9C (resized).jpeg
4A739925-D4B7-413E-87C0-9F889BDF1192 (resized).jpeg
4EF074A1-AC97-4A75-928C-B860D72A3898 (resized).jpeg
58281C3D-8D7F-40B4-A583-6F3FD7E11CC8 (resized).jpeg
598D711A-3C59-4ACE-B915-A7FC6DAE4106 (resized).jpeg
5D07709B-9B54-4083-853A-C3F51F942FB5 (resized).jpeg
624E6C82-611B-4FF3-8BF0-E68258A1A19D (resized).jpeg
649F56C5-5515-4095-89F3-05EA19C537A7 (resized).jpeg
6E55780F-DA7C-4762-8BC0-B77809464B8D (resized).jpeg
7DF2CFF3-A1B0-4042-A63E-925C6648787E (resized).jpeg
86352877-F3CC-400F-9EA5-B14E231CB142 (resized).jpeg
88DBE723-4BBB-4902-AED3-27EB8CD92E71 (resized).jpeg
89DB1BDC-7B61-4CFF-B300-D9A1B7BACB05 (resized).jpeg
8D11D6E4-E6A7-47B9-8C36-15F95D188672 (resized).jpeg
93DA210C-3D6E-4A78-8931-EB58DA160F4B (resized).jpeg
950DBC21-79BC-4B7D-B059-663EBF93D1E7 (resized).jpeg
9DC68DF9-7AA1-4EC8-933B-DABD5DF89FAE (resized).jpeg
B956C375-981E-4361-A423-F0DEA5E1622C (resized).jpeg
BA368F2C-1504-43C5-9337-242F44C3A3C6 (resized).jpeg
C7E8B2C5-EB37-4E5D-80DE-F833260D1214 (resized).jpeg
E0CF5AB5-9659-4153-A3D7-D2E1FD0C23E3 (resized).jpeg
E12E4A6A-566E-4CD9-9511-6F981D364677 (resized).jpeg
EB44CB82-2667-4748-AB3F-A483DAFC58FE (resized).jpeg
EEBC60AE-5D3D-4261-A046-529F361EA5C4 (resized).jpeg
EFB83A49-F0D6-4EC2-A085-470566A9F6D3 (resized).jpeg
F265B1D0-09D0-4F94-9735-781CCDABE54E (resized).jpeg
F3D13D84-F085-4906-9FB5-8C0BA68074E1 (resized).jpeg
F77A9FBE-C7C3-4957-9520-51538145FF83 (resized).jpeg

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