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For sale: Fathom

Added: 2021-03-05 Re-listed: 1 time (July 25th, 2021) Ended: November 10th, 2021
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 6,500 (Firm)

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Item description

This is a very beautiful Fathom that plays as good as it looks. This has been in my personal collection for several years.

The playfield has had a mylar. It’s been professionally touched up in a few areas. The playfield overall look very good - see pictures. New plastics Installed, original plastics included and were changed due to a small amount of yellowing. Backglass is perfect and a wonderful reproduction from CPR. Even the metal channel at the bottom is shiny. This game has been detailed out. This game has probably been indoors all its life. The playfield was stripped and three coats of wax plus all new rubbers and bulbs. The cabinet is in great original shape with some touchups. Great Black out feature on this game was added - when game is in play the backglass lights go out - which means NO backglass glare during game play:-) The coin door is straight and in great shape. Most everything put in the tumbler to shine up metal parts.

Game plays great! The game is shopped out and ready to go. Not sure how many hours were put into this great iconic game.

Since I’ve owned it I’ve added these items.

- New Alltek board
- Custom painted blue legs and levelers
- New top glass, this game deserves it
- New playfield rubbers, bulbs - a few LEDS where needed, and balls
- New correct plunger
- New Ball guides
- Custom painted legs
- New flipper plastics
- New Door sticker
- New Manual included
- New correct drop targets
- New set of playfield plastics
- New bumper rings and bumper caps
- New Topper for the game
- Great Black out feature - when game is in play the backglass lights go out - NO backglass glare:-)

Nothing negative to say about this game but may be a few small scratches on the cabinet over the years but it looks damn good! I would prefer a local buyer - I'm strongly pushing for that. Come see it and play it.

The game has always played 100% and is very fun. Most everything is original - including an incredibly clean card tray, very nice coin door, and an overall great shape Fathom!!! There are some LEDs strategically placed but only wear it enhances this iconic game. Pictures speak for themselves.

Item photos

06DD8162-AD25-4254-99CF-52D46A8E0605 (resized).jpeg
072DFDDD-7C66-4A81-AC4B-AADDC93E0914 (resized).jpeg
1EAAD7D2-7CB0-45EB-B5E1-A2CF70496288 (resized).jpeg
21A7AEBC-614C-4464-A2BC-574873FB6AED (resized).jpeg
223F8C23-30F1-4873-A743-B751C43D6D41 (resized).jpeg
25339A4C-AD3B-4999-939B-ED1470B1909B (resized).jpeg
2B4C049E-4DEA-4F47-9771-69EAFFD9891D (resized).jpeg
3218273E-68E1-47DB-ACF1-6BA349045736 (resized).jpeg
3848FF90-BF6F-49EC-9B36-353E3545BFBE (resized).jpeg
3B946571-0735-4836-95AD-DF53D21F2E25 (resized).jpeg
48F5D270-FE44-4F66-B4C1-AD6E7B76BE3F (resized).jpeg
4DD254F9-94CA-438C-809D-5BD64F5DAC23 (resized).jpeg
52691FDA-1853-454D-81CF-F5E6B9C5E2A1 (resized).jpeg
6374F2A7-B596-44E8-8F7E-046E4003745B (resized).jpeg
6A476E07-9227-4A86-8464-47DBC0F19B92 (resized).jpeg
6B194795-0A00-47C9-B129-BD422203BAE4 (resized).jpeg
6EC3C25A-0DA4-44B0-8C53-7E4D660AF858 (resized).jpeg
7326B15C-57EB-4ED3-85D3-700FFB40D3B1 (resized).jpeg
86768653-9D58-4800-834A-47CF000E8E60 (resized).jpeg
8F814AE5-015F-4750-85D3-66288E2AE59D (resized).jpeg
926D7D60-C962-42AA-A7A7-CB592EA6BCB3 (resized).jpeg
95106128-E83E-4B4A-B5C1-E61EED65AA7D (resized).jpeg
97E1C438-9DBC-4288-8F1C-ABE996336B19 (resized).jpeg
98E101A0-841B-4D6E-988C-00EB3E02A636 (resized).jpeg
9E20E7E8-C9ED-48BD-A45E-6B3FBD2D0529 (resized).jpeg
9E41B9C3-136F-421D-AD37-21669F9948A1 (resized).jpeg
9EF9FE15-6B08-4039-AE2C-52700FA75748 (resized).jpeg
A53A344C-9DBC-4B7E-AF1A-98CF9F0EF3B9 (resized).jpeg
A959929C-9D2C-43DF-9EEE-4855006D0A11 (resized).jpeg
B1036C50-7CF9-4EFB-ADCD-7A155BB9B90B (resized).jpeg
C3B9237B-A7CF-4A52-9AAB-4B1E15CBCE52 (resized).jpeg
D3BAEA15-8B66-41D9-91E1-C97EEBB25A58 (resized).jpeg
D54D091F-6ADB-40F9-9EAC-D517D2EAD316 (resized).jpeg
E0A77559-7561-44E4-B7A7-51F5A2CEECE6 (resized).jpeg
E63D1C60-2453-47FA-A973-BD51C597C587 (resized).jpeg
F664ED1D-6C14-4F5A-B1E4-AA16A2617F36 (resized).jpeg
F7FEA7A7-DBFD-49B5-B31B-8195F00AB3D5 (resized).jpeg
FCED8457-5EE0-4021-909C-8914FB5AB1FD (resized).jpeg

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