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Archived ad

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for sale

For sale: Baywatch
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Added: February 24th, 2021 Ended: March 12th, 2021
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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$ 3,500 (OBO)

Open for offers

Item description

Up for sale is a very nice freshly shopped 1995 Baywatch pinball by Sega and it’s located in Gainesville, Georgia. Everything was removed from the topside and cleaned. The playfield was compounded, polished, and waxed so it shines like new. All the parts also cleaned up like new. Underneath, I removed the subway and light boards for cleaning and q-tipped the inserts. New parts include Cointaker leds throughout the entire machine, Titan white rings, Titan red flipper rings, blue super band sleeves, target foam backs, Ninja balls, flipper rebuilds, shooter bracket, leg hardware, remote battery terminal, and a few connectors. Every bulb has been converted to led except for the flashers in the backbox. I used cool white frost in the general illumination/backbox and color matched the inserts/playfield flashers. Everything works as it should and I’m asking $3,750 or best offer. Reduced to $3500. I’m also ok with shipping, but that would be for the buyer to arrange. I took a few videos of the machine. I can send those via messenger if anyone is interested in seeing them.

Item photos

44419343-6D4B-433B-B76C-DDE2BF9CE010 (resized).jpeg
ECCC9031-E24A-486A-94C9-1404ED571400 (resized).jpeg
5660EEBE-6AF3-4D74-AE77-D5B68E25C982 (resized).jpeg
25AA0783-5757-4C55-A192-1323F3BF0D4D (resized).jpeg
6707DD5B-B629-44EC-BBC9-6C697A272070 (resized).jpeg
7732723A-2A2A-4F3C-A46E-CF5AC84BF680 (resized).jpeg
5DC3E6B3-5D19-44E6-B0DB-CE6DA41AC96A (resized).jpeg
BD27AF4B-C6D7-42D8-AB9A-AF3BC4FF6BBC (resized).jpeg
8688D9F0-595E-4347-B71A-3A3B7619FB0F (resized).jpeg
886108E6-D6FB-4B97-8B1C-46E0BC313428 (resized).jpeg
C00B3C84-1971-4C2C-90A3-ED37F48F02EC (resized).jpeg
0D4D235C-1E8C-4B6D-8329-A0EBFECDE472 (resized).jpeg
0B885B67-F1B0-45CB-A257-D61AA60C1376 (resized).jpeg
4843037E-5F4A-4703-B7CF-C469F129BF50 (resized).jpeg
1CC741E6-55A9-487B-B48C-A9131BE5ACA3 (resized).jpeg
EE113064-B9E2-4161-BD12-6AFA20828C59 (resized).jpeg
30C5A430-4111-4A97-9E45-2FCAC132EC0D (resized).jpeg
15880DE3-6B48-42A4-B605-C26C0C481B21 (resized).jpeg
EE5AA000-516C-4860-B9DD-28DB8D92DEEE (resized).jpeg
FDBE13A1-4D3B-4012-B9EB-EDBE378A7880 (resized).jpeg
93D43B0A-281E-4806-AA1A-4FC06A148077 (resized).jpeg
7BE829D3-AF09-4AC1-86E8-5DEE4C203386 (resized).jpeg
9338BE2E-C172-4C7B-9F2B-EFF4E0D932EB (resized).jpeg
E017DC96-C114-4D07-95D2-D109972B1348 (resized).jpeg
69F46281-636E-47AD-BBB0-B5BCDEA99FFB (resized).jpeg
C89E4CDB-8BC3-4AA0-B86F-146B1046735A (resized).jpeg
14CDB5A5-E3E4-4838-95D4-0519EAFF18C9 (resized).jpeg
603D4706-8130-4375-B113-52FC2FFF641E (resized).jpeg
64D7BEE6-2C96-432A-8B06-0D1A7048CA47 (resized).jpeg
0DBAB598-905E-4B0C-AAB9-5DA284F3BB26 (resized).jpeg
19AC42DB-077B-4516-8AEE-C9417FBFE8CB (resized).jpeg
D4B60C06-176E-44FA-8BFD-E27DAA4E90BF (resized).jpeg
F629F641-FE1A-43A9-9BF8-B2658BD7DB15 (resized).jpeg
F88E6B4F-E384-4986-ABAE-8DB96D41F1B5 (resized).jpeg
5A3F39E8-CE01-4CFA-BC8E-E17B3811B91A (resized).jpeg
D7B27C08-503B-4ABA-AB26-C46EB6F1B030 (resized).jpeg
E03BB57E-2C16-48A3-80DD-0ACB7B9C4F9C (resized).jpeg
D0C85DFC-F16D-4F20-92E4-8BC9ECA87C08 (resized).jpeg
55F05D6B-A770-496A-947A-1F8AFC1AA7D1 (resized).jpeg
F4B93043-3A4C-4C2D-A266-FA0914FA7225 (resized).jpeg
A83B1CDF-F460-4B35-AF45-AD58450C699D (resized).jpeg
EB61DEC6-96E4-43EC-9499-57160A85A0A1 (resized).jpeg
40DA76E7-3D5B-4390-9978-8797510CB1C2 (resized).jpeg
9BA33D0A-C579-4E58-8484-11EA2DA96C41 (resized).jpeg
2CC68449-511D-4B3D-B54E-81FB0F1CD332 (resized).jpeg
E2C4FD7C-8124-4FDB-BE58-4DAC5BEDA3C0 (resized).jpeg
6DF45B81-9337-4EC7-9125-8AAF2C890579 (resized).jpeg
1A408CD5-FFEE-4AA1-8CD4-794452AA8DB7 (resized).jpeg
CC72D548-FD67-4D1E-BB02-FB64AC4EC3CF (resized).jpeg
D8947C29-D30A-4BD1-BABB-4CCC7C3018AD (resized).jpeg
D60148A6-89C7-4BB7-8ED6-1F2E26692DC5 (resized).jpeg
78369DCD-F729-4C6E-8A69-664D38813AD8 (resized).jpeg
66ED64ED-9ACA-4C23-AAC4-AE0DD62A9EBE (resized).jpeg
20D23809-386F-41B7-8BBB-E03B2B900E08 (resized).jpeg
F420C209-E2BE-4D74-B577-29926543DC23 (resized).jpeg
F70FA920-B810-4BF1-8B0B-67FF1D6D2BF5 (resized).jpeg
F8F1C63B-146F-45D4-A894-8CE0AF000522 (resized).jpeg
D8CC70BC-52B5-4692-8E1E-E6D7F6965309 (resized).jpeg
C97404E6-1A8A-41EC-89D9-3EB90C8B7940 (resized).jpeg
096682CB-9A47-4019-A1CE-F4E89A2E3CB1 (resized).jpeg
20C53463-16DF-4D3A-AF61-98D41C9BC5B7 (resized).jpeg
71EAFA11-64FA-49A2-B576-8CE45DCED83A (resized).jpeg
6DDA6DA3-5DAE-4D8D-9BD8-CCBA883311A4 (resized).jpeg
F1F3A4D8-CDED-4F81-BABE-E6AE293E5995 (resized).jpeg
87F1A6B1-B077-4BD2-878F-74C006CF3575 (resized).jpeg
E3E9346E-DC2A-4B75-B3C1-AA44B9D50798 (resized).jpeg

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Note! This is an archived ad. No longer for sale!

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Gainesville, GA, US


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