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For Trade: Scared Stiff

Added: March 5th, 2021 Ended: March 10th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only)

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Listed at $ 7,500

Item description

This is a one of a kind and a unique SS. I will try and list all the mods, but will probably forget some.

First, the game has an internal (see photo) sub woofer amp to power the upgraded installed sub. I believe these are called "plate amps" because they fit like a plate in the cabinet of a subwoofer like you might add to your game (underneath it). This sub is installed IN the game for a kick you can feel.

Also, a timer board and a Pinbits Shaker Motor set-up shakes the game when the ball hits an installed switch in the crate trough (at the point you see the video show the shaking crate and during jackpots of the crate multi ball).

There is a "plasma" globe as a topper which shows "static" arcing when certain switches are hit (and sound on the machine is med or higher) in the lab area. These leaf switches can be removed; they start a timer board that executes the effect on the topper (see photo) for a changeable period in seconds. A sound byte of electricity- "zzzzz" is usually the sound that comes from the game when nearby switches are closed so it is a cool effect.

A spider hangs above and over the globe that's eyes are wired to the spider hole lamps. One could easily just attach the giant spider to the globe.

The "boogie men" have the kick mod so they move when slings kick-- they also light-up momentarily using Clay Harrel's mod (with Gottlieb pop bumper boards to light them).

The dead head pile "multi-colored eye mod" is installed (back right corner-colors of the eyes correspond with modes completed).

The bones glow in the dark as shown in the photos with UV light. At the point the lights go out in the game you see the bones all glow as long as you have a UV light overhead (as in photo).

Floating eyeball shooter rod mod that lights up different colors.

Crate is indestructible metal replacement with new decals, not the original plastic that breaks. Crate LED board replaced.

Jumping frogs and Boogie Men are updated (bigger & more colorful) I have glow in the dark rubber kit I haven't installed yet as well as the boney beast led eyes that are actual tv screens that make him appear to come to life and look around and blink. You can type in YouTube "Boney beast eyeball mod" to see what they'll look like. They come with the game.

Batteries are installed off the CPU. See CPU photo- clean, no corrosion. Spider in backbox works correctly and parts of it glow in the dark.

Extra Boogie Men, frogs & other stuff included as shown, extra plastic set is not complete.

Game plays fine, no errors. Photos tell the story, ask any questions.

I'm looking to trade this for a Metallica Premium pinball machine in pristine condition. Might consider other trades, but a Metallica Premium is what the wife wants. That and her second one was a Batman 66 Premium. Either must be in very pristine shape.

Item photos

20210302_201904 (resized).jpg
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20210302_201959 (resized).jpg
20210302_201959 (resized).jpg
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Screenshot_20210305-065405_Google (resized).jpg
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Screenshot_20210305-065504_Google (resized).jpg
Screenshot_20210305-065529_Google (resized).jpg
Screenshot_20210305-065554_Google (resized).jpg
Screenshot_20210305-065655_Google (resized).jpg
Screenshot_20210305-065707_Google (resized).jpg
Screenshot_20210305-065730_Google (resized).jpg
Screenshot_20210305-065744_Google (resized).jpg
Screenshot_20210305-065809_Google (resized).jpg
Screenshot_20210305-065834_Google (resized).jpg
Screenshot_20210305-065906_Google (resized).jpg

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