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For sale: Star Gazer

Added: April 30th, 2021 Ended: May 17th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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$ 9,500 (OBO)

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Flavor of the week? Perhaps. Flavor of the month? Probably. Flavor forever? DEFINITELY! So after watching the market go crazy for Star Gazer this week, and with the possibility of a little tsskinne on the way make me sell this game.
The Good: It is a Star Gazer.
The Excellent: It is a HUO Star Gazer. Follow up question, how do I know it is a HUO Star Gazer? What proof do I have? I built the fucking game in my house with my own hands, shedding tears, blood, and sweat! No but seriously I assembled this game entirely over the past year. It has not left my house, unless you consider my garage to be not part of my house in which case this game is H&GUO *(house and garage use only). My garage is attached to my house so I consider them the same dwelling and thus HUO.
The Bad: My name is not Christopher Hutchins. Seriously though, making pinball machines immaculate works of art is that dude's job and profession. This is my hobby and passion and I love this game and have always wanted one but since the world has gone mad make me sell it to you, so I can start to clear out my kitchen and my spare pinball room so I can eventually add a crib because according to my girlfriend empty pinball cabinets are not appropriate places to let a kid sleep. Yes I know I should be questioning everything about this relationship but we are past that point.

What is New: EVERYTHING!
-Playfield - Greatwich clearcoated by Mr. Ron Pennington of TPF award winning restoration fame.
-Plastics - CPR
-Backglass - Greatwich
-Wire Harness - Shawn at Third Coast Pinball (every single piece of wire in the game is new, head harness, playfield harness, cabinet harness, coin door harness, ground wires.
-Coin door decals - Phoenix Arcade
-Cabinet Stencils - Pinball Pimp
-Cabinet Paint - Rustoleum Metallic Cobalt Blue and Bright White - the cabinet looks traditional from a distance but up close and with the light hitting it just right you get a magnificinet metallic shimmer. It is hard to accurately capture in photos but I did my best. I also have some video of it as well.
-Cabinet Clearcoated - Yep, I even did the crazy clearcoating your cabinet thing even though it is unecessary using Spray Max2k.
-Light Board - brand fucking new
-Boards - MPU, SDB, Sound, Light, Rectifier...yep you guessed it new! All from Andrew Splitter Nvram.weebly website/boards, he is a hero and a saint.
-Displays - Pinitech Uno Displays - White with yellow filters. You don't like the yellow? Great, change it! This will take you approximately 5 seconds.
-Flipper mechs - yup entirely new
-Pop bumpers - seriously all brand new
-Spinners - not shitting you I imported three spinners from Germany to match the exact specs of classic Stern Electronics spinners, and yes they were brand new! How did I do this? I got a guy, don't ask to many questions. His name is Klaus and he is not to be fucked with. Decals on spinners are from Marco Specialties.
-Star Post - All brand new! They are clear. I'm aware they should be a dark blue on original games, but guess what this isn't an original game it is entirely brand new. The clear star posts allow for a lot more light to shine on the game. I like the look of it. If you don't, well you are welcome to your poor taste. Also, if you are willing to pay this price and you really want blue posts for some weird reason I will legit install them for you, although I will lose some respect for you.
-Rubbers - Titan clear, except the flippers, we keep those traditional red rubber because we aren't savages.
-Chrome 6-32 post nuts.
-Metal ball guides - Mantis
-LEDS - Comet
-Speaker - Amazon
-Assorted screws and nuts and t-nutz - new
-Drop Targets - New - Pinball Resource
-Legs - brand new from Pinball Life
-Cabinet corner protectors - Pinball Life
-Cabinet corner leg brackets - Pinball Life
-Cabinet - side armor - Pinball Life
-Playfield Wood Rails - Reese Rails
-Flipper Buttons - Zitt
-Flipper switches - Pinball Life
-Stand up switches - Pinball Life (12)
-Stand up targets - Bob Languilas (spelling, great exact original reproductions)
-Playfield Glass - Glass Store

Okay so my description is too long according to pinside so I'm putting the full thing on a document and linking it.

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