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For sale: AC/DC (Pro Vault Edition)

Added: 2021-03-22 01:07:44 UTC • Ended: April 3rd, 2021
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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$ 6,200 (OBO)

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Item description

Hello everyone:

Up for everyone’s consideration is, what has to be, the most heavily modded AC/DC Pro in existence. It is basically a premium without the lower playfield, it’s vastly nicer than most premiums. Game is HUO and shows 880 lifetime plays as of today.

I know people frequently say they have the most modded machine ever...blah blah blah...but I mean it on this machine. This game once belonged to mudflaps, good ole mudflaps loves nothing more than spending several thousand dollars in mods and then selling or trading his works of art.

In addition to some of the more common (but super expensive) mods like the 3D molded train, and cannon, and drum, the four lightening bolt LED molds for thunderstruck, under cab lights, the shaker motor, the gorgeous powder coat job, lit speakers, the LED backbox kit, the Helen decals, the LED OCD Board, the custom apron, the gorgeous mirror blades, the 3D bell, the Topper, etc etc etc...this game features other worldly Total Lightshow Mod...

The Total Lightshow Mod actually gives this game RGB lighting effects. Further, this game even has the TNT popup targets like the Premium. I have no idea how they did that mod, I’ve never heard of it before, but they put the drop target and mechanism in. Of course it has a 3D sculpted TNT device. Mudflaps...damn, I think I’m going to follow you around and pick up your left over machines.

Frankly, this HUO game is pretty hard to price with thousands (plural) of dollars of these rare and out of production mods, but $6,200 takes it home. The colorDMD does not come with the game, I’m pulling it today and putting a nice crisp DMD in.

No trades, I am out of room and have more machines coming. Cash on the glass is preferred but will take a check under some circumstances. The check must clear before the game leaves my possession (and I mean truly clear, not simply “funds made available”, usually a personal check truly clears about a full week or sometimes two after deposit...see Vid’s guide on how not to get scammed).

Shipping through STI or labnip is okay if the buyer makes all arrangements. Game is located on the first floor, easy roll in and roll out.

Item photos

113583E0-0FB2-4D0C-8083-61E641A3CA59 (resized).jpeg
15F8A4FF-5C3B-4543-BFCB-9CD1DB6094C6 (resized).jpeg
2E12A79B-E697-40D1-B071-5FFE9152EAAF (resized).jpeg
3205758B-AFB7-43C3-B296-F8F864957A14 (resized).jpeg
3C2CA83B-F84F-4F64-8DD6-B45861F79116 (resized).jpeg
400B275F-5BA8-406A-A79B-BDCBFE061A23 (resized).jpeg
468B601C-B7DE-4760-8A96-D3700E65A2CD (resized).jpeg
4992F0E4-E443-4B5A-9F6F-4A24725FDCE4 (resized).jpeg
503D3EC4-637F-49BE-A048-150AE71C1FFA (resized).jpeg
54E366C9-6300-4307-9B8B-6409E304382E (resized).jpeg
5B0CA5F1-2E49-4FB2-8485-0551977E5318 (resized).jpeg
5C964FBF-BBE4-4E3C-BF95-E3AA16BA568A (resized).jpeg
5FE167C3-E642-4701-8A59-AA8B4802EE97 (resized).jpeg
6C0D9686-B6E0-4DD0-A8BA-9F3C73AB3FDA (resized).jpeg
70779685-ADA4-44FF-89F6-43F1714E9F35 (resized).jpeg
726C65B7-5C9D-456F-B3AB-F50806338797 (resized).jpeg
81D45ECF-6517-475A-8413-4B4ECC77C0FD (resized).jpeg
8AB0E0CA-4296-4768-A971-C76D18A0D14E (resized).jpeg
8C3219A0-9742-4F73-A465-B9CEB5B462B1 (resized).jpeg
8D74A423-14EF-4546-8954-D270863161F1 (resized).jpeg
95BE0A2F-45EC-470E-B581-72BE9E2B6F6A (resized).jpeg
ADF06F7C-E1BF-40E7-A112-23EDBD983A89 (resized).jpeg
BC877488-98D6-4274-A176-97BE8A3CC062 (resized).jpeg
BEB57CC0-9C76-454C-AEF3-57BF62278C5D (resized).jpeg
C19025D7-EE7D-4BF7-A548-C274E4273544 (resized).jpeg
C72E204A-D716-45C9-B9CF-CE4879002AFE (resized).jpeg
CB158954-1E6E-4730-BDE2-B8A69945499D (resized).jpeg
D9B81FF7-898B-4BFE-BE39-AF46E917E6D4 (resized).jpeg
E2CEC566-6333-44BE-8A3B-92D1F6520204 (resized).jpeg

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