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FS: Twilight Zone (TZ), HUO (OBO)

Added: May 4th, 2021 Ended: May 5th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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$ 10,500 (OBO)

Open for offers

Item description

Local pickup in San Jose.

Please look at the lip of the scoop hole. It shows this game has very, very few plays. Overall, great condition. The game is mod-free, so it’s a blank canvas for you to add your own mods, as desired. New white rings.

Home use only (HUO).

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Item photos

02_Overview-P1100826 (resized).JPG
02_Overview-P1100889 (resized).JPG
04_pf_overview-P1100982 (resized).JPG
05_pf_lm-P1110020 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1100990 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1110002 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1110010 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1110014 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1110078 (resized).JPG
06_pf_ll-P1110203 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1110083 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1110087 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1110195 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1110206 (resized).JPG
10_pf_ml-P1110208 (resized).JPG
11_pf_mini-P1110094 (resized).JPG
11_pf_mini-P1110095 (resized).JPG
11_pf_mini-P1110103 (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1110107 (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1110111 (resized).JPG
12_pf_ul-P1110212 (resized).JPG
13_pf_gum-P1110157 (resized).JPG
13_pf_gum-P1110160 (resized).JPG
13_pf_gum-P1110164 (resized).JPG
13_pf_gum-P1110185 (resized).JPG
13_pf_gum-P1110189 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1110139 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1110148 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1110180 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1110197 (resized).JPG
14_pf_um-P1110232 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110114 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110118 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110124 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110126 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110133 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110134 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110171 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110172 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110178 (resized).JPG
16_pf_ur-P1110238 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1110042 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1110046 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1110051 (resized).JPG
18_pf_mr-P1110071 (resized).JPG
19_pf_slot-P1110055 (resized).JPG
19_pf_slot-P1110228 (resized).JPG
19_pf_slot-P1110249 (resized).JPG
19_pf_slot-P1110363a (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1100992 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110028 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110031 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110035 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110069 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110202 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110216 (resized).JPG
20_pf_lr-P1110247 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100894 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100900 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100905 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100907 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100914 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100918 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100920 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100937 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100942 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100946 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100953 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100957 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100964 (resized).JPG
22_cab_int-P1100966 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100838 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100843 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100850 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100853 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100858 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100861 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100873 (resized).JPG
24_cab_ext-P1100879 (resized).JPG
26_extras-P1100972 (resized).JPG
26_extras-P1100975 (resized).JPG

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San Jose, CA, US


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