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For sale: Getaway: High Speed II, The
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Added: March 22nd, 2021 Ended: March 24th, 2021
Condition: Partially shopped/refurbished

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$ 3,975 (OBO)

Open for offers

Item description

I’m selling my beautiful getaway 2. Playfield is a 8 out of 10, (it could be better but I’d rather be safe) The cabinet as an eight out of 10. The slight fade on one side of the cabinet. Other than that there’s no major chips. Maybe a small little mark or two. Game plays a 10 out of 10. The boards are clean and unhacked. It has a new MPU board with the batteries off to the side. The supercharger works like it should every time without fail.

- new cool green rubbers
- new green posts
- new LED’s
- new jet bumper light mods
- new chrome legs
- new chrome bolts
- new balls
- trough light mod
- new leg protectors


Feel free to message me with your cell phone number and I’ll send you pics.

I will ship, but that will be a wire transfer. Otherwise you can pick up pay and cash

Item photos

14F8810C-A602-4BDE-A478-E082348249DB (resized).jpeg
30BB8826-ED91-4944-9904-FC43474935C0 (resized).jpeg
3636676D-EAF3-4EC0-8142-43141C5BF26C (resized).jpeg
396543C3-34A7-4A7E-9A34-A462FBA8B87A (resized).jpeg
45E01D6D-F7D0-4BF0-8170-AC420B39DFE5 (resized).jpeg
4A8FAF50-6790-4A69-A195-67EE6E265BA9 (resized).jpeg
4D0B1C8F-051A-4556-82C3-E8E42DCB9F10 (resized).jpeg
52225A04-92E7-4584-A6F8-251CB202E39E (resized).jpeg
52E3D8ED-0B8F-42EA-82B6-CBB1F3BA4BE8 (resized).jpeg
5841AA86-44B4-4B9C-85A6-7D57AE928796 (resized).jpeg
5C5ADAEC-D97E-4C67-8844-B87B797D9216 (resized).jpeg
5F8C99B3-A20C-41C0-89F4-B77B74FB116B (resized).jpeg
67C60124-841A-4395-A31F-DFFFEC9F2106 (resized).jpeg
6AA2B346-F769-45ED-ABA3-DB4A762BA499 (resized).jpeg
73929405-C14A-40CB-B0E4-4BD4B0D5105D (resized).jpeg
98F6348B-5072-4F1C-BE5D-B22676DA2D60 (resized).jpeg
AB342422-8517-4233-8A83-68106F8D160B (resized).jpeg
C5822CE1-3957-479D-A20D-12745E99FC0E (resized).jpeg
C64A0725-44F5-44B2-A2DD-D8435E865558 (resized).jpeg
E76B650E-4A8D-4FAC-BDAE-421A93C3070E (resized).jpeg
E4573E5F-AAEB-4497-8CB8-426803124410 (resized).jpeg
EEEB6742-00D5-44E0-AB9B-9AA59F169722 (resized).jpeg
EF775856-04AA-4501-BD5A-F99E2880C559 (resized).jpeg
A448A8D9-4922-4EFA-B1C0-E537C42114CD (resized).jpeg
A14E9B67-7523-46D4-ABE2-9A61381303E1 (resized).jpeg
86BE7F00-2BA3-4CE9-AB40-BA5855A95541 (resized).jpeg
190E6CE5-4B9C-4B28-955F-1100B9600E59 (resized).jpeg
7A0542A5-E56D-4947-8962-06C1D68F9131 (resized).jpeg
651DD16C-E7AF-42F8-8F60-559E2DC94AAC (resized).jpeg
8CF3C304-811E-4FB9-ABF0-DFB193D5BE53 (resized).jpeg
7076597B-48A1-44BC-B7AB-25D9451D1FEA (resized).jpeg
743BCF14-7B17-44B2-91CF-CF4B25945320 (resized).jpeg
0189AB43-9ED7-4677-A015-1F4585A673DC (resized).jpeg
790F9625-73A8-4B48-BC80-1521AE1618CC (resized).jpeg
9315EDA7-1669-4A43-AEE0-18613893B08E (resized).jpeg
FD4D1CCE-AA56-40F4-9BDA-5FA36E85B137 (resized).jpeg
EB5A170D-E46C-4C83-85A6-E3F635FDB9E4 (resized).jpeg
321B2F59-8464-4643-9ECA-F876A7A5DAAA (resized).jpeg
4E324245-D446-45A8-83E2-303D95A43050 (resized).jpeg
18FAB86D-EAF9-450B-B4D0-F5CFE7576EF0 (resized).jpeg
8225798E-3460-4605-9F5D-795887C98762 (resized).jpeg
F75F5B22-DA91-4A6C-A1D6-382328217C1C (resized).jpeg
EF45F7CB-B5E4-4A5F-BBC7-0218E720AAD1 (resized).jpeg
B204ADCC-0900-466F-9A98-7A66BA096837 (resized).jpeg
2DC77944-B981-4316-A3DB-9FBD45C2885F (resized).jpeg
3F498AED-191F-44EB-9BA7-FB1600AC95F5 (resized).jpeg
9AF04B30-131F-4699-A6AB-7052FC6C3007 (resized).jpeg

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