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Game - for sale

FS: Big Bang Bar (BBB). Best offer!

Added: 2021-05-21 20:58:05 UTC • Ended: June 2nd, 2021
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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$ 28,000

>>> Please see the following Google Drive link for 76 pictures in their original size, and 6 videos. Videos include 30 minutes of game play. If you haven’t seen this game being played, you really need to! It’s super cool. (Lots of data. You might want to download it over lunch.)

*** Shipping is possible if buyer makes the arrangements. ***

Regarding the price, I’m selling this for “Best Offer”.

I recently posted 5 other games for sale, and frankly, I did not do a very good job with the prices. Some were too low, and some were too high. Interestingly, the MM prototype fetched a higher price than I expected. While that specific one was rare because it’s a prototype, in general MM/MMR games are not entirely uncommon. So if you look at it solely from the pin title perspective, that MM wasn’t a particularly rare title.

In contrast, BBB is an extremely rare game, with only about 191 of them on the entire planet.

What about remakes? Personally, I don’t see how anyone who has played the game for an hour would think that there could be a BBB remake in today’s hyper-sensitive politically-correct climate. The game has far too much gratuitous sexuality. We live in a world where “Manholes” are now “Maintenance Holes”, and the mail gets delivered by the “Mail Person”. Even Dr. Suess books are coming under fire these days. All the gratuitous sexuality in BBB is far more than a gaming company could easily justify and defend. The world will need to get by with just the existing 191 games.

Note that other BBB’s have been posted for sale, but frequently games like this sold so quickly that you never actually had a chance. If the first time you see the ad, it’s already sold, you’re no closer to owning a BBB. The question isn’t “How many times have you seen a BBB for sale?”. Rather, the question is “How many times have you seen a BBB that wasn’t already sold?”.

Therefore, with respect to price, I made the price high enough that hopefully the first time you see this ad it won’t already be sold. LOL This means that unlike some other BBB sales, I’m trying to give everyone a chance to buy it. If you’re interested in the game, feel free to make me an offer.

If you’ve never seen a BBB, or never seen one being played, please follow the link above to the pictures and videos. The pictures include a 3-page article about BBB from Pinhead Classified in 1997, with lots of great info. The videos include over 30 minutes of game play (showing both the playfield and screen).

_________ Watch the game being played! You will be blown away. ___________

I am the original owner, and as with all the pins I have been selling recently, I rarely played the game. I loved owning them, but I didn’t play very often. (Partly because I’m not a very good player, which is partly because I didn’t play very often. Go figure.) Anyway, I wish pinball machines had an “odometer”, because it would show an amazingly low number of plays.

If you want more pictures of anything specific, please let me know. Also, I’m happy to answer any questions.

Item photos

Sold (resized).jpg
02a_Overview-P1100236 (resized).JPG
02b_Overview-Intro (resized).jpg
04_pf_overview-P1120106a (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1120110 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1120120 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1120131 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1120148 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1120148a (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1120151 (resized).JPG
05_pf_lm-P1120285 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1110327 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1110328a (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1110270 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1110470 (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1110021a (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1110069a (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1110354 (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1120092 (resized).JPG
13_pf_dancer-P1110899 (resized).JPG
13_pf_dancer-P1110991a (resized).JPG
13_pf_dancer-P1110992 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1120088 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1120089 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110311 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110344 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110442 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110446 (resized).JPG
17_pf_mm-P1110095a (resized).JPG
17_pf_mm-P1110478 (resized).JPG
17_pf_mm-P1120275 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1110315 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110318 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110322 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110390 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100264 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100265 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100265a (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100271a (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100272 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100274 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100276 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100279 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100280 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100281 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100283 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100242 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100247 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100248 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100250 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100252 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100253 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100255 (resized).JPG
25-dots-1947 (resized).jpg
25_dots-aP1120280a (resized).JPG
25_dots-kiss (resized).jpg
25_dots-misc1 (resized).jpg
25_dots-misc2 (resized).jpg
26_extras-P1100286 (resized).JPG
27_art_pf-P1110385 (resized).JPG
27_art_pf-art1 (resized).jpg
27_art_pf-art2 (resized).jpg
27_art_pf-art3 (resized).jpg
27_art_pf-art4 (resized).jpg
27_art_pf-art5 (resized).jpg
28_art_bg0-aP1120314 (resized).JPG
28_art_bg1 (resized).jpg
28_art_bg2 (resized).jpg
28_art_bg3 (resized).jpg
29_art_cab0-P1100257 (resized).JPG
29_art_cab1 (resized).jpg
29_art_cab2 (resized).jpg
29_art_cab3 (resized).jpg

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The seller ended this ad and indicated the game eventually sold for $ 29,000

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San Jose, CA, US


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